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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.9

Last chapter was pretty interesting with the conversation between Zheng Xie and He He, right? Sorry that it ended with such a cliff-hanging part. 

Weekend sure flies by. It is already Sunday and tomorrow would be the start of a new week. Here, wishing everyone a Happy Sunday and have a fantastic week ahead! Enjoy the read for today.

Chapter 27.9: A quiet life

Yang Wei Qi said: “Hey, you did not see He He?”

“She went downstairs to see the Barbie doll.”

“I go and find her. I also want to look at those dolls.” She left the two men after finished talking.

Zheng Xie quietly drink the tea that has become cold.

After a while, Cen Shi said: “It is getting late. We wait for them in the parking lot.” He looked for a waiter and asked for the bill.

Zheng Xie was looking down at his phone when Cen Shi asked for the bill. He did not see when Zheng Xie put down the phone. As he reached for the bill, Zheng Xie looked up and hold his wrist. “Let me take this bill.”

On the surface, Zheng Xie seems to only grab his hand lightly but in fact, Zheng Xie buckle the finger on the back of his hand. It seems like he is using all the strength because Cen Shi felt like his bones is about to be broken. Even the blood flow felt like it had been blocked on his aorta.

The waiter waited quietly for the result of their dispute completely unaware that from the innocent appearance, the poor innocent hand is facing the risk of a fracture.

Cen Shi gave a hollow laugh or two and then effortlessly loosen the bill. Zheng Xie at the same time, let go of his band while saying softly: “Thank you.”
Cen Shi said: “I should be the one that say ‘Thank you’. Thank you for letting go of my hand and for buying me tea.”

After the waiter left, Zheng Xie said coldly: “You should know why. Treat her better. If you dare to make her sad one more time, believe it or not, even if you are in c City, I will make it hard for you too.”

“Of course I believe. But Mr Zheng, the treat you are extending this time is very mediocre. It is too detrimental to your style. If the words get out, people will laugh. Many years ago, the way you threaten me is way more elegant than how it is now.”

Zheng Xie put his phone into his pocket, got up and left.

Cen Shi smiled behind him and said: “Do you know that, Mr Zheng Xie, since ancient time, people who threaten their son-in-law, later will be sad when they discover that their daughter is no longer theirs. It is a reality.”

Zheng Xie did not even turn to look back. Che Shi laughed and laughed. Depression swept away.

Cen Shi got into the driver seat to drive the car, He He lying in the car motionless.

Cen Shi pushed her: “Hey, don’t fall asleep. Fasten the seat belt.”

He He looked up and took a few deep breaths. Her chest felt the tightness. She opened the window to the maximum. The north wind whistling outside the window with some snow drifting into the car. Several sheets of paper in the car where blown away.

Cen Shi snapped her head back from the window. Just now, a car rush by very closely to their car and was very close to He He’s head. He started cold sweat. “What is wrong with you? Do not play such childish games…..”

He He paled and speak feebly. “This is all your fault. Even if you were provoke by your ex-girlfriend, why did you let him see you and her? How come you specifically like to haunt your ex-girlfriend ah?”

“Anger. This is the standard of your anger. What is going on?”

He He did not reply. She think: “You are ordered to dump me? Did not let you bring me to C City?”

He He said with her red eyes: “Blaming you for being so stupid, resulting me in saying a bunch of wrong words.”

“Did you in order to speak in my defenses, had offended Prince Zheng? Well, that’s not the beauty of my death?”

He He started to cry. “I did not intend to say those words. He must think me as an ungrateful person. He now must have hated me.”

“This young Miss Xiao, don’t get too excited. Wait till tomorrow and then apologized to him. Prince Zheng is an adult, after loving you for more than 20 years, he will not ignore you.” He saw the tears rolling non-stop down He He’s cheek with no sign of stopping. He took a deep sigh and pass her a packet of tissues. “Hei, do not take for granted on what I am saying. Is it because he is getting married that you are using me now?”

He He wipe her tears aside and said: “Fxxk you!”

Cen Shi sigh and pulled the car over at the side of the road. He took a piece of tissue and wipe her tears. “If you like him, then go and tell him now. The lady is now only a fiancée and not Mrs. Zheng yet. You are not too late yet.”

He He grabbed his hand and with her fingernails pinched down mercilessly. Cen Shi exclaimed: “Ah! My hand is going to break.”

He He listened to his genuine cry of pain and immediately let go. Cen Shi turned on the light, under the light, he saw the bruising on his left hand. The purple finger marks!

He He is surprised and gave a cry. “How did you get this?”

“Prince Zheng caused this. I had heard people mentioning about this stunt, but I do not believe until today when I personally experienced it.”

He He felt embarrassed and weakly said: “Let me drive. Wait…. There is a pharmacy over there. Let me go and buy you a bottle of medicine.”

As she put the medicine on Cen Shi, she heard him muttered: “Ms Xiao, do you think, if I were to sue Prince Zheng for personal injury, how much would the compensation be based on his worth and reputation?”

He He’s hand stop and she solemnly said: “Prince Cen, I beg you. Tonight, can we not mentioned his name? As for your question earlier, I really never have thought about it. Never had. Would you believe me?”

Cen Shi put on the laughing expression. “I believe.” He sighed and repeated, “I really believe that.”

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