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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.8

Its finally the weekend. It has been a long week at work. Looking forward to a peaceful weekend ahead.

The chapter yesterday was not as exciting as I had expected it to be. Just another day where both couple met each other when they were out. I wonder what lies ahead for us in today’s chapter? 

Chapter 27.8: A quiet life

Upstairs is an elegant Western-Style cafes. The two men have no common topics so after a few pleasantries, both were silence. Only the two women had common topics. They chat about Jay Chou’s concert to discussing about juvenile protection law. And then because both men were quiet not wanting to join the discussion, they gradually stop.

Zheng Xie began to cough. He He asked: “Last month, I heard Uncle Zheng said that you have a cold. You have not recovered since then?”

“Nothing much. Almost recovering.” He deliberately want to contain his cough but could not stop from coughing fiercely. Yang Wei Qi who was sitting on his side, gently pat his back. Zheng Xie apologies and got up to leave.

He He had never seen him coughing so badly before. She saw him getting up, immediately got up as well. Then she sat down again because she suddenly remembered that since his fiancée is here, she will naturally take care of him.

Yang Wei Qi considerately said to her: “I go to ask to prepare a drink for his cough. You go and send him a packet of tissues. He forgot to bring with him.” He He nodded and hurried out.

She found Zheng Xie in the hallway next to a tall palm tree. And he seems to be waiting for her.

He He step down and walked towards him. “Are you okay? Do you need to see a doctor?”

“After Spring Festival, you will be leaving? With him?”

He He vaguely nodded her head.

Zheng Xie looked up to the chandelier in the corridor then watched the swaying palm tree leaves. Seems like he is considering how to open his mouth. He sighed slightly and chooses the most direct way: “He is not for you.”

“You have always been biased against him. He is a good man.”

“A good man is not necessary a good man. He He, I don’t want to see you getting hurt again.”

“I know what I want.”

He He, can you not be so self-willed?”

He He suddenly wants to cry. She tried so hard to escape but he does not seems to let it go.

“My brother. Why do you always think that I am too stupid? Or I am nothing? I have a judgement but also enough endurance. Without your shelter, I too can live.” She said this with courage but dare not look up.

Zheng Xie’s lip shook but he did not say anything. He took a deep breath: “Your endurance includes, knowing that he is mixing with other women with unclear relationship, you pretend not to know or you just do not care?”

“This is my problem. I will deal with it. That was his ex-girlfriend.” He He emboldened and inadequately say.

“He He, I know more than you about man who hurt another woman. Naturally he may also hurt you. He had hurt you once, may also hurt you a second time. Why women believe that they might be the only one, regardless that the other party is a multi-center?”

He He looked up at him with a shocked look. “My brother, you have hurt a lot of women in the past. I even have witness their many tears. Because you are teaching me to deny a man with a history and my future. Then my brother, is your history clean? Your fiancée had also known about your past?”

Zheng Xie stumped. He did not expect that for the other party, He He actually went against him.

He He continued and said: “If Ms Yang would have heard your remarks just now, she will be very sad now.”

“He He, I am doing this for your own good. I do not want you to……” Zheng Xie finds it difficult to say the right words now.

“I know. From young until now, you have done a lot for me. But my brother, I have already grown up. I can take care of myself. And you have now someone more worthy of your care. I am not your blood sister, you do not need to think of me as your responsibility. If it is because of my father….. that more is not necessary. After all, it is part of his job. All these years, you and your family have done enough for me. Have you not thought before that your care is making me uneasy? Become my greatest burden?” He He whispered.

“You feel that my relationship with you as a burden?” Zheng Xie asked with a hoarse voice.

“Yes” He He said and shivered. “We are not people of the same world. Don’t you think so? Because you have been too good to me, I could not go away. However, I really have no way to be in the circle that does not belong to me. I find it very hard and I have very low self-esteem. I felt like I have mistakenly broke into a house when I am lost. In this house, it is comfortable and beautiful but it is not where I belong. Everything is misfits to me.” She paused and then continued: “No matter how much you do not like Cen Shi, but we are people of the same kind. He is able to read my mind. He knows the nature of what I like. And you…. You and Yang Wei Qi are from the same world. You do not need to make any changes and she is already as how you wanted. So, do not care about me anymore. I beg you, okay?”

“He He, I understand what you mean. Are you saying that my presence is your greatest pressure, so you just want to run away? Just like how you tried to run away from Auntie Lin, right? You have insisted on going to C City to study. After graduation, unwilling to work with me after graduation. I think that your man is unconditionally negative. Are these the reason?” Zheng Xie continued to say.


“As for Cen Shi. You may not necessarily like him but because I do not like him, so you want to be with him. Because he is able to help you to stay away from me, right?”

Tears rolled down He He’s face. “Up to you what you want to think. I am going to leave soon anyway.”

Zheng Xie came back alone.

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10 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.8

  1. Zheng Xie is soooooo frustrating – how he completely manages to miss the point every time He He says anything to him is beyond me! He needs to learn how to read between the lines and acknowledge that what she says is true from her point of view. Argh I just want to shake him!!! Thanks for the chapter (I really do enjoy this novel <3)

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  2. I feel like He He resented all the good thing Zheng Xie did to her because she thought he’s only good to her as a pay back of what her dad did. She’s sarcastically call him brother and being defiant because deep inside she already falls for him. Its really heartbreaking, but at least they confronts their “demons”. She was able to voice out what she feels instead of running away. It hurts but actually I like this chapter…the showdown finally happen.

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    1. He He is saying things what she does not want to say. She only saying it so that ZX can give up on her but that is not what she wanted to say. Let’s say if she does not fallen in love with ZX then why do she need to run far away from him? If he does not fallen in love with ZX why is He He at her utmost to push YWC together with ZX even going so far by telling ZX’s dad about them before ZX could made up his mind to tell his father about YWC n himself? If He He does not fallen in love with ZX then why she went out of her way n trouble to write up a contract for CS to pretend to be her boyfriend to throw ZX off.

      Yet ZX is not helping either by not confessing his true feelings to He He. This two MC need to have their head to be banged together.

      Thanking you mhyru for another translated post n have a wonderful weekend. 😀

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  3. At least it’s a confrontation. Better than nothing! *sighs* Can we just fast-forward and get to the more exciting parts. Because this conflict is really getting tiring!
    But, I haven’t lost hope that the plot will redeem itself or something like that. There’s a lot of potential that’s just waiting to get converted into work. Looks like I’ve been reading too much of physics, it’s creeping into my lingo now! *shudder shudder*

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