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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.7

TGIF! Another week has past…. Time really flies. I am so glad that I have been able to keep up to my target of 1 post per day to keep everyone going with the novel. Thank you so much for all the words of encouragement and comments daily sharing your thoughts on the progress of the story. The comments and thoughts sharing after each post actually keeps me going in my translation interest as well as helped me to get past through some of those tough moments at work where I needed a break. 

So the wedding preparation is in progress (much to my dismay although knowing that it will not happen after all the preparation). When is the turning point? After the end of yesterday post, I felt that we are in for something exciting in today’s post….. What is it exactly? 

Enjoy the read!

Chapter 27.7: A quiet life

Cen Shi was quite taken aback today. Although he refuses to accept Zheng Xie but he is actually very timid. He prefers not to have meet him. But he is always destined to meet with Zheng Xie. Just like a few hours ago.

Cen Shi was attending the annual meeting of the World Election Observation in a Grand Hotel. After the meeting, half-eaten the meal, he and another fellow member went up to the top floor viewing area to have a talk about something.

Ordinarily Zheng Xie has always been low-key with unpredictable whereabouts. It is difficult to meet him in person. However, as a result, in such a short time, Cen Shi actually met him. He thinks that he should have bought lottery today.

What makes it worst, it is a female colleague. And it is also the one that He He mentioned, his ex-girlfriend. At the moment when Zheng Xie saw them, they were tugging back and forth. The aggressive woman whispered: “Cen Shi, you give me an explanation. What exactly do you want?”

Cen Shi encountered her recently. And they have gotten involve again. So the woman’s feeling bloom again. But Cen Shi’s lukewarm attitude causes her desperation.

The woman said chokingly: “You cannot do this to me.”

He cleared his throat, trying to persuade her with a few words. And then they heard someone say very politely: “Excuse me, please let me through.” They realized that they were blocking the door.

Cen Shi apologies, drag the woman and step aside. Although there were no indecent scene earlier, it is also not a good sight for the guests. Strange as obviously there were no one else there earlier.

But, just the voice earlier, though it is a bit hoarse, it is familiar.

When he looked up, he turned a little green. The guest whom asked him to step aside, although is pale but still the handsome Zheng Xie! Zheng Xie even say “Thank you” before leaving.

Where life does not meet……

Somewhat empty-handed, they went downstairs to the newly decorated famous area. Something caught He He’s eyes and she pulled Cen Shi’s sleeves and said: “Why not I gift you that shirt? I still owe you one from last time.”

A week ago, He He spilled a whole cup of coffee on Cen Shi’s shirt. Cen Shi clenched his teeth while saying that it was his most expensive shirt.

Cen Shi said: “You are taking a joke too seriously.” He glanced at the brand that He He was pointing at and said: “Girl, after all these years, you are really not simple. You know such a popular yet low-key brand? This brand just arrived into the country.”

“Quick pick one. Don’t be such a nagging person. I feel that I have never got you any gift.”

“When I become as important as your brother Zheng Xie, then you buy this brand shirt for me as gift is not too late. We buy another brand.”

“Forget it if you don’t want. Once past, it is gone.”

“You sure turn your face very fast. Haiz, who wants to miss this opportunity, ah. Give you the chance.”

The result can really be unexpected. God once again confirmed that Cen Shi’s fate in meeting Zheng Xie.

The counter is large. When Cen Shi and He He were going through the colors available for the shirt, on the other end, Yang Wei Qi and Zheng Xie holding two paper bags were passing through.

Yang Wei Qi said: “Today I bought a lot of things. You have nothing to buy?”

“Nothing that caught my attention. There is nothing that I required as well.”

She was glad to see the counter. “You see, this brand here is your favourite brand, right? I remember that you have at least two dozen of shirt in your closet that is this brand.”

“When I went to school, I bought my first shirt under this brand. Then it had become a habit. Cannot say that I like this brand.”

Yang Wei Qi gently squeezed his arms. “You do not have many pleasures in life. Buy a tie, okay?”

“Up to you.”

He was dragged by Yang Wei Qi before the tie rack. She asked him which one of the tie are good, he shook his head. She brought him to a section. Zheng Xie either say ‘okay’ or ‘normal’ to her selections. The result, Yang Wei Qi took all the ones that he said ‘okay’ and asked for them to be packed up.

Zheng Xie could not help but laugh. “You are not copying the boring movie. Really troublesome.”

Yang Wei Qi laughed. “Isn’t it fun? You have also watched the ‘boring’ film.” She pulled his hand when Zheng Xie handed over his credit card. “This one let me get for you.”

“Whose money is the same, isn’t it? Is it necessary to divide so clearly?”

“Of course not. It is not the same still for now.” Yang Wei Qi insisted.

When they went over to the other end of the counter, they saw He He and Cen Shi.

Yang Wei Qi saw the little mood swing changes in Zheng Xie. She looked at He He again and took her own initiative. “Standing here to talk is not comfortable. Let’s go upstairs for a cup of tea, okay?”

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12 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.7

    1. Good morning Mel (it is morning at my side of the world). I think YWQ had noticed the feelings for a while already but it was more obvious now that something is wrong / on-going between ZX and HH. It would be interesting to see what happen next…. I can’t wait to get off work and go home to translate the next chapter

      Have a blessed weekend ahead!


    2. I think YWC had notice ZX’s feelings from their informal date from the beginning of this novel n occasionally she even commented about it. Don’t tell me that YWC does not know how her fiance’s feelings for other woman, she knew it still turned a blind eyes to it that is y I really, really, really don’t like YWC. She may come across as a warm n caring person but I just like the cat Xiao Bao just can’t warm up to her n feel like swiping her too.

      How long more r we going to read about what YWC wants. I am sorry to say mhyru, I really don’t like this kind of woman in YWC…she is too fake..Do some of you readers feel that too or only I alone feel it? At beginning I like YWC but as the story prolong on I slowly begin to dislike her to this stage of hating her. Hate is a strong word n I have no other word I can describe about her.

      WAKE UP ZHENG XIE. Uggghhh!!!

      But I thanking you very much for this latest post you translated mhyru.

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      1. Good point Julie. Thanks for sharing. I believe that although Chapter 27 is super long, we should see the end of YWQ and ZX relationship within this chapter. It may be frustrating getting there, but as much as I hated it, I will still translate them and not breeze through them for those whom might be interested :).
        And yes, WAKE UP ZX! Hahahaha
        Have a blessed weekend


      2. at last…. someone is sounding my mind.
        i really can’t blame ZX 100%. since the begining of their relationship, she knew that ZX doesn’t loves her. and i believe she knew that somehow ZX and HH have feeling for each other, but she prefers to pretend not knowing. remember when ZX wants to talk but she refused? that the turning point for me.
        i think YWC doesn’t really love ZX either, i think she prefers ZX to break their relationship so that all blame point to him and she became the victim.

        all in all i really don’t like how the character in this novel to deal with their problem.
        YWC is just to proud to admit it, ZX is to lazy to confront his own feeling, HH is like a coward to deal with the current situation, and i can only pity CS now but at least he know HH likes ZX and doesn’t force HH… yet

        i just curious how the author turns all the bad points into a nice happy ending

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  1. I’m starting to feel bad for Yang Wei Qi. She’s seen all the signs, but no matter how much she tries to delay it, she’s doomed for a heartbreak. *sigh.*

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    1. Morning Ayu, yes indeed she is. Spoiler ahead…. She soon will keep asking ZX if He loves her and his answer, if I were to be in her shoes, I would be so heartbroken….

      Have a good day ahead!


  2. i like YQW she deserve better. i hope she don’t be like any villain girl, the girl who will endure the heartbroken for the man that not like her even a bit. i admit i’m a selfish person, rather than being stuck with the one you love why not get together with the person who loves you dearly

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yang Wei Qi deserves better – he’s really just going through the motions with her and it comes across as so uncaring when he puts in the bare minimum effort when she’s trying really hard to make it work. I hope she leaves him (and values herself enough to not cling on to someone who doesn’t love her). Thanks for the chapter!!

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  4. I rather YWC leave ZX n find someone who loves her for her not because her dad used to be ZX’s dad. It like ZX’s dad wanted ZX to repay kindness to YWC’s dad that kind of loves never last. Yes I agree that YWC deserves better yet she is just like ZX not opening her eyes. Uggghhh…

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  5. Okay, I think I’m back. Not 100% sure, but I think I’ll throw in my lot into this or something like that. And is it alright if I hate ZX and HH right now. Because it sucks that both of them are playing around with YWQ. I’m not YWQ’s fan, but no girl deserves to be led around like a fool. She’s independent, beautiful and intelligent and deserves better than this farce.
    Or maybe, it’s just the dormant feminist in me.

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