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C-Drama Review : Les Interpretes (亲爱的翻译官)

French is a beautiful language. And because I did a French Diploma majoring in Hospitality Services, the language became one of my favorite language. So, when Les Interpretes (亲爱的翻译官), also known as The Interpreter started to air recently, I was eagerly looking forward to the drama.

A further research online, I found out that this is another drama adapted from C-Novel with the same title: 翻译官 Les Interprètes (Interpreter) by 缪娟 (Miao Juan). This even pique more interest in me as next, I want to see how much difference are there between the novel and the drama. Lucky me as I found out that the English Translation of this novel is now in-progress and is available @ 翻译官 Les Interprètes (Interpreter) English Translation. For those who want to know more about both the drama and novel, more information are available @ 翻译官 Les Interprètes (Interpreter) –

Les Interpretes (亲爱的翻译官) is a drama about the heroine, Qiao Fei who is a French exchange student in Zurich pursuing her dream of becoming a top French language interpreter. She met the famous yet meticulous hero, Cheng Jia Yang whom uses his influence to cancel her scholarship when she made some mistakes in her translation tasks in front of him.

Starting on a wrong note and losing her scholarship, Qiao Fei had no choice but to return back to China. Fate is definitely not on her side when she encountered him again several years later. And ironically, she also became his intern.


Both Qiao Fei and Jia Yang through work relationship, finally found themselves attracted to each other. And slowly, they became a couple.

As it is in most dramas and novels, the relationship between the OTP are never sweet and loving without any challenges to their relationship. Les Interpretes (亲爱的翻译官) is filled with confusing relationship where Qiao Fei’s so-call ex-boyfriend (it had always been a 1-way relationship), Gao Jia Ming is actually the adopted older brother of Jia Yang who still is deeply in love with Qiao Fei. And Xiao Hua, the childhood love of Jia Yang, had all the while harbored feelings for Jia Ming. After getting married to someone else, Xiao Hua realized that she is not happy and wanted Jia Yang whom had always been there for her.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 at 2.27.24 PM

Realizing that it is too late already as Jia Yang had fallen deeply in love with Qiao Fei, Xiao Hua putting up a fake front, tried to barged into the relationship between the OTP. And to add to the whole mess, Jia Yang’s mother whom misunderstood Qiao Fei from 8 years ago because of the ‘relationship’ Qiao Fei had with Jia Ming, disliked her so much to the extend, she not only tried to break them up, she was mean in many of her antics. Sigh! So typical, isn’t it?

Qiao Fei eventually found out that she had the same illness as her mother, where she had tumor in her brain. Much to my irritation, she hide it from Jia Yang and tried to break off with him. He obviously found out about it eventually but agreed to break off eventually (much to his heartbreak).

Their love for each other were finally put to test where Qiao Fei were kidnapped by Zhou Nan (Xiao Hua’s husband / ex-husband). In order to rescue Jia Yang whom were pushed by Zhou Nan when attempting to rescue Qiao Fei, Jia Ming fell off the cliff on the Swiss Mountain.

The drama ended well with both Jia Yang and Qiao Fei confessing to each other how much they love each other and is not willing to miss each other’s path, they also decided that they will be pursue their happiness after Jia Ming wakes up from his coma.

Overall, I had truly enjoyed Les Interpretes (亲爱的翻译官). There were a few frustrating moments where I must admit that I just skimmed through. This is definitely a drama that I would re-watch when I have time.





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5 thoughts on “C-Drama Review : Les Interpretes (亲爱的翻译官)

  1. Started out strong, all the actors are awesome but the plot went downhill after ep 31/32, too much lying and misunderstanding…how long can “I’m sorry” could go from the herione. In the last episode they were trying to do too much that it felt rushed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally agreed. I skimmed through most of the episodes starting from episode 31 onwards. Too frustrating. And yet wanted to continue because I wanted to see what happen next and the ending. A little surprised with the ending where they ‘nearly’ kill Jia Ming. He was annoying in the beginning but later, he actually stood by her side as a doctor and friend, it was all good…. Now, waiting to read the translated version of the novel.


  2. I loved the drama but i did find the constant lies irritating. The ending was a massive let down. It was rushed and so weak, i thought the show would go out with a bang, where Qiao Fei and Jia Yang would at least get married and we would actually see Jia Ming wake up. Ugh the ending was such a disappointment, i don’t think i can re-watch the drama again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I agree. This would have been a top notch drama but for the lazy ending. I figure if a viewer is wiling to put in their time to watch 40+ episodes, we are due a final episode that ties up all the loose ends.

      Liked by 1 person

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