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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.6

Thank you everyone for all the comments and feelings shared on yesterday’s post. Instead of individually replying to each and every of your comment, I decided to write about it in today’s post before introducing what we are in for today. Firstly, I must say that reading all your comments and feelings actually helped to make my otherwise very tough day at work. Although I was not able to reply all, I had truly enjoyed reading them. 

From all the comment, I guess everyone is as frustrated as I am about all three of them. And I do like Julie’s comment about how YWC was the one whom had always made the effort to call ZX and he just had no ‘balls’ to tell her at every opportunity that he had about how he truly feels and to call it off before it is too late. I am 100% agreeable on the comment about ZX letting HH and YWC dragging him around by his nose… that was really entertaining as I actually had the image of ZX being pulled around by the nose by the 2 ladies…. (anyone can imagine how that would look like?) 

The cat, Xiao Bao is truly so cute. How it actually ignored YWQ despite her effort to be friendly with Xiao Bao…. 

Smielia….. agree that ZX is truly a wimp still at this moment. It is just soooooooo frustrating to read about how weak he is now vs the ZX at the start of this novel.

Tueysaloewa, hang on there…. I read somewhere that YWQ would be the one who breaks it off as she realized that ZX does not love her but someone else (oh yes, I am sure she know who it is too). I am as excited as you are anticipating that moment as cruel as it may sound for YWQ. Let’s just hope that we don’t have to wait too long for that moment.

Okay, without realizing, I had wrote the longest introduction I ever had since the start of the translation of this novel. Let’s just get on with today’s chapter. Translating this chapter indeed broke my heart a little… Zheng Xie and Yang Wei Qi is preparing for their wedding. Sigh…. Why Why Why? Although we are all fully aware of the Happy Ending (HE) to this novel, it is still heartbreaking having to translate / read the part of ZX and YWQ preparing for their wedding. Poor YWQ as she is in for a total heartbreak when she decided to walk away. My heart indeed goes out to her.

This may be heartbreaking to most of us readers, I must compliment the author for writing this so well. It was seamless translation for me (this part at least) and the ups and down emotions of us readers. Enjoy the read!

Chapter 27.6: A quiet life

Zheng Xie and Yang Wei Qi started preparing for their marriage step by step. Wedding customs, taking wedding photos and getting the wedding supplies. Most of these arrangement were prepared by Yan Wei Qi. Zheng Xie gave her full authorization.

On the day that they were taking their wedding photos, it was after a night of heavy snow. The location was in the outskirts of a manor. The sunlight from the clouds revealed and the ray reflected on the shiny silver snow. Indeed very beautiful and unusual.

That day, Yang Wei Qi’s main concern is about the long unhealed cold of Zheng Xie. Therefore, after each shot, she immediately attended to him getting him to dress warmly totally ignoring her own set of clothes that are thin and fully exposed to the cold. Zheng Xie has been particularly patience and co-operative with the photographer. The smile is in place to the envy of those younger assistants, saying that since they had joined this line of work, this couple is the most dazzling couple with good temperament that is also courteous. Even the photographer praised them.

Yang Wei Qi occasionally sigh as she turned the wedding album.

Zheng Xie asked: “These are not satisfactory? I felt that they are pretty good.” In fact, he only roughly had a few glances.

“No. Each photos are very good. Unable to find fault in any of these photos. Perfect to the max.” Looking over the hundreds of photos, almost no waste of the film. Each one can be use. In particular, those few outdoor shots in the snow, very dreamy.

“You women are really strange. If it is not up to expectation, becomes unhappy. If it is good, then feeling uncomfortable.”

“Yes ah. Maybe I have a little pre-marital fear. Don’t you have any?”

Zheng Xie paused for a moment. “I don’t think so.”

“Haiz. Don’t want to see anymore. Do you want to give me some opinion on the wedding dress?” Yang Wei Qi handed him a pile of wedding gown design. “Which one do you think is nice?”

Zheng Xie casually looked: “All looks good.”

“Please do not be so casual about it.”

Zheng Xie quickly go through the pile of design and pulled out one. “This one is relatively pleasing to the eye.”

Yang Wei Qi took a look and laughed: “What a coincidence. I love this one. He He said that you certainly would not fancy her design.”


“He He ah. When I last met her, she gave the orphanage children illustrator class, showing them designs of women dresses. Very beautifully panted. I asked her to send me some copies for reference. So she very seriously re-draw me a set.”

Zheng Xie stay quiet for a while and then said: “Did you not wanted to go and get a dress from Paris?”

“Love your motherland, boycott French goods.” Yang Wei Qi said while continued to turn the pile of designs. “I am tired of the foreign designs so I wanted a change of style. You look at my design and tell me if it is good or bad?” She handed one over to him.

“Oh. Not bad.”

Yang Wei Qi laughed. “Against your will.”

“If you don’t want the one from Paris. Then those from Milan should be good as well. I accompany you to go over to get them.”

“How come suddenly so active? You have never shown any interest in the preparations of this marriage.”

“Well, whatever you want.”

When Cen Shi needed to head to Y city for a three days’ work trip, He He took a ride with him to come back to settle a few things.

She plans to go to C City after the Spring Festival. She wanted a change of environment. Either to work there for a while or to continue her studies.

Back at home with mother for a while, unfortunately, the inland climate of A City still not suitable for He He. She had a very difficult few months. Epistaxis, pharyngitis attack, dry skin, dehydration, and even frostbite. Only a few hundreds of kilometers away, even after so many years, she could still not get accustomed to it.

He He is a person that finds it difficult to adapt to any changes. Even a day tour to the neighboring tour, she will not be used to it.

Across the city, several provinces away, C City is the coastal city. She was schooling there before. There are many old classmates still residing there. And after Spring Festival, Cen Shi will conclude his work in the province and will be returning there. And so, He He thinks that she will not be lonely staying over there. He He’s mother also did not stop her decision.

This time, she learned her lesson so gave Zheng Xie a call after arriving, only to be told that he is currently away on a business trip but will be returning soon.

The next day, after having dinner with Cen Shi, she accompany him to the mall to buy some clothes.

“Tomorrow after my brother invited us both for a meal.”

Cen Shi asked: “Can I not go?”

“After Spring Festival, we will be heading to C City. Then you will be free. Now, let’s act to the end.

“Actually, I quite like the feeling of being bound.” Cen Shi have a hippie smile. “Hey, do you not really think that there is opportunity to make the fake become real?”

“Didn’t you have a new girlfriend? Don’t think that I do not know.”

“Look….. that is my ex-girlfriend. Why? Jealous?”

“Pei, unrequited love.”

Cen Shi is very picky. They shopped around for over an hour but was not able to buy anything. Cen Shi try to find a topic of conversation: “He had returned today.”

“I know. He had given me a call. Wanted to make dinner meet up tonight. I said that I have a date with you, so change to tomorrow.”

“You actually choose me over ‘Prince’ Zheng? I really feel much honored, ah.”

“Please do not be so narcissistic. He just came back from his business trip today, so he should be having a good reunion with his fiancée. So I do not want to be a light bulb.”

“What a thoughtful sister. If I were your brother, I would definitely love you to death.”

“Hey, how you know that he came back today?” He He changed the subject.

“It’s complicated. Well, it is a long story. Not worth mentioning.”

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15 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.6

  1. The image of ZX being pulled around by the nose by the 2 ladies …heheheh.. that really make me smile
    Thank you for updating… wonder what kind of event that trigger LYQ about ZX’s feeling towards HH.. So he doesnt want her to wear HH’s creation???

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  2. Thanks for the chapter!! I feel like Yang Wei Qi deliberately brings up He He in conversations, as if she’s trying to prompt a reaction from Zheng Xie. Maybe she wants him to be the bad guy and break things off, rather than having to self sacrifice and withdraw. It would definitely make it easier for her to let go if he would stop being so passive and actually voice an opinion and make decisions!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Like how you see it from that perspective Rebecca. I actually did not think about it that way. Maybe you are right but unfortunately ZX did not take the ‘bait’ 😉. Let’s wait to see who open their mouth hopefully soon


  3. He’s so indecisive, slow and an idiot. But I seem to want to read it to the end. Thank you for the novel. After the project, are you planning to do more?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Nami. Thank you for your support. In one of my past post, I mentioned that I would be translation Lee Jun Kai for my next project. It’s a short novel that was adapted into web-drama. Sad ending but I wanted to read that 😉 just not sure on the frequency as it would depend on my workload. If I finished my current project by then and is not working on another project then it would be done quickly. And yes there will be other translations that I would work on later 😉


  4. I am so tired of HH n ZX. Both of them wanted to see each other but using YWC or CS as a buffer to see each other. When they do see one another, they don’t talk either one looking down n eat while the other is play with his food. I am just about giving up on both of them.

    At least, CS every now n then will tease HH about it whereas YWC is up in the air most of the time either pretending she sees nothing or she don’t really care except marrying ZX fast. Like she has no one want to marry her so to speak. I should feel sorry for YWC but actually I begin to hate her in fact.

    Just like Rebecca said that YWC is testing ZX hopefully he will be the one to break off the wedding instead. An advice for you YWC, at the rate if you want ZX to break off the wedding you can start dreaming because it is not gonna happen since ZX already let you n HH leading him by the nose then what or when will he be the one who break off the wedding. The way ZX is going about it like someone already given up everything and waiting to be guided to the guillotine so to speak.

    Nonetheless, I would like to thank your hard working translator who have been putting so much effort in translating this particular frustrating parts. I hope the next chapters n parts will move on from this self-pity of ZX n overzealous of YWC of wanting to marry desperately n turning a blind eyes what is in front of her. For a smart lawyer she is really a dump n blind woman.

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  5. thanks for your effort in translating this mhyru. i’m just hoping this torture will end soon. although most of us reader don’t like YQW but she still a women like us. having her heartbroken… i just can’t imagine it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi…. you are most welcome. I feel that we are in for a little longer more torture with this as Chapter 27 is indeed very long. Hopefully this is also the chapter where YWQ breaks off with ZX as I cannot imagine what will happen if by Chapter 28, we are still stuck with this turnaround…. Enjoy the read and journey. And of course for sharing the ‘frustration’ with me too 🙂


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