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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.4

Oh no……. Zheng Xie officially proposed to Yang Wei Qi in this chapter… Is there no more hope for him and He He now? How is he going to turn that around after formally proposing to Yang Wei Qi after his? Although I must say that his proposal is indeed very unromantic. Not surprising as he is a boring person after all.

Chapter 27.4: A quiet life

After she cleaned up the kitchen, she said: “I should not have listened to you. There is no feeling of celebration with no birthday cake.”

“Our family never celebrate any birthday. So many years already, we are used to it.”

Yang Wei Qi said: “That can be really bad. Birthday celebration is a luxury to me. After this, I have to take note of this.”

“I am not as stern as my dad. Oh yes, I have something for you.” Zheng Xie holding a small box, sat next to Yang Wei Qi and handed it to her.

Yang Wei Qi opened it. It is a very eye-catching blue diamond ring. Very simple and classic style with deeply embedded cut where the work was just perfect. The blue diamond occupy most of her knuckles. She was temporarily stunned.

Zheng Xie while putting the ring on her finger, said with a slight smile: “I once tried to imagine how I would arrange to present it to you with a little surprise. Hidding it in the cake, or presenting it in the wine glass but I am worried that it will cut your teeth at the same time. I also tried training Xiao Bao to bring the box over but it is refusing to co-operate. So eventually only could present it in this boring way, after all, I have also been boring.”

Yang Wei Qi bowed her head and said: “I have always knew that you are not a romantic person. You do not have to do something that you are reluctant for me.”

Zheng Xie said: “Then, you are willing to marry me?”

“Did I ever said that I am not willing?”

“A few days ago, I suddenly realized that we have already set the wedding date but I never seem to have proposed to you. What is this?”

“In fact, don’t you feel it is funny? You have not even proposed officially and I cannot wait to marry you.”

“Nonsense thinking. I just felt that it is unfair to you. Is this okay? If you do not like it, you can change for another one.”

Yang Wei Qi took a closer look at the ring on the finger. “Of course. How would I not like it?” She said. Then she make fun of it by saying: “Today is obviously your birthday. How come I am the one whom is receiving a gift?”

“Really? Who stole my limelight?” Zheng Xie casually asked.

When he saw Yang Wei Qi taking out the pendant from her collar, the smile that he had on the smile gradually faded.

The jeweled abacus beads pendant. Yang Wei Qi had a total of two, Sapphire and Ruby. She often change her pendant but this is among her most frequently wore pendant.

And this time she is wearing it again but it is green. If she had not found any alternatives, then the pendant should have belonged to another person. He had kept it for several years and finally took it out recently to give it to her as Christmas gift.

Zheng Xie’s mind is in a little chaos. He barely hear himself saying: “Congratulations. You finally collected the whole set.”

Yang Wei Qi said: “Coincidentally when I had given up looking for the other buyer, unexpectedly, He He had it. If I had not met her the other day and happen to be wearing the pendant that caught her attention, I may have missed it.”

Zheng Xie reach for a drink.

“I had never thought that, He He would actually be willing to part with it. I want to pay her but she insists that it would be my advance wedding present. She kept her promised the other day. This morning I received this. She should have loved this pendant a lot. I felt very sorry.”

“She is determined to send it to you. So you just accept it. She had never seem to care about these things.”

“This is not cheap. It must have been a gift from the elders. I want to get her a gift in return. Are you free this weekend to go with me and help me choose?”

“I let my secretary Wei to accompany you. She may be better in recommending the gift.” Zheng Xie sounded hoarser than how he sounded earlier.

Yang Wei Qi went home that evening. She had something on early the following morning, so she went to bed early. In the meantime, Zheng Xie switched on his computer. He browse the internet and play card games while waiting for a message.

He drank a lot of water. Felt that the nose and throat were very uncomfortable. Yang Wei Qi before leaving had reminded him to take the medicine before going to bed. She even prepared honey sesame oil and vinegar for him to drink. It is not effective. Instead, his stomach began to ache.

Everything seems to be wrong that night. The cat, Xiao Bao, Yang Wei Qi and himself.

Yang Wei Qi found Xiao Bao missing from his little corner. They searched every corner of the house and finally found it fast asleep in an empty box among the garbage.

Zheng Xie broke into cold sweat. If no one realized it, tomorrow, when the part-time cleaner did not look carefully when taking out the trash, then it is likely inexplicably disappear.

Yang Wei Qi gave him a strange birthday present. He removed it layer after layer. At last, he found a card with a graffiti painting of a birthday cake. There were greetings written on it, blank in the middle before she sign her name at the bottom.

Yang Wei Qi said: “I thought and thought. You need nothing. And there are nothing that you love. Any gift for you, it will be tacky. So I am sending you one wish. As long as I could do it, I will definitely try to make it come true. Valid for one year.”

Zheng Xie said: “You read “神雕侠侣” and learn from Yang Guo?”

神雕侠侣 – The Return of the Condor Heroes

“Yes. You are not allowed to laugh. In fact, I have just finished reading the book. I stayed up for three nights and managed to finish reading it last night. So now, I am very sleepy. I wept last night because of Guo Xiang. How embarrassing.”

Zheng Xie turn the card and read it again. At first he thought that Yang Wei Qi was a little childish. But after half an hour, now, he felt that this behavior of Yang Wei Qi is very strange, nothing like her usual style. But rather like she had been possessed to be like He He, reminding him on the childhood pranks she use to play on him.

He He because of his previous discipline method, had silently resented him. She drew in a hard paper card image of wretched hideous cartoon animals, wolf, lion and fox with “big jerk, villain, big moron” etc curse words written on it. And then these cards are secretly stuffed into his study.

Thinking about He He, his stomachache became unbearable. Even his head is beginning to hurt.

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15 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.4

  1. It’s moments like these (He He’s actions) that make me, from a shipper’s point of view, want to vomit blood (it’s a common phrase, in case I scared anyone)!!! I get that you can do what you want with presents you receive but…she is definitely deliberately pushing everyone that represents ZX’s relationship with her (ZX included) to YWQ, to make sure he gets his “happy ending” with “the person he should be with” and where she is just the minor “younger sister” in this story. Still….regifting the present you just got…sigh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally agreed as it is also a present that ZX went through a lot of trouble getting for her. Not even to mentioned that she loved it as much as YWQ did. Sigh….


      1. Oops, I meant to write “pushing everything that represents….” but yes, I have a feeling that if ZX doesn’t figure out the miserable feeling he has (or the root of it), they will all end up unhappy…boo

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Actually, I totally agree with everyone’s comments regarding HH n ZX. One taking forever to decide what he really want yet dare not moved forward but taking an easy way out by marrying someone whom he don’t love only liking. Whereas, HH is not just pushing ZX away n everything he represents of. HH thought she is doing ZX a favour but she is not, she is as much as in denial as ZX. HH n ZX is the worst main characters in this book. They are very much miserable yet they are not doing anything about it.

    YWC is just as bad instead of, finding out about her fiance of all people she don’t ask she has to ask HH about ZX. Most likely HH might tell YWC what she wants to hear instead of, what she should know. I am so frustrated with HH n Zx even Xiao Bao know better n he is a cat..!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing Julie. Imaging translating it and the frustration of reading about them going round and round. At the same time, am not giving this up as we just have so little left to complete (or so I am still hoping and thinking). I truly love Xiao Bao…. one smart little cat indeed…..
      I have come to think that HH and ZX knew what each other need and one but both are afraid to make the step ahead towards each other. As for YWQ, she definitely know that ZX does not truly loves her but at the same time, she is silly enough to agree to his wedding proposal (or the discussion about marriage)… If it is me in real life, as much as I love the man, I would most probably choose to walk away as I felt that being in an unhappy marriage is bad. I rather stay single and have a great life with my family and friends than marrying someone who does not love me.


  3. Okay, it’s official! From now on, everytime I receive a notification that a chapter of this book has been posted, I will first READ the intro that you post before the chapter, and then decide whether or not to continue. Because nowadays this book is friggin fu***ng with my mind! I simply can’t take too much of melodrama and turn-arounds.
    I guess I’d rather wait it out for the better parts to come. And better parts need not necessarily be a HE where ZX realizes that he likes He He, it could also end totally tragic. I’m willing to take either of those as long as this confusion is over. *grits teeth*

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