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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 26.2

So finally Zheng Xie bring Yang Wei Qi back to meet his father. This is the first step to formally introducing her to his family, indicating how ‘serious’ he is about wanting to marry her. How was the trip home? Read on and find out! 

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Chapter 26.2: Sense and Sensibility

Zheng Xie usually drive fast. So they arrived home half an hour earlier than expected. Zheng Xie’s father was already waiting for them at home.

They arrived home at noon. After lunch, Zheng Xie’s father and Yang Wei Qi had a chat. Very amiable chat. There were many meaningful discussion and they smiled a lot.

Later Yang Wei Qi said to Zheng Xie: “Uncle Zheng is very different from what I anticipated. When I was participating in a provincial conference many years back where he was a speaker, I had met him one. So I am not so nervous today…..”

Zheng Xie said: “That must have been a very serious meeting back then. Usually he is very warm to people.”

Yang Wei Qi nodded: “Do you think that I am not promising enough?”

Zheng Xie said: “No”. Then he added: “Why would I think so?”


Later, Zheng Xie accompanied his father drinking tea in the study. He had his head half bowed and answered each of his father’s question with only 1 answer.

Zheng Xie’s father in front of him has always show a populist image where there are less praise or criticism. But today, he was very pleasant, and even praised him about his recent great work that had yielded good results.

He thought that his father had no time to be concern about his business. With so many praises, he is feeling very uncomfortable.

Then his father finally talked about Yang Wei Qi. He said: “You have always had your own opinion since you were a child, so I don’t interfere with your things. Including marriage. When your mother was still alive, we had reached our consensus about this issue. As long as there are not too much of a gap, we respect your own choice.”

Father Zheng stop and Zheng Xie said: “Thank you. Also thanks to mum.”

Father Zheng drank some tea and then said: “Xiao Yang has a decent personality. Her appearance is also good. Her family has some dealings with us in the past, so your choice is not bad.”

Zheng Xie slightly smiled to show his response to his father’s approval.

Father Zheng put down the cup and continued: “I know that you have always been a good child but there are some things that I want to emphasize in this house. You have the freedom of choice when it comes to marriage but there is no freedom of divorce. This is the unwritten regulations in this home. No one can go against it, your aunt is an example. Since this is your choice, then no matter what other issues that you have to deal with, get it sorted out before marriage. Marriage is not the most important thing to a man but if it is a failure, then no matter how successful the man is, it cannot make up for this flaw.”

Zheng Xie looked in his father’s eyes. Father Zheng laughed: “Today is a happy day. It is a little disappointing to have said such things, right?”

Zheng Xie said: “Dad, I know the meaning of marriage and responsibility.”

Father Zheng stood up, put his hand on Zheng Xie’s shoulder and said: “That is good. I believe you.”


In the afternoon, uncle came to the house to discuss things with Father Zheng. He was happy to coincidently met Yang Wei Qi.

Zheng Xie had always had a good relationship with uncle since childhood. Although they rarely meet, he was able to communicate with his uncle more than his father. Their relationship is like a friendship between friends. His house is very near, so uncle walked over. When he left, Zheng Xie accompany him out.

Uncle smiled and said: “Not bad. Good move. Last year when we want you to go for blind date, you still have to argue plausibly. So fast you have decided to jump into the marriage grave. The girl had so much charm.”

Zheng Xie said: “It is about time I get married. And she is very suitable.”

Uncle said: “What nonsense. If the other party hear this, she will be very sad. Asking you rationally, you never really want something that is beyond your reach?”

Zheng Xie said: “If it is something that is beyond my reach, I will not think about it.”

Uncle sigh: “You are so much alike your dad in personality and not slightest like your mother. Your aunt is the same. Your family’s gene is really alike. Xiao Xie, I remember once when you were much younger. I think you were not even in high school even yet at that time. We were discussing about a novel and you told me a completely different perspective on what love is about to a man. You said that a woman has many different uses to a man. There are some that is there for you to protect, some to be enjoyed, some to work together as well as some are used to kill time. You cannot remember? I was completely taken aback by you then, and nearly wanted to bring you to a psychiatrist. How, do you still have such idea? What is Yang Wei Qi kind of usefulness to you?”

Zheng Xie felt that the topic is making him tired. He casually asked his uncle about himself: “How are things between you and my aunt?”

Sure enough, uncle no longer tease him and said in a lower tone: “Still the same. Let it be. After all, our children are married. What else are there?”

Zheng Xie said: “Uncle. I have a question that may seems rude. Knowing the vast differences between aunt and your personality, hobbies are also different. But you still exhaustedly pursued her and marry her. Why? At that time, did you think of the future?”

“Xiao Xie, you want to ask me, I love your aunt while she don’t love me, why I still married her? I just wanted to marry her at that time. Until now I still do not regret it. As to why, did not think about it. If everything in this world needs to be made clear just like a book, then there is no excitement in life.”

“Both of you have been so frustrated for so many years, your love is actually not dead?”

“I am talking about one family and wife, the strongest human blood connection. There is nothing that can break it off.”

“But most people get married because of love, but not getting married because of family, right?”

Uncle said: “Xiao Xie, you are very strange today. It is because of the phobia of marriage?”

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