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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 26.1

Oh no……. we seems to be going round in circles now it seems. Zheng Xie is slowly accepting that he will never get to win He He’s heart and marry her just like what he intended to do. Has he realized how much he truly loves her or he is still just wanting to take responsible of what happen so many years ago?

Now that he decided to let He He go and accept the fate, he has invited Yang Wei Qi home to meet his father…. Poor Yang Wei Qi. This is so not fair to her, right? How far are Zheng Xie and Yang Wei Qi going to go before Zheng Xie turned back to He He? 

Chapter 26.1: Sense and Sensibility

Family may be the basis for the maintenance of marriage, but never the premise of marriage.

Zheng Xie brought Yang Wei Qi home over the weekend.

He drove the car himself. In the few hours of trip, Zheng Xie rarely speak, just focus on his driving.

In fact, Zheng Xie has always been one of the two. The more he seems to be focusing, the more likely he is mooning. Like when he is usually in a meeting, 2/3 of his concentration is resting while only 1/3 is monitoring the meeting. Once there is something that requires his attention, his mind will instantly return to 2/3.

At the moment, it seems to be the case as well. He seems to be concentrating hard on the road but slowly overtaking or completely out of instinct. 2/3 of his attention has actually been thinking about other things.

He was thinking about the day where he suddenly asked Yang Wei Qi to accompany him home.

Why? Obviously his heart was in a mess. It is not forthcoming as there is no conclusion. In his feverish state, he blurted important words. The moment he said it, he found himself pausing for a while. Then it comes with a resigned feeling as if all the dust settles, the last but one thing.

It is better this way. It is natural that He He and Cen Shi is now together, so he should not harass her life. From afar, he just need to protect her when she needed it and take care of her.

As for Yang Wei Qi, since he had promised her, though it might seems as a joke, but they both know that the words are not just offhandedly said. So in good faith, out of duty, he should just fulfill it.

He has never been accustomed to the situation where he is in the hands of others. Instead of waiting, it is better to select. So that all of them return to their places.

He thought back to the telephone conversation with his father last night where he mentioned to his father that he would be bringing Yang Wei Qi home.

He rarely hear his father sounded so happy, even confirming their arrival time carefully.

Later his father said: “I have an appointment tomorrow night with He He’s mother and He He for dinner. And her boyfriend. You tell Xiao Yang to come together as well.”

Zheng Xie was silent for a moment and then heard his father saying: “And this little girl hides her boyfriend very tightly. I mentioned three times before they finally agree to let me meet him.”

Zheng Xie hesitate and said: “It will be awkward.”

His father is in a good mood and in a relaxed tone, he lightly denounced: “Since when you become so sticky? It is only a dinner. He He and her mother you are also familiar. And He He also know Xiao Yang. If you are there, we all would be more comfortable.”

Zheng Xie think about the scene that would appear later that night, with a sigh, felt that the car is too quiet. So he reached out to turn on the radio.

Maybe he is going too fast or perhaps the bad weather, all they could hear is some sizzling sound. The radio is not clear.

Yang Wei Qi open his car storage boxes, picked up a cd and played the cd. Eason Chan cool and very warm voice floated out of the radio.

Zheng Xie rarely listen to music in the car. When he is driving, he do not like other things interfering with his concentration.

In the past, He He had said that as he is driving, listening to music can avoid outside distractions. The cds in the car are mostly hers. In fact, later He He admitted that she like the sound of his voice in this car.

Now the song is playing ‘我们都寂寞’, very desolate. This is He He’s favourite song. In the car, she would repeat the song over and over again. Till he get fed up with the song, and often sarcastically make a fuss.

我们都寂寞 (We are all alone) is a song by the popular Hong Kong singer name Eason Chan (陳奕迅). You may listen to this song @ 我们都寂寞 (We are all alone)

He had never thought about looking at He He carefully when she listen to music and check out her expression. What kind of mood was she in when she listen to this song? Zheng Xie’s heart beat hard a little.

After the song stop, the car was quiet for a few seconds. And then the song ‘兄妹’ started playing. Yang Wei Qi even follow the music and gently hummed. ‘Cannot love a pair of two dear brothers a sisters like this….. you said the relationship is more perfect……’

兄妹 (Brother and Sister) is another song by Eason Chan (陳奕迅). You may listen to this song @ 兄妹 (Brother and Sister)

In the song, part of the lyrics with translation in ():

不能相爱的一对 (You can not love a pair)
亲爱像两兄妹 (Dear brothers and sisters, like two)
爱让我们虚伪 (Love makes us hypocritical)

Without warning, his hand change the song that has been played to the next song.

Yang Wei Qi asked: “Why, do you not like this song?”

“I think the Cantonese version is much better.”

“岁月如歌? Ah, whenever there are two versions of the lyrics at the same time, usually the Cantonese version are better. This is because people in Hong Kong, their普通话 are not sub-par. But the lyrics of this song are so good, don’t you think so?”

岁月如歌 is the Cantonese version of 兄妹. It is also the theme song for a popular Hong Kong Drama Series: Triumph in the Skies. It is a drama telling the lives of pilots working for an airline company based in Hong Kong. It has been cited as one of TVB best series and a sequel, Triumph in the Skies II was aired in 2013. You may listen to this song @ 岁月如歌 (Triumph in the Skies Theme Song)

Triumph In the sky

普通话 (pin ying: pǔ tōng huà) – mandarin. In China, Mandarin is known as 普通话
Zheng Xie felt that he was just too nervous just now. He smiled at her apologetically. And he return back to the song earlier. The song started playing again.

Yang Wei Qi switch off the radio. “Don’t want to listen already. I remember that you do not like to listen to music in the car.”

Zheng Xie said: “Never mind. You listen.”

But Yang Wei Qi did not switch back on the radio. The car had returned to silence. Not long after, Yang Wei Qi asked: “Is my clothes ok?”

Zheng Xie turned to look at her. “It is fine.”

“But it felt a little tight. Will it not seem dignified enough? I recently gain some weight.”

“No. But if you really feel bad, then after we arrived, I will go with you to buy new clothes.”

“If you think it is okay, then there is no need to change.” Later, she felt that it is very funny and explained: “I am just a little nervous.”

Zheng Xie comforted her: “My father will like you. So you do not worry.”

Yang Wei Qi bowed and twisted her fingers. “I have the feeling just like I am off to meet the examiner.”

In her nervousness, she failed to see Zheng Xie’s preoccupied look.

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