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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 25.7

Poor Zheng Xie with his dreams over and over again. I have always believe that our dreams represent our inner thoughts that we try to hide deep down in our heart not wanting people to find out. In Zheng Xie’s case, I personally felt that he unconsciously realized that He He means so much more to him than what he had expected. And He He avoiding him not wanting to give him the chance to voice his heart is torturing him. Will he move on now that he thinks that He He truly loves Cen Shi? Will Zheng Xie continue with his plan to marry Yang Wei Qi?

This novel is picking up its pace so quickly, I wished I had more time to complete the translation. The excitement and anticipation of wanting to read what happen next….. Now if only there are 48 hours in a day, right? Anyway, let’s enjoy the read today. And Have a Blessed Sunday everyone!

Chapter 25.7: Separation does not mean pain

When he was sending He He back to the hospital, he asked He He: “Are you adapting to staying over there?” This is because He He and his mother did not like the climate in B City. Staying over there, they will get chapped lips after only several days. They will also often get nosebleed. So for many years, He He had been staying over here with his mother, rather than spending time beside her own mother.

He He said: “Ah, still trying to adapt to the living habit over there.”

“When is your vacation ending?”

He He was silent for a moment and then she choose her words carefully before whispering: “At the end of my vacation, Cen Shi would also end his job there. He had asked me if I would go back with him.”

Zheng Xie avoided a car, the car swerved a little. He was silent.

He He continued and said: “He is good to me. And in that city, I had lived there for four years. I really like it.”

Zheng Xie could not remember later if he had said something. Did he give her his blessing or advised her to still seriously consider it? Did he actually say something or not? Or he just kept silent? He can’t even remember.

Zheng Xie groggily and incoherent think, unknowingly when he fell asleep. His sleep has always been regular, usually not like this.

It is still weekend the next day. At daybreak, he was awakened by the sound of the phone vibration.

Yesterday, he went to the cemetery and was afraid that the ringtone will disturb the dead soul. So he turn off the cell phone ring tones. He had forgotten to turn it back on.

The call came from his assistant. “I have parked your car in the company. Did you know that your scene yesterday were photographed by a society gossip reporter? You almost got onto the news. I tried many soft and hard way, even your dad nearly had to step out before we could settle it. Big brother, next time you want to act cool, please change the field?”

Zheng Xie said: “Yesterday, I had something urgent to attend to.”

His assistant said: “I know. He He. They say, only a small knock, you already get so nervous. As long as it is something related to He He, you will get all messed up.”

Zheng Xie kept quiet.

The assistant added: “He He left early this morning with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend had something to do at noon. Both of them look fine. He He called you but you did not answer. Guess you had not woken up yet, so told me to pass the message to you. You rarely sleep late, you go and continue your sleep.”

Zheng Xie checked the phone records. There were two missed calls from He He. It is very early, he did not hear. And there is a text message from He He informing him that they are leaving.

He switched back the phone ringing tone. He put the phone aside and lay down again.

He was woken up again by the phone. This time it is actually the long lost yang Wei Qi. She said: “I am back. When do we meet?”

Zheng Xie was momentary stunned. He said: “Tomorrow night.”

Yang Wei Qi asked: “What is wrong with your voice? Are you sick?”

Zheng Xie said: “Nothing. Yesterday I was rained one for a while.”

Yang Wei Qi cried: “Oh! Have you eaten? Did you go to the hospital?”

Zheng Xie cope with a few words before hanging up the phone.

Not long after, there is knock on the door. He put on his coat and opened the door to see Yang Wei Qi. Before, he had given her the key to this house but she rarely opened the door herself. She usually informed him in advance and then knocked on the door while waiting for him to open the door.

They stood in silence for a moment at the entrance. They had not seen each other for so many days, perhaps a little rusty.

Yang Wei Qi finally smiled: “I have known you for so long but had never seen you sick. I just had to visit to check it out. In case I will never had a chance to see it in the future.”

Zheng Xie also smiled and let her into the house.

It seems that Zheng Xie started having fever since last night. Because he rarely fall sick, so he did not pay any attention.

Yang Wei Qi found him some medicine and went into the kitchen to cook him porridge. Her cooking is not good although she tried very hard at it in the kitchen. When she lean back in the kitchen, Zheng Xie was looking at her and thought of the porridge that He He cook yesterday. At that time, he had been looking at her.

After Zheng Xie had finished a bowl of porridge, Yang Wei Qi said: “Before I left, you said that you had something to say to me.” She looked at Zheng Xie to continue.

Zheng Xie kept quiet and looked down to eat another bowl of porridge. He had drank less than half of the porridge before he said: “Your trip is so long. Is work not working well for you?”

Yang Wei Qi also look a little tired. “This time I really started to self-deny myself. I am not sure if I am still maintaining justice or siding with the wrong party.”

Zheng Xie said: “Your patience is definitely not suitable for this line of work. Change your job. Don’t make yourself so tired.”

Yang Wei Qi thought very seriously before opening her mouth: “The last time you advised me to changed my job, you had said that you will support me. In fact, you were just kidding right? That is what you are trying to tell me? That you were kidding?”

Zheng Xie looked at her and closed his lips tightly.

Yang Wei Qi smiled shallow: “In fact, I originally did not mean it. So you do not mind.” She looked down and drank the porridge. After two mouthful, she realized that it is horrible. So she pushed the bowl aside and turn to Zheng Xie before saying: “This is difficult to drink. Do not drink it. I will go and cook new one.”

When Yang Wei Qi got up, she heard Zheng Xie saying something. The chair was a little loud and Zheng Xie’s voice are hoarse, so she suspected that she heard wrongly.

Zheng Xie whispered: “When do you have time? My dad wants to meet you.”

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12 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 25.7

  1. I think ZX is taking the easy way out by thinking of marrying YWC as everyone wanted or assuming him to but that is not what he wants. He also dare not approaching HH because ZX is afraid of being rejected by her.

    From beginning of the story we were let to believe that ZX is a man who knows what he wants or says but now ZX is everywhere. ZX try to please everyone but himself. Wake up ZX before you hurt more people.

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    1. Totally agree with you Julie. He is just not the confident ZX that we know from the beginning of the story now. He is doing what others wants him to do but not from his heart. He is comfortable with YWQ but he does not love her like how he loves HH. Poor YWQ.
      Have a fantastic weekend ahead


    1. Hahahaha…. Total novel has 35 chapters + 4 epilogues. Unfortunately, we are a still long way to completing the novel. There are some chapters with over 80 pages long. I will however, try to translate as quickly as I could. And stay patience as both ZX and HH will continue to go round and round for a while more


      1. This is going to be the death of me! *sighs* And that guy, ZX, is SO stupid *facepalm*. He says one thing and does something else entirely. In fact, I like CS better than him nowadays. At least that guy’s trying. Whereas ZX is all like, Ohmigod-she-doesn’t-love-me-but-I-want-to-marry-her-but-I-want-to-marry-my-girlfriend-too. This routine is getting really irritating. Or may be it’s just me, yunno, I prefer straightaway tragedies over lengthy melodramatic and tearful happy endings. Never mind me, I’m just an anomaly! And I keep rambling *shrugs*

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