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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 25.1

This is the start of the 4th week since I returned to work. It has been a busy and crazy period for me as we were also rushing against time to complete the project. What usually takes 3 months needs to be completed in 3 weeks! Tough but fun at the same time. Tiring but reading and translating this story had helped to make the day bearable. Here, I would like to thank you everyone for the lovely message and support. Truly appreciate the encouragement words, concerns that you all have extended. 

He He left in the last chapter. She decided to go back home to spend some quality time with her mother. Is it really heading home to spend time with her mother or she is running away from Zheng Xie although she claimed that she is not? What is up her sleeves this time? What is she thinking and planning to do? Three months is a very long sabbatical. 
I must admit that I am a little surprise when I started the translation of this chapter. Indeed another unexpected twist to the story. From the last round, I thought that Cen Shi finally had left her life. Unexpectedly, Cen Shi is back! And some little surprises about his side of the story from the past. Interesting read I must say… so enjoy the read today! 

Chapter 25.1: Separation does not mean pain

Every route can lead to Rome (每条路都可以通向罗马 – Měi tiáo lù dōu kěyǐ tōng xiàng luómǎ)

In the B city train station parking, Cen Shi sits in the car waiting.

In the car, the songs quietly flows. He casually looked at the clock, He He will arrive at the train station in about ten minutes.

Cen Shi always had a good time management. When he was still in school, he always step into the class one minute before the class starts. Always attracting the attention of the teachers.

By stepping into the classroom at the ring of the bell while giving them a sunny smile, the teachers will not stay angry.

He almost laughed at himself. Today, he had arrived so much earlier.

He He had asked him not to pick her up. But he heard that in the recent years, trains had arrived earlier, so he decided to sit back and wait.

He stared at the station main door. The crowd streamed out through the gates. This should be the arrival of a train. Calculating the time, this should be the train that He He took.

He got down from the car and try to look for He He through the crowd. The stream of people continued flowing.

His mind start wandering from his highly concentrated gaze.

He tried his best to remember the first time he met He He. Where and what time?

Perhaps they had cross path many times in the playground, cafeteria or study room but never paid any attention.

Until that day, they were playing basketball in the court. Opposite the basket, a group of boys occupied the seats.

The group of girls’ level are pretty bad. It is estimated that they are there to take a break from the pressure of preparing for the upcoming examination.

Suddenly a senior brother said: “Look! Faster look. Isn’t that the little cameo angel that suddenly was talked about on the campus BBS?”

Cen Shi turned and looked over the direction that they were pointing. Just at the same moment, the girl must have felt their gaze as she unconsciously turned and looked at their direction. So the ball that she was throwing heavily hit the rim and rebound. Cen Shi walked straighter towards them. The girl trot chasing the ball. Cen Shi move to block the ball. Then gently lift the leg to pick up the ball and using his hand, reached out to her.

The girl shyly said thank you, her face turned slightly red for a moment.

Cen Shi remember the discussion about this girl on the BBS. Very unusual for a girl, dressed in a simple and clean look. Not easy noticeable in a crowd. When looking in a close distance, one could see that she had a pure, almost transparent and cute look.

His buddies said: “This little girl is really pretty looking close up. Hey, did you hear about her mysterious life. Some people say that she is an orphan. It was also said that her father was a provincial officials. Haiz, children of cadres.”

Another man said: “These two identities are similar ah. One of those pampered princess at home.”

A third brother said: “Do not only look at this little girl clean and simple look. She is not simple. The school brother next door wrote to her a few love letters and sent a week of flowers. As a result, he was badly bruised from rebuffed. And now every day would sing a heartbroken song in the corridor. We learned that the brother, is an experienced man, so this little girl is definitely somebody.”

Cen Shi said: “Oh come on! Obviously someone whom had never fallen in love before.”

“Cheah!” A group of people booed him. Then the moment of the mischievous gambling was established.

When Xiao He He fumbled the second time and the ball rolled over to them, Cen Shi took the initiative to pick up the ball and give it to her. “Your posture is wrong. Let me teach you.”

At that time, he did not put the gamble too seriously. He He whom is will not act pettish, is very happy.

Later, in fact it was him whom was dumped. But he did not mind too much. He was too young back then. He had tried to save the relationship but without success, so he just let it go.

Until years later when he unexpectedly met her again. He then realized that his regret in the past is more than expected. But he never really want to think about it.

He did not fully figured out He He’s temper. But he can confidently say that, in fact, he understand He He more than Zheng Xie. Those words he said when they were saying goodbye the last time they met, he was only polite when he said “Look for me if you have anything” he never expected that He He will really call him.

He He have a stubborn personality. Once she had decided on something, no matter what others say, will not change her mind. Now she had not wanted to see him, so she would not bother calling him for any help. Not even to mention that she has a magical wand omnipotent brother.

So when He He called him the day before yesterday and said: “Cen Shi, are you willing to do me a favor?” He was total surprised.

A few minutes later, the crowd has become scarce but He He is still nowhere in sight. After another few minutes, people began crowding up again. Another train must have arrived.

Cen Shi began to dial He He’s phone as he would like to ask her whether the train was late. Ringing over and over again, there is still no answer.



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    1. Hi, she just want to get away from ZX for a while and uses CS to be her ‘boyfriend’ as she did not want ZX to think that he is responsible for what happen that ‘night’ many years ago.

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  1. Both of them ZX n HH were as much fault as one another, they were drunk n impulsive. One can remember even though she was drunk whereas had no recognition of it. HH is in denial where she is concern n would not allowed ZX to make his own decision.

    Well mhyru. Busy as you r with your not so new job anymore n busy translating, you also have to take of yourself n not run yourself down okie.

    Thanking you very much for your faithfully translating this novel. 😀

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  2. Woah! HH using CS. ZX one and only rival CS. Hopefully this will help in speeding up the process of ZX getting together with HH. Especially since he already felt threaten by CS when they were younger. I mean I know CS wasn’t a great guy but he forcefully intervene with HH love life. Thanks you mhry😄

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    1. Thank you. I will be away for almost a month travelling coming up soon, so then I will be on a long break from translation as I would be focusing on my travel updates on the other blog instead. Have a wonderful week ahead

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