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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 24.2

He He made the first attack before Zheng Xie was able to make some plans… Hahahahahaha…… that has certainly taken Zheng Xie by surprised as he had never expected that from her. So now, his father thinks that he wants to marry Yang Wei Qi. While on the other hand, Zheng Xie is getting more and more desperate about wanting to make the right decision. So what will he do next? What is He He going to do next? Will she try to avoid him and leave?

Chapter 24.2: Losing something beautiful

After ending the call, Zheng Xie still hold on the phone for a long time. Until the beep sounded only he realized that he never hang up the phone.

His mind still echoed Dr. Sun last sentence: “He He said, she wants to come back and live with her mother.”

Zheng Xie is in no position and no way to stop He He from returning to her mother’s side. So he can only wait just like waiting for examination result or judgement for He He to inform him that she is leaving.

Suddenly he lost the initiative and did not feel good. Zheng Xie felt too weak.

But the one who told him is not He He but her boss Cao Miao Miao. And it was just a day later.

Cao Miao Miao said: “He He applied for a long holiday and I have approved it. Anything happen within her family? Of you have scared her away?”

Zheng Xie heart a little tight. He asked: “When is she leaving? For how long?”

Cao Miao Miao said: “From the day after tomorrow. Three months.”

Zheng Xie suppressed his breath to calm down and said: “What is the reason for her to apply for the leave?”

“He He said that her mother recently are in poor health, so she wanted to go back to spend time with her. Also, her former boyfriend is also over there. He He has always been a very obedient person. It is hard to refuse her request. Not to mention that all the cases that she has been working on have all been completed yesterday.”

Zheng Xie found that he had undervalued He He’s capability.

He finally made the phone call. He asked He He: “Do you intend to only tell me after you have reached the destination?”

He He whispered: “I have not taken vacation for a long time. I just want to go home to see my mother. It is only a few hours away on the road. If I really want to escape, I would have fled to a place where no one could find me…..”

Her phrase ‘home’ suddenly stung Zheng Xie. All along, the city was never considered as ‘home’. It is only a place where his father work, the administrative center of the province. He, His mother and He He, they have been staying in the home here, and later after studying abroad, they had returned home here as well.

In this heart, this city is home to He He and him. Although he has a house in this city, he only was able to meet He He a few times a month. But he always felt that even though mother is gone, the city’s home still exists.

He never thought that the home in He He’s heart and in his heart, is it not the same.

And He He is not secretly slipping away.

Since He He has said it like that, so close in distance, then stealing it away has no meaning.

But she did not say goodbye to him obediently.

When he was with his client, He He sent a short message: I am leaving.

Zheng Xie excused himself and went out to make the call.

He He answered in her usual tone: “I am now at the train station. They have started checking the tickets.”

Zheng Xie asked: “Are you alone?”

He He said: “Yes. There is nothing to bring along. Everything is available at home.” At the mentioned of ‘home’ again by He He, Zheng Xie felt his heart pricked.

An impulse suddenly raised in Zheng Xie. He wanted to keep her from leaving. He said: “You wait for me there. I will be right over.”

He He sounded a little anxious. “You do not come. The train is just about to start.”

Zheng Xie said: “If I am not there, you are not allowed to go.”

He He said: “It is really too late. The train is leaving in about 15 minutes.”

Zheng Xie said: “You wait for me.” He hang up.

He returned to the conference room and explained before rushing downstairs. The driver, Chen has already parked the car downstairs. He did not call for the car. This must be the arrangement of Wei Zhi Xian.

He let Chen off and drove the car all the way to the train station. The road is always congested. So no matter how good his driving is, there are many cars that he needs to slog through. There were a few times where the driver of the other cars glared at him.

The phone rang a few times. He did not pick up the calls. When he was finally forced to stop in front of a red light, he took out his cell phone. There were three missed call from He He.

He called her back. He He said in a little crying voice: “I have changed my ticket to the next train. So you do not hurry. Drive slowly. I guarantee you that I will not leave before seeing you in person.”

His nerve finally relaxed. He found himself holding tightly onto the steering wheel. His palm was a little damp too.

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