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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 24.1

In the last post, it was a cliff-hanging ending with Zheng Xie receiving a call from his father. From the telephone conversation with his father, we discover that He He had wanted to avoid Zheng Xie from making a rash decision because of what happen in the past, and decided to take it into her hand by telling Uncle Zheng about Yang Wei Qi and their intention to get married.

On the other hand, Zheng Xie finally realized a little how much He He mean to him. Or is it just him wanting to take responsibility over what happen? What did Zheng Xie do next? Read on and find out…..

Chapter 24.1: Losing something beautiful

When everything became out of control, it is an unspeakable experience.

Zheng Xie remember that a long time ago, someone had asked him, what He He actually means to him.

Perhaps it was his father asking, or perhaps it was his mother. He cannot remember exactly.

He really never thought about it. To him, He He is a matter of course existence. Just like how he cannot change who his parents are, nor change his personality. He He gets along with him well, eating and drinking every day. It is just so natural that they breathe the same air.

Maybe there were a few special moments where his mental state of mind will crack a little. He will have moments of trance and confusion. Fortunately, it had always been just an illusion, he could quickly change it.

For so long, he never had wanted to change anything. He felt that there is no need to change anything because He He have always been there. And he kept the most appropriate distance, taking the step back a little further. A little further and then a little closer. The distance is a balance. Even if the external conditions are changes, nothing will affect their relationship.

Until that night, he suddenly realized that in this world nothing is really right and proper. Any existence will eventually deteriorate.

He did not managed to think carefully about the whole thing. But in the jumble of his mind, a voice told him clearly, he had to make some changes. Otherwise some of the outcome may potentially be undesirable.

Zheng Xie had never had met with such a tangled issue.

A friend once said that his brain is like a high-precision calculator. No matter how complex things are, he can quickly break down into numerous parts and then use the most expeditious way to solve them. Just like simple arithmetic.

So this time, he tried to use the most reasonable procedures to solve the issues on hand.

After confirming the truth, appease He He and then gain the time on hand….. he really thought about how it would be good in the end. He thought that there may be some upsetting time. But he believed that, giving it a little time, he would come up with the best solutions for everyone.

But he never thought that He He will surprised him and even cross the line, completely messed up his plans.

In his heart, he has always been deliberately kept a good image for many years in front of He He. At that time, as a child, He He is very timid, very delicate and often gets into helpless trouble. Constantly rely on him, pestering him to help her resolve while she obediently wait for the result.

He He did not know since when, He He is no longer the same He He in his memory.

In the evening, Zheng Xie called Dr Sun.

Dr. Sun is father’s longtime friend while mother was still alive. After retirement, he served as his father’s physician. His father is in a poor health recently. Outside of work time, Dr. Sun has been by his father’s side substantially.

Zheng Xie asked about his father’s health before intentionally topic turned to himself. Sure enough, Dr. Sun asked: “Ah Xie, you cover the whole thing very tightly. Have already discussed marriage with girlfriend but never share with family. I am very happy about it for you.”

Zheng Xie quietly asked: “Where did you hear that?”

Dr. Sun cheerfully said: “Go… and play the fool. Before this, I have heard about it in the wind but did not take it seriously. Until He He confirmed it, only I dare to believe it.”

“He He? She specifically call you to share this with you?” Zheng Xie pretended to be surprised. He felt that she would not have taken the initiative to call his father so he need to confirm the severity of the matter.

“You still have the nerve to say. He He is closer to your dad than you. The last time I told her about your dad’s illness strike again. So this morning, she purposely called me to share some old folk’s remedies, let me refer to use. Today when she called, you father happen to be here. Once he knows that it is He He on the phone, he took over the phone and chat with her for a long time. Your dad really liked He He.”

Zheng Xie knows that He He often contact Dr. Sun. This is because Dr. Sun and her mother are neighbors. Whenever her mother is not well, He He will know about it through Dr. Sun.

But He He usually pick when his father is not around to call Dr. Sun. Because from childhood, she had been a little afraid of his father. She once said that when she see his father, she always had the feeling like she is meeting an interviewer, so she is normally nervous.

So she is very clearly when Dr. Sun is by his father’s side and only call when he is alone.

From young, his father had always been fond of her. In her childhood, when his father saw her dancing, he will always tease her. He will coax her with stories. When she has grown up, when seeing her, often would ask her many questions.

So He He today deliberately picked the time when father is around when she call Dr. Sun.

He did not know when the usual like small rabbit has become so smart and calculative.

Dr. Sun said on the phone with a smile: “That Wei Qi is a very good girl. I have meet her a few times. Very calm and not squeamish. Her home and your family origins are deep with her grandfather as your father’s old boss. Her uncle is your father’s former colleagues and his partner for many years. I never seen you so serious about a girlfriend to the extent of wanting to marry hastily. Now I guess my fear is really redundant. Today, even your dad say, you have a sense of proportion since childhood. You rarely hear your dad praised much as it is not easy for him to boast.”

Zheng Xie gently pressed his forehead. His veins began to gently jump. Each jump as if his head is pumping.

Dr. Sun said: “Ah Xie, your love relationship is so smooth, but how you can interfere with other people’s love relationship?”

Zheng Xie slightly frown: “What do you mean?”

“Ha Ha. We asked He He today if she have a boyfriend. He He kept quiet for a long time and then answer that you do not like her boyfriend. As a result, we laughed for a long time. What are you doing?”



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  1. I want to shake HH so much! I had wanted to shake ZX before but now the tables have turned. There are more intelligent words to describe my feelings but for now “aghh” will suffice.

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    1. Hello luvly3r, hahahaha….. reading your note brings a smile to my face as it was exactly how I felt when I was reading and translating this….. arrrrgggggggg….. and I actually shared my feeling with tinkerbellsan. Hang on there…. the road ahead is going to be long for both of them before they get together… Have a fantastic Friday!

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    1. Hi, there is a total of 35 chapters + 4 epilogue for this novel. We are on chapter 27 at the moment, however, chapter 27 is super long. It would most probably takes about 18 – 20 parts from this chapter alone due to the length of the chapter. I am estimating that the entire novel translation (if I am able to continue with 1 post daily), should end sometime in August / September only. A quick review into each chapters, epilogue part 3 is longer than chapter 27. Those 2 are the longest in the entire novel.
      Wei Qi’s part would end (if I am not wrong) in chapter 27 and chapter 28 onward is back to He He and how they will unite. Zheng Xie need to be careful on how he handles the whole situation as his father, He He’s mother and Wei Qi’s family reputation are also involve.
      Hope the little bit of spoilers are able to answer your query.
      Have a fantastic day ahead!


  2. He He is so scare of her own true feelings towards ZX instead of, dealing with it as an adult n admitting the truth. He He is misleading every single person included herself away the truth n I wonder how will ZX deal with it without hurting YWC n her side of family let alone ZX’s father n Dr. Sun.

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