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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 23.4

Finally Zheng Xie got the answer from He He although it was indirectly. And that leads to more knots in his heart now. What will he do next? Read on……

Chapter 23.4: Rather that it is a dream

The company issue is deal very quickly. Because it is a loopholes in the management, a meeting was called. Those cautious people found that Zheng Xie was not in the right frame of mind.

He had always very careful in the meeting with observance eyes. He never interrupt other people when they are talking. Even if he disagree, he would never say anything but put it mildly: “If I do……..”

Nobody dare to skip the meeting, because he only need to glance at them and it is enough to cause shame.

But today, Zheng Xie is beyond his normal self. More than one person realized it.

The meeting was chaired by vice president. The departmental manager responsible was giving a lengthy discussion. But most of the time, Zheng Xie did not raise his head. He only paddled with his pen on a piece of paper.

The eloquent spokesman felt a little embarrassed. Suspected that his speech is making his young boss bored. After he finished, there is a short pause, not knowing how to end. Zheng Xie suddenly said: “Can you explain in details on the third point that you mentioned earlier? I do not understand the content on what you are trying to say.”

“Uh?” The spokesman temporary was stunned could not give any reaction.

Zheng Xie repeated his complex sentence again.

All that was presence were scared, felt that they had deeply wronged their boss.

Only Wei Zhi Xian could see through him. Zheng Xie really is not himself but his memory works very differently from the normal people. Sometime his brain is like a tape recorder, the content is mechanically stored and he had the ability to turn it out later after finishing, just like what happen earlier.

Because Wei Zhi Xian took half a day off the next day, she stayed in the company to complete the stuff for the next day in advance. When she was getting ready to leave, she realized that Zheng Xie is still around. So she went in to remind him. She saw him carefully reading some papers.

She usually placed in the file according to the urgency into different color folder. Every two days, she would go and adjust the files again. What he had not finished processed, she will rearrange the order once again. The black file is typically the most urgent one that needs to be reviewed.

Zheng Xie had signed a huge stack of documents and placed them on top. And now, he is looking at the black file folder.

Wei Zhi Xian said: “That document is not very urgent.”

Zheng Xie replied: “I know.” In fact, he rarely work overtime as he considered overtime shows inefficiency and no manifestation of the humanitarian spirit.

Wei Zhi Xian stood for a moment and said: “I will help you to order your dinner.”

“No need. I am not hungry. Thank you.” Zheng Xie did not look up.

When yang Wei Qi called, he had already completed the black folder. He placed on the table to look at what he had completed. He was bored so played chess on the computer. He is a little tired and his mind is in a mess. In short, he does not want to go home.

Yang Wei Qi said: “A few days ago, you mentioned about a new store opening today and you want to go and try it. I have been waiting for your call.”

Zheng Xie suddenly remembered. “I am sorry, I forgot.”

Yang Wei Qi very generously said: “Never mind. Another day then since you are still busy in the company.”

Zheng Xie looked up on the big screen on the computer. “YOU HAVE LOST.” With some of confidence, he said: “Not too bad. It is almost over.”

Yang Wei Qi said: “You have not eaten, right? I have not eaten too. I will wait for you.”

Zheng Xie said: “No need. You go ahead and eat.”

He stayed at the office for a while. He had never had such a bad habit. When he intended to leave, Yang Wei Qi called again. She said: “Are you still in the office?”

Zheng Xie said: “I am planning to go now.”

Yang Wei Qi said: “Finished your work? I brought you some food. I am downstairs now.”

There is no one else in the empty building. When he went to the elevator to pick up Yang Wei Qi, he saw here carrying a bag filled with delicate little boxes.

“You do not need to trouble yourself. I can go home and eat.”

“When you get home, you will forget to eat.”

The rice is still hot. Zheng Xie took a few bites and then put down the chopsticks.

Yang Wei Qi said: “You eat so little. I queued for more than half an hour to buy these.”

Zheng Xie ate half of it.

He sent Yang Wei Qi home. Where she went to buy the food is an old city’s most lively streets. So there is no parking hence she took the taxi.

On the way, Zheng Xie is very quiet. He seems to have something to say but do not know how to begin. Yang Wei Qi noticed his silence and chooses to keep quiet as well.

Arriving at her house, she asked: “Do you want to come up today?”

Zheng Xie shook his head and said: “I am a little tired today.” Then he suddenly remembered something, turned to look at her and said: “Some time ago, you said want to go out for a two days’ vacation. Have you choose the place yet?”

Yang Wei Qi carefully looked at him. “Not yet. You seem very busy recently. Forget about it.”

Zheng Xie said: “I promise to accompany you for a short trip. I also want to tell you something.”

Yang Wei Qi suddenly opened the door. She said: “I will probably have to travel tomorrow for work. Let’s talk when I come back. You go to bed early.” Not waiting for Zheng Xie to get down from the car, she turned and walked away.

She left in a hurry. Zheng Xie looked at her slender back disappearing into the door. He stayed in the car for a while and smoked a cigarette before leaving.

He almost did not sleep last night. He came home feeling sleepy and his head began to ache. He rummage in the medicine cabinet and found two aspirin and two sleeping pills. Checked that it is not expired, had some water and swallowed the pills.

Once he had cold and fever. Did not go to the doctor nor took any medicine. He held on for one night and the next day, weakly called He He. He He later came and prepared the medicine cabinet for him and put in all the long standing medicine. She rarely come to this residence but each time she come here, she would check again the medicine, throw out the expired one. She will then head downstairs to the pharmacy to get new ones.

Thinking about He He, his headaches became more severe. Even his chest began to ache.

Zheng Xie did not bother to shower and just went to bed. But he could not sleep peacefully and dreamt of a bunch of messy things. The story of the dream is confusing with no logic. He found himself waking up in a dream to found that it was another dream in the dream.

The next day, he was still in a low spirit. And everything was not smooth from early in the morning.

Without Wei Zhi Xian around, nothing seems to have gone right. Even when his subordinates makes mistakes, when correcting their mistakes he felt so bored and felt that there is no meaning to everything.

Zheng Xie is excellent in keeping his emotion, never get angry at his subordinates. But those who went to his office that day, would had prefer for him to throw his tantrum. It would have been better than getting the cold eyes looking at them.

At noon, he unexpectedly received a call from his father in person. His father is a busy man, unless it is something urgent, he would not call him. He usually ask the secretary to inform or to look for Zheng Xie. While from childhood, Zheng Xie had not done anything that would disrupt his father’s affair.

Zheng Xie had a bad feeling about this.

Father asked a few question about his current situation. He generally reported in concise words about the recent work progress. Later his father said: “I heard that you have been dating a girl recently. And there are even marriage plans. Bring her back for a few days for me to see.” Father’s voice revealed a rare little joy.

Zheng Xie started feeling cold from his fingertips. He paused and then carefully asked: “Where did you hear such news.” He is sure that his father never had a chance to hear any gossip. And even if he does, he will only laugh.

His father said: “He He”

The chill from his fingers gradually spread to the whole body.

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    1. Hahaha…. yes… I could not help but laughed when I was translating this chapter…. Interesting…. how He He made the first move unexpectedly. Have a great day ahead!


    1. Not to the one he wanted to marry though 😉 would be interesting to see how Yang Wei Qi would react when she realized that he loves He He 😍


  1. I think HH doesnt want him to be so torn about her, hence the phone call. As far as she is concern he already has a girlfriend and she doesnt want to be in the way…
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    1. Yes, I feel that that was how He He was feeling too. He He don’t feel that Zheng Xie actually loved her (probably from some of words that he had said in the past when ppl where commenting about them), and she don’t want him to take responsibility from what happen that night too.


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