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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 23.3

Zheng Xie is desperate to speak to He He and find out what exactly happen that night. While He He is trying her level best to avoid him. Would He He be successful in avoiding the discussion? 

Chapter 23.3: Rather that it is a dream

By the time Zheng Xie and He He finally meet, it was already the following afternoon.

That night, he mingled with his friends until almost four o’clock in the morning. Then he drove back to the company directly.

This is the company’s office suite. It comes with bedroom, bathroom and everything else. He transform the bedroom into a private meeting room that also serves as a lounge.

He slept on the lounge sofa fully clothed for a few hours. The next morning when his secretary was about to open his office door, she was stunned to see a tired looking but neatly clothed Zheng Xie walking out of the side door. She nearly drop her folder onto the ground.

Zheng Xie took some effort before he was successful in reaching He He.

It is really not him whom managed to contact He He. He called her mobile twice but only hear the mechanical female voice reminding him over and over again that the number is not reachable. He looked at the pile of files on the table and felt really tired. Finally he called Secretary Wei and said that he is not able to reach He He. He had to see her today.

Secretary Wei work style has always been in tune with him. After only half an hour, she informed him of the time and place where he would be meeting He He.

Zheng Xie felt a little mean. He know that He He when facing other people will give him face, so he had to force her through tricks to meet him. But he really did not have any other way. He must confirm the matter before he went crazy, although in his heart, he had already recognized the fact.

The place that He He selected is a quiet tearoom. Only black and white interior. White walls with black low table. On the wall is a simple picture. The cushions are white, making the whole place feels cold.

It is too quiet. So quiet that Zheng Xie felt that a needle falling on the ground could be heard.

When Zheng Xie arrived, He He has been waiting for him. When the waiter opened the door, He He bowed and knelt at the table. When she see him, she hurriedly stood up and her leg hit the table. She gently wrinkled her brow but did not utter any sound.

It is a Japanese-style room. Zheng Xie remember mentioning in the past to He He about not liking to do business in the Japanese-Style room. With the curved legs and bend body, confidence will be weaken at some points. When he take her to eat Japanese food, he had insisted to choose the normal package. He He don’t want to remember and definitely know how to deal with him. He wanted to praise her indeed.

He He even dressed up and put on make-up. Although very light make-up, her eyes look larger than normal. Perhaps it is because she did not sleep well last night, perhaps because she had put on eye-shadow. She had excellent skin. When one leaned in to see the pores, one would not be able to find any. She is too lazy to care about her skin not even to mention putting on make-up. Sometimes when he returned from a trip abroad with expensive cosmetics, she would ask him directly for delicious food and snacks next time.

He He sat down again and bowed her head refusing to look up at him. Her long eyelashes cover her face, looking as if two small black butterfly gently quivered. She tried to make tea but it was bad. Water splashing out from time to time. Several time, she almost got scalded by the water.

Zheng Xie pushed her hand to take over the tea. When he hit her, current bounce off He He’s hand as if an electric shock.

In the quiet room, there is only the sound of the water pouring and very light breathing.

The boring action of pouring the tea had helped to calm Zheng Xie down. He looked up and looked across him. She still had her head half-bowed. One will see that she is nervous but she had her lips tightly pursed firmly.

Suddenly Zheng Xie had a headache. He realized that in the past over twenty years, he had never fully understood Xiao He He. He had only see her in what he most willing want to see the side of her.

Zheng Xie decided to break the silence. He tried to put on a soft voice: “He He, let’s talk about those words that you said last night.”

Xiao He He slowly looked up and her eyes gentle sweep Zheng Xie. She quickly dodged and gently bowed her head, recite in a machine like voice: “I should not be drinking and smoking. And should not be willful and mischievous. I would not do that again next time. Please do not stay angry with me.”

Zheng Xie felt the right side of his temple chug jump twice. He continued to repress his temper and softly asked: “I just want to know. When you’re not willing, right afterwards, is there any more serious consequences?”

He He paled and said: “No! Not…… I drank too much, do not remember anything…. Not, in fact, nothing happened!”

Zheng Xie throat is a little dry. He took up his glass only to found it empty. When he reached for the pot, He He also just picked up the pot and almost hit into his hands. He He sheepishly retracted.

Zheng Xie also withdrew his hand and gave up plans to add more water. He gently sigh: “He He, you were only a child that time. You should not have to bear this alone. You should have let me know.”

He He said: “It is not what you think…….” She looked up and saw Zheng Xie’s face. She rarely saw him with that expression, a very tired and very helpless look. As if when she was a child making a mistake while he did not even bothered about it. She finally gave in, with a muffled sound said almost pleading: “It is all in the past already. Please forget about it.”

Zheng Xie rubbed his temple with his fingers the second time. He said: “I too failed to have you hiding this from me for so many years. Back then you were only a child.” He said while seem to remember the time.

He He replied with voice not less than before: “I am no longer a child. I did not deliberately not tell you. I almost forgot about it. It is the truth.”

Zheng Xie continue to rub his temples. After a long while he said: “He He, you give me a little time. I go and solve some things. Let me think about what we will do in the future.”

He He looked up with her eyes wide open. She could not help but raised her voice: “What do you want to do?”

Zheng Xie looked at her, did not speak.

He He said with a tearful voice: “I beg you. Forget about it now.” She got up from the seat and knelt down beside Zheng Xie just like when she was a child and pulled his sleeve. “Please, could you forget it? Take it as I have said nothing. As if nothing ever happen. We continue as how we were before. You go ahead in accordance to your plan to marry Ms Yang while I continue to date. Isn’t this better?”

At the mentioned of Yang Wei Qi, Zheng Xie felt a gentle earthquake in his heart a little bit. He said slowly: “He He, do you think that I would be at ease to marry her?”

Tears falling down from her face. She loosened Zheng Xie’s sleeve. “Why cannot? You had a lot of girlfriends. Not everyone is pure when you are with them but this does not affect you and Ms Yang together.”

Zheng Xie said: “He He, you are different from those women.”

He He burst into tears. She wept sorrowfully with her shoulder quivering.

Zheng Xie had a heavy sense of powerlessness. He instinctively want to reach out and pat He He on the head, but halfway, turn to the other direction and finally gently pat her on her small arms. A moment later, he recovered his arm.

Just at this point, his cell phone rang. He listened for a moment, and then said: “Okay. I will be right back.” Then he stood up.

He He put down her hand and looked up with tears still on her face.

He reached out and pulled her up. “I will send you back. Where do you want to go? Company or home?”

He He did not resist, obediently wear her shoes. She followed him. After sitting in his car for about ten minutes, she said: “Drop me off here. I forgot that I drove over today.”

Zheng Xie did not stop the car. “Give me the keys. I will let Chen take your car and send it over. Take a good rest this few days. Do not think too much. I will not bother you for several days.”

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6 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 23.3

  1. Thank you. Hmmm…ZX wants to do right by HH. I like that about him. I kinda understand why HH does not want to disrupt his plan. I hope that ZX will realize his feeling soon so that HH will feel that he married her out of obligation.

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    1. Hi Kitty, I feel that ZX is already aware of his feeling towards HH here. He wants to marry her not only out of obligation (although that was also one of the reason) but also he realized that he cannot live without HH in his life. The hurt that he felt when HH said that she don’t know him in the last chapter, has torn his heart a little 🙂
      Thank you for your constant encouragement and for sharing your thoughts. Truly enjoyed the ‘discussion’
      Have a fantastic day ahead!


  2. I’m glad he is doing the right thing to do. You can tell he is very disturbed when he find out what happen that night. Taking responsibility, and making plans. I hope they will open up how they feel and love each other. Thanks for the update. Have a great day.

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    1. Thanks Amy. Yes, the process of them opening up and getting together would be a long one so let’s enjoy the ‘ride’ along the way now. Have a fantastic day ahead! And thank you for the support and encouragement

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