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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 23.1

Some sweet memories in the last chapter between He He and Zheng Xie when He He was ill and hospitalized. Zheng Xie’s dedication to He He, I personally felt that it is beyond what a brother would do for a sister. 

Today’s chapter, we come back to the present time, continuing what we left off in Chapter 21.7 where they had an argument in the car before He He got down from the car and ran off from Zheng Xie. Now that we finally managed to read about what happen between both of them during the fated night that that they were talking about in Chapter 22.6, what happen next in the presence? Read on…….. 

Chapter 23.1: Rather that it is a dream

When he was younger, Zheng Xie often had nightmares. He often woke up glad to be able to return to the real world. He did not want to feel ridiculous to have such a bizarre dream that may potentially turn into reality.

In Zheng Xie’s memory, he had never been so puzzled before. He was cast into an unusual space, surrounded by wilderness and could not see anything as it was pitch dark. There is a kind of mechanical sound where he does not know where it is coming from. It has impacted his eardrums. A long time after, he realized that it was the sound of his veins throbbing.

When Zheng Xie came back to reality, He He had disappeared from his field of vision. He tried to go on the road but his hand was shaking. He drove a few hundred meters and then stopped. He slowly drew and ignite a cigarette.

He tried to suppress the chaotic feeling. So he went home to think about everything that had just happen. But the trivial messy thoughts was spontaneously merged into a clear line, just like a snake that was twisted with the intention to bite him.

He touched for a long time looking for his phone. He vaguely realized that he should first determine whether He He has safely got home. His mind is in a major state of confusion at the moment.

He dialed He He’s number. Somewhere in the car, he heard the kitten cry sound. He immediately hung up the phone and his body turned stiff. The kitten sounds disappeared. He suspected that he had imagines it. He hesitate and then dialed again. The mew sounded very weak from the ground near his feet. Zheng Xie switched on the car light, bend over and picked up the bag that He He had dropped on the ground.

He nervously flipped through the slightly bulging big bag. Going through the bunch of useless things, he found He He’s phone, keys and wallet. His back oozes a layer of cold sweat.

Zheng Xie quickly calmed down. He quickly drove to He He’s place. He hopes that He He had some change on her or the taxi driver is kind enough not to embarrass her. And He He is now waiting for him downstairs.

He remembered that He He often forgets and locked herself outside. Then she will borrow a phone and call him. She will ask him to send her keys over. This is because Zheng Xie had her spare key. Zheng Xie reminded her to be careful several time but she will always forget.

The last time He He locked herself out was spring this year. When Zheng Xie received her call, he was on the way to her place. It was a still very cold early spring where the temperature was low. When he arrives, He He was sitting in front of a garden on the children’s rocking chair while waiting for him. She was wearing only a thin pajamas with cartoon printed fresh fruits. She was barefooted wearing only flip-flops and her hair was messy. She was trembling from the howling wind. She almost cried when she threw herself like a child clinging to his arm.

At that time, he was extremely angry but when he see her aggrieved look and grabbing his hand with a cold hand, he did not have the heart to scold her. He was only worried about her future.

But today, there is no miracle at all. Around in the area, he drove slowly around several time but failed to find He He. He grew increasely worried and his body became colder.

Zheng Xie finally thought that He He might head over to her friends’ place. He flip though her phone directory and tried to call Su Ren Ran and Ding Ding. He only knows that He He had two friends in the city. He suddenly became more worried and called a few of her colleagues. The result again once again a disappointment.

Zheng Xie utterly in a confused state tried to use relationship to get help when suddenly he had a shimmer glitter of hope that soon disappeared. He dialed Cao Miao Miao’s phone but without much expectation in his heart.

The Ms Cao that could barely walk straight an hour ago is now articulated and had quick thinking. She unashamedly said on the phone: “He He is here or He He is not here with me at my place? In short, I am not telling you!”

Zheng Xie said in a soft tone again: “Director Cao, I have something important to look for her… if she is there………”

Cao Miao Miao said: “Omnipotent Mr. Zheng Xie also would have such a helpless moment…. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…. God has eyes!”

Zheng Xie was almost pleading: “Miao Miao…….”

The phrase finally broke the spell and Cao Miao Miao lady heart suddenly soften: “Okay. She is here with me. She is asleep.”

Zheng Xie said: “I want to see her.”

Cao Miao Miao sighed: “Zheng Xie, He He is already an adult. Good or bad, the way you reprimanded her is like a child. From the moment she entered my house, she had been crying till she fell asleep. This is still not enough? It is just one trip to the nightclub for a short while. This aging mother uses this month wages to threaten and force her to go with me, ok? You go and file a cast against me for abduction of underage girls! Damn… you really thought that you are her real brother? If you are so addicted to be a parent, you go and get married and have your own kids.”

Zheng Xie said very weakly: “She left her stuff in my car.”

Cao Miao Miao said: “Send it over.”

When Zheng Xie arrived at Miao Miao’s place, she was already standing downstairs with a queen posture waiting for him. He had just parked the car when she came and open his door. She took the bag and closed the door to step away.

Zheng Xie got out of the car and stopped her: “I want to see her.”

Cao Miao Miao extended three fingers in front of him. “Firstly, I am still single and I do not welcome man in my home. Secondly, you don’t think that the earth is your home. Thirdly, He He said that she don’t know you.”

Zheng Xie gave up his attempt and said: “Then I will find her tomorrow. And let her have a good rest. Please take good care of her for me.”

Cao Miao Miao said without any sympathy: “As what you said, I will certainly take good care of her. But it is not ‘for you’… devil…. Doing things for you.”

Zheng Xie no longer want to argue with Cao Miao Miao and left without another word. He drove the car while the memory of He He crying also tried to give reason to Cao Miao Miao a good reason. His heart is throbbing. And the phrase, “Do not know him!” is very hurting and sadden him.

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