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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 22.9

In the last chapter, Zheng Xie could not remember anything about what happen between him and He He that early morning. And then he left to go abroad while He He went back to University continuing her life as a student. They corresponded via letter as per the request by Zheng Xie on weekly basis. And they did not managed to meet till some time later. What happen next? When did their relationship finally restored to the normal relationship like how it was before?

Chapter 22.9: Two People’s Time Machine (两个人的时光机)

As long as it is a decent background, the play is very easy.

After another semester had passed, she finally saw Zheng Xie. And it is in a foreign country.

The University where He He is studying has established a friendly relations with some European Universities leading to both doing Student Exchange groups. He He was supposedly not have taken part in the student exchange program but when both of the Universities did a joint activities, her work had attracted the interest of someone very important in the other University. So she was invited as an exchange student.

Towards Western country, He He is not very interested, so even without discussing with her family had refused the offer. She is after all, not an ambitious person. But her name was still included in the list of the University exchange student group.

The University and where Zheng Xie is located is very close. She dare not hide the fact from Zheng Xie so informed him about her exchange program.

They had an extremely full itinerary. So only had free time on the last day.

She did not expect that Zheng Xie would actually drove a few hours to head over, and with a lot of effort got the permission of the caretaker to bring He He and another female student whom are very close with He He out. They toured the local scenery, dine in the best restaurant for dinner, watched a show and within the specified time, returned to their hotel.

With the company of the female student, He He acted naturally, just as how it was previously when Zheng Xie brought her out to meet his friends. Zheng Xie is gentle, polite and graceful.

The female student had a full two month of love sickness. The mentioned of Zheng Xie, red hearts will reflect from her eyes. “You do not know, He He’s brother is so handsome, and full of style. Standing on the street, even those burly blond good looking guys will be shot down. Now I know why He He frown up those middle-school guys handsome guys. Having such a brother, her standard is very high.”

He He only smiled but never say anything amidst the bunch of curious inquiry.

She felt that it was a good start. Once Zheng Xie is back, even if they often meet, they will certainly able to return to how their previous relationship was. There is no flaws.

Heaven once again meet the requirement of He He but not in the way she wanted it to be.

That time, it was another holiday season. He He had gone back to her mother’s place to spent a few days there. Then she went back to stay with Aunty Qian. In fact, like Aunty Qian, she did not like B City’s air and weather where the temperature and humidity are unusual. The barometric pressure constantly resulted in He He getting nosebleed and also breathless.

He He remembered that day, she and Aunty Qian together with another relative were making DIY snacks. She got her face covered with flour. They were making fun of her so she went to change and wash up.

She quickly changes and went back into the kitchen. Before she step into the kitchen, she head the aunty said: “Since beginning of Zheng Xie’s University days, He He is becoming more like your daughter. When occasionally Zheng Xie is back, he also leave right away. Seems that he is more like the son-in-law.”

Aunty Qian said: “He He will be back in a moment. If she hears you, she would be shy.”

Aunty said: “All these years, you treat He He like she is your most precious. But in my heart, I see you treating her like your daughter-in-law.”

Aunty Qian smile slightly: “Those kids’ issues, I cannot get involve. I am afraid that both He He and Ah Xie does not have such feelings. Forcing them together will have no meeting. I am a very good example right? I really like He He. She is like my baby. Not because there are any other reason.”

“Ai, that is true. If Ah Xie had such intention, according to his character, he would not have so many girlfriends, left and right one.”

“Ah Xie is an assertive child. Let him make the decision himself. Only He He this precious one, so good and sensible. What kind of man that I can give her hand to so to ensure that she would be well taken care of?”

He He stood at the door for a long time. Only entered just like there are nothing happen inside.

That night, Aunty Qian unusually asked He He to go and sleep with her. She shared with He He about some of Zheng Xie’s childhood stories. There are memories that He He remember herself. And she also shared her childhood memories with Aunty Qian. They chat way into the wee morning till they are tired before they gradually feel asleep.

The next day, she woke up feeling uncomfortable. All the people at home persuaded her to go to the hospital. This visit to the hospital, she never returned home.

Zheng Xie’s father rushed back only to be able to see his wife for the one last time. By the time Zheng Xie flew back, all he saw was his mother’s cold body.

According to the wishes of the deceased’s wishes, she was buried in the city where she life for nearly two decades.

It was a very low key funeral, only the closest people get the message.

Zheng Xie’s mother has always treated people well. Friend and family thinks that her death is too sudden. Many are crying. Even the nanny at home were crying out of breath.

Both father and son, Zheng Xie and his father are the quietest people. Zheng Xie’s dad dropped a few tears while Zheng Xie had only 1 expression from the beginning till the end.

In the afternoon, after all the rites have been completed and calmness enfolds, they found out that Zheng Xie did not go home with them. And he did not bring his phone. A few hours later, they still could not find him so the relative became anxious. They worried that he could not get over the facts and wanted to make a police report.

This is because, that particular year, Zheng Xie only spent a few days home with his mother. He plan to get his degree ahead of time and head home early. So during the holidays, he did not even come home as he uses the period of time to complete his thesis. However, who would think that his plans would all be changed.

He He stood up and said: “I go and look for him. I can find him.” As He He was heading out, she saw that the driver and the secretary of Uncle Zheng are following her. She insisted and said: “I will go alone. He does not like too many people around.” Her eyes are a little swollen from her crying and she spoke with a heavy twang. Several of her acquaintances had never seen her so strong, so after some observation, let her go with the cab.

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  1. Thank you. Their return to normalcy was pretty fast and easy. Poor ZX, he must be regretful that he did not spend enough time with his mom then she is gone.

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    1. ZX’s mum means everything to ZX and HH. That’s how special their relationship were. HH keeps a lot in her heart that is why she is mostly the giver here


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