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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 22.6

Interesting and cliffhanging ending from the last chapter right? So what happen next? More interesting happening which leads to me thinking if He He is already aware of her feelings towards Zheng Xie already back during the time or is it just her childish tactic to upset him….

A little of a shocking discovery to something that happen between Zheng Xie and He He that happen that night. What exactly happen? Read on and find out for yourself! Enjoy the read…..

Chapter 22.6: Two People’s Time Machine (两个人的时光机)

With the hard tug earlier, He He hit the wall with her head. So she took a little bit of time to recollect herself. Hearing what he said, she immediately stumbled up from the ground to catch up. Zheng Xie had just opened the door to his room when she hugged him from behind. Placing her head on his back, she cried.

Zheng Xie struggled to break away for a long time but could not. So he just head forward while dragging Xiao He He behind his back. When he finally entered his room, next to a soft couch, he pulled He He from his back and flung her onto the sofa. He He shrink into the sofa crying.

Zheng Xie poured himself a cup of water to drink and throw a towel to He He and said: “Once you are done crying, go back to your room to sleep. Close the door for me.” Then he lay down on the bed, pulled the blanket to cover his face. No movement for a long time indicating that he had fallen asleep.

Losing the audience and under the influence of alcohol, she lost interest in crying but instead became angrier. She looked at the lying quietly on the bed Zheng Xie, suddenly became brave and angered till about to explode, she had an evil idea. With courage, she jumped on Zheng Xie’s bed, and then hugged him.

Awakened Zheng Xie pushed her. “Xiao He He, have you taken wrong medicine? Are you crazy?” He accidently pushed his hand on her softest place and then hastily retracted.

With a sense of victory, He He finally pulled away and said triumphantly: “You think you would not care about me again? No way!”

Zheng Xie is awake and he intend to leave her on his bed to sleep while he sleep somewhere else. But He He is bring very clingy and is under the evil control while being childish. She pulled his clothes not wanting to let him go.

In fact, Xiao He He did not know what she wants to do in the end. She just know that she had disgrace herself badly in front of Zheng Xie today and she must regain the face that she had lost. In front of her, Zheng Xie has always been gentleman-like. So as long as she muddle his mind up, she regain her mental stability.

Zheng Xie has always been quick in his action, but fortunately for He He that night, he had moved sloppily. When Zheng Xie wanted to push her back, he accidentally touched her softest part and quickly retreated. He He took this opportunity and grabbed his shoulder. She bite his neck, startling him a little.

The next thing that happen is beyond He He’s expectation. She wanted to only provoke Zheng Xie and embarrassed him. Even in a drunken stage, she also knew that Zheng Xie has always been rational and would never be like her. But when her fuzzy delayed brain realized that something is wrong, everything has gone into a turmoil. She struggled but it was too late. In a dizzy pain, she broke down in tears while accepted the transformation in her life.

Finally Zheng Xie hugged her while wiping away her tears. He said with no feelings: “There is a price to pay for causing disturbance without obvious reasons. Remember this lesson.” But his embrace is very warm.

The author use the word 胡闹 (pin ying: hú nào) which means kicking up a fuss, or causing disturbance without any obvious reasons.

He He in tears and pain, gradually fell asleep.

She didn’t sleep well and when she woke up, the sky was still dark. She has totally sobered up. She usually sobered up quickly even after heavy drinking.

The house exudes a strong alcohol liquor smell. Zheng Xie slept soundly but does not look comfortable. He was gentle frowning in his sleep, seems like he had disturbing dream.

She drank beer yesterday, so the strong liquor taste does not belong to her. So it must be Zheng Xie also had too much to drink last night.

In a desperation, she could clearly remember what happen from yesterday noon until early this morning. So she clearly knows that whatever Zheng Xie did to her later, she initiated it herself. She had swallowed the ‘poison medicine’ through her own drunken state and acted crazy which provoked an equally drunk man. So she simple deserved it.

Losing her virginity is a mall matter. The problem is, after Zheng Xie has woken up, how is she to face him?

Yesterday, what make her saddest is when Zheng Xie said to her about her disappointing him and no longer would care about her. So she went crazy. However, the moment such a thing had happened, after that, there is no way that she and Zheng Xie could live a normal life again.

She thought for a moment to the situation with Zheng Xie’s past relationships. He hated most women crying scene, crying while playing a fool and also hated women in their drunken stage. He also hate women tugging on him. And she just had reap all of those in full!

Once Zheng Xie wakes up, how is he going to kill her? In short, she had lost this brother, although she had never put him as her elder brother but more to relying on him as the biggest and best partner.

He He is despair and thought of dying. This way, she do not have to face the music several hours later.

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15 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 22.6

  1. Wow Zheng Xie did all of this whilst those randomness dreams
    One thing for sure, He He wasn’t really an exception. No wonder she has always been obedient towards ZX

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  2. When you are young and you cant find a solution to a ‘big’ problem and yoi seem to be in a dead end, they somehow result to the thought of suicide. How sad. Its just so good that majority of people can be rational once calmed down, too bad some can’t do the same.

    Thanks for the chapter! I wonder how she was able to hide it, where was the blood?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. He He lost her ‘first night’ to Zheng Xie although he cannot remember it till recently after her outburst. Agreed that the flashbacks can be confusing. Took me several attempts to understand it fully too 😉. And to answer to some others feedback, no there were no traces of the blood as she herself (if I read it correctly) could not find it. Hence the reason why ZX never knew what happen that night 😉


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