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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 22.5

In the last chapter, we only managed to find out what happen earlier that night when He He did not return home. What happen after she meet up with her friends? Read on…….

Chapter 22.5: Two People’s Time Machine (两个人的时光机)

They went to the game room to play game in the afternoon. They had a crazy time. At night, when they went for barbeque dinner while drinking beer. Then later they went to KTV for singing, drinking and dancing. Singing till their throat are hoarse while drink till they were dizzy and tipsy.

Later when Zheng Xie called He He, she did not hear in the noisy environment.

He He is very drunk although she was able to pretend that she is sober.

This is also something that Zheng Xie thought her before. Zheng Xie said: “Even if you are drunk beyond recognizing yourself, you must not let others see that you are drunk. Drunken girls are an ugly sight. Most importantly, if others see drunken girls, the girls will easily be bullied.”

Her plan is to return to the house where her mother stay. Although it may be dusty, it would be much better than sleeping on the streets. But she did not understand how it happen. When the taxi stopped, she looked up and saw that she has arrived in Zheng Xie’s villa. The home that she had stayed over the recent years. Even to the extent that she had stayed there move than Zheng Xie.

Xiao He He really could not afford to go back. Her original intended destination is about half a city away from here. She cannot guarantee that she is able to stay sober any much longer.

She took a look at the phone and saw that it has past midnight. Everyone should have gone to bed already, so she decided to bite the bullet and opened the courtyard door. Tip top softly bypassed the dog house and then open the door to the villa.

He He is dizzy and leaned on the stairs railing to rest for a while. She decided to support the railing to get into her bedroom. As she step on the stairs, her sandals squeal. So she took them off and barefooted walked up the stairs.

When she finally reached the top of the stairs, she was able to see the sun starting to rise. The bright light suddenly lighted above her head. She turned and saw Zheng Xie sitting on a chair at the entrance of the second floor, looking at her coldly.

Later, she could not even remember what the argument with Zheng Xie were about. Usually, she would not dare to rebuke against Zheng Xie. That day, he said a word and she would rebuke with another word. That day, Zheng Xie is also not his normal self. He whom usually cherish words had gone beyond the normal. Usually, if he is not satisfied with her performance, he will only coldly reprimand her, making her taking a defeat without any argument.

But that day, their debate was extreme. In short, everything seems to have gone wrong. He He remembered clearly a sentence that Zheng Xie said: “Xiao He He, you are just too disappointing.” He had never spoken like that. Usually he only said: “He He, you are a fool” or “He He, you are a stupid girl.”

Xiao He He then climbed the stairs railing to scare Zheng Xie: “You don’t force me or else I will jump from here.”

The second floor is not high. Should Zheng Xie jump, he could even stand very firmly. The position where is she standing is only one step below, it is impossible to get hurt.

Zheng Xie just sneered: “You just try to jump, you would not.”

Xiao He He in her drunken stage thinks. If she jumps, she would have to suffer the consequences. If she don’t jumped, then Zheng Xie would also be happy. If she jump, would Zheng Xie regret it? Jump? Don’t jump? Jump? She kept thinking about it while unconsciously she climbed the railing. In her mind is a naughty rebellious kid. Her mind is restless as she tried to stop herself from doing something stupid.

As she was struggling hard in her mind, Zheng Xie actually helped her. He stood up and with one movement, pulled her down and then he gave her a slap in the face.

He He finally became sober when Zheng Xie dragged her down from the railing. She realized that she really climbed the railing and half of her body was already over the edge. She was scared and had cold sweat. However, it is the slap that actually make her start crying.

He He shrank into a corner and cry silently. The more she cry the more powerful her cry became until her body curled up.

Zheng Xie sat down beside her while wiping always her tears with his hand. He pulled her into his embrace and gently patting, said in a tired tone: “Do not cry. I am wrong for slapping you. I am wrong. Is that not enough?”

The drunk He He became more childish. Hearing Zheng Xie’s apology, 得理不饶人as she cried louder.

得理不饶人 (pin ying: dé lǐ bù ráo rén) – a proverbs that means: showing no mercy to those in the wrong when justice is on one’s side

Zheng Xie covered her mouth: “Do you want to wake up aunty (what they call their nanny) and be laughed at?”

He He then bite his hand. Zheng Xie tried to snatch his hand away but failed. So he just let her bite. He He bite till she became tired and then open her mouth to release his hand. She then whimpered and continued to cry.

Zheng Xie became upset by her crying, stood up and said: “When you are done crying, remember to do back to your room to sleep. I am not feeling well. I am going to get some sleep…..”

He got up on his feet to go. Suddenly Xiao He He hugged his legs refusing to let him go. In the hot summer weather, he wore a single and shorts. With the ‘drama’ earlier, he is tired and sticky.

This time Zheng Xie no longer hold his temper. With a hard tug, he pulled his legs away from her and walked away while saying: “Xiao He He, if you continue this nonsense of yours, I will never meddle with you again. Up to you what you want to do. After all, I would be leaving to go abroad the day after tomorrow. When I return, I do not know if I will still remember you.”

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9 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 22.5

  1. I’m not sure if I’m following correctly – they’re both drunk right? Their actions are so different from the earlier chapters, I can’t wait to see what’s beyond this cliff(hanger)! Thank you for the chapter 😊

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  2. Uhmmm!!!…when ZX revealed him mumbo jumbo side of the story about an ex-gf threatened to jump off a building actually it was HH threatened to jump off the railing. ZX was more drunk than HH n I believe that slap given by ZX to HH kind of sober her up a bit enough for her to explain clearer on ‘what exactly happen that faithful day’.

    Thanking you very much for an exacting story….:P

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