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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 22.4

In the last chapter, we finally found out what happen between He He and Cen Shi. Reality is harsh and for someone so loving and kind-hearted like He He, I can imagine the hurt that was brought to her when she found out. Now, I personally think that Zheng Xie did the right thing in keeping Cen Shi away from He He.

So, what happen next? Will we find out in this chapter what exactly happen to He He the night that she did not return home? The mystery deepens… I am excited to find out what happen…. am sure all of you would be too… So read on…. 

Chapter 22.4: Two People’s Time Machine (两个人的时光机)

When she entered university, Zheng Xie has already entered the working world, hence do not have any holiday. But on occasion weekends, he return to visit his mother. She also rarely had the opportunity to meet him.

Zheng Xie treat He He not much difference from before. He treats her just like a little girl, bring her out to play, buy her snacks and toys and even frowning when she straighten her hair. He was surprised when he found out that she is now much taller, her height reaching his earlobe.

He He is the late bloomer. When Zheng Xie graduated from the university, He He’s height is still below his shoulder.

And then that day, Zheng Xie took her out to eat while meeting some of his old classmates. Those are no longer students and have the elite social look. Their topic of conversation are too esoteric for her, so she was not interested. Because the food tasted food, she buried her small mouth into eating. Should she find someone looking at her, she will turn and respond with a friendly smile.

She sat beside Zheng Xie. Next to other side is another guy with the surname Shi. The ‘Shi’ in the 时间, indeed a strange surname. When he found out that He He loves the dishes served on the table but too embarrassed to eat a lot, he will turn the dishes in front of him and then filled He He’s plate up.

时间 (pin ying: shí jiān) – means time / hour

He He found out later about the missed calls. In additional to Cen Shi’s number, there are many unknown local number.

She know that Cen Shi had come, so returned his call.

Cen Shi said: “I came to apologize to you but I promised your brother not to see you again. He He, I wish you happiness…..”

This sentence from Cen Shi gradually torn the wounds that had gradually healed.

If Cen Shi did not come, she would not had mind. But Cen Shi came and for whatever reasons, easily abandon her again.

He He is more hurt the second time. And to make it worst, she is embarrassed that Zheng Xie knew about it.

She had always been growing up in Zheng Xie’s shadow. He treats her like a child. She had always wanted to prove to him that she had grown up.

She had insisted to choose her own school but not heading to the school of her mother’s choice or what the elders thinks. She is not even interested in heading to Zheng Xie’s university in the city. She totally ignored Zheng Xie’s attempt to secure her a placing through relationship. Zheng Xie sneered at it saying that she is like playing on a trampoline when she suddenly head to an unfamiliar environment, so would definitely want would hit the wall due to confusion and become depressed.

So He He is very careful in school. She study hard and had decent relationship with other people. She did not want to be a role model student but just not keen to be made into Zheng Xie’s joke.

But this time, she had indeed showed him what a joke she is. All the naggings and teachings that he had given in the past…. Have all been confirmed.

Zheng Xie on one side will settle the issue while on the other side is smiling.

Later, when He He’s fella student was crying and wanted to die after losing her love, He He just remained quiet and listen to her, never making the effort to persuade her. This is because she understand that people want to cry but not necessary due to the loss of love but mostly because of the hurt pride, upset about it.

He He whom had just celebrated her 18th birthday a few days before, there is no such things. In her mind, she only had one thing so she said to Cen Shi: “Wait for me there. I have something to say to you.”

In fact, He He did not know what she wants to say to Cen Shi as she had nothing to say. She just felt that she want to see Cen Shi to annoy Zheng Xie. Her aim is to make him angry.

But when she is in front of Zheng Xie, she is always like the ‘像如来佛掌心里的孙猴子’. In the end, she did not meet with Cen Shi but instead, she threw a tantrum at Zheng Xie and then ran away.

像如来佛掌心里的孙猴子 (pin ying : Xiàng rúlái fó zhǎngxīn lǐ de sūn hóuzi) – this is an old proverbs that brings the meaning of … being under controlled and could not do anything even after numerous tries

He He is sitting on the upper edge of the road swinging her legs while reflecting. She felt that she had overdone it with Zheng Xie. He is doing it for her own good but she took him as a real brother and throw her petty tantrum. She somehow regretted it. She thought of Zheng Xie pleasant smile while thinking that she is a joke, she started feeling that she is full of disgrace. Then she felt that she was pretty cool earlier.

With an empty heart, she walked around for an hour on the street. Zheng Xie did not call her so she did not know how to ‘step down’ and how to go back home. Feeling lost and lonely, she called a few high school friends to come out for a gathering.

Step down – it is a Chinese expression where one that knows that self is at fault, and felt the guilt but not able to admit it for the reason of losing the ‘face’ to the other party

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  1. Thanks for the fast update. Did I miss something or the author didn’t portray Cen Shi clearly. What made Cen Shi an awful guy? I’m clearly lost regarding this character.

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    1. Hi Nami, thank you for your support and hope that you are enjoying this novel. Cen Shi is He He’s ex-boyfriend whom had hurt her badly when they were back in University years. Read on and you will find out more about this Cen Shi guy. The author is doing a fantastic job in keeping us on our toes as we want more as glimpse of the past will happen in between some of the interesting chapters.


  2. new reader here! I gotta say the pictures that you choose for every post is so fitting – esp this one! I can just feel the female lead’s emotions.

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