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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 22.3

In the last chapter, Zheng Xie found out that He He did not returned home the night. What happen to her? Will we find out soon?

Chapter 22.3: Two People’s Time Machine (两个人的时光机)

In the summer of the first year of university, Xiao He He tried hard to fill up every minute of her time. From taking part time study classes to serving as a volunteer, she worked hard to try to forget her unhappiness.

The art festival, one of the brains of the school of art is all to be blamed!

Xiao He He is the kind of person that reflect the fresh, clean, soft and sweet. Although her look is comfortable, she does not stand out when she is among the crowd. This is especially when she is in amidst the vibrant and offbeat characters of the Art Institute. She chooses to be quiet and rarely show person in the public. In any community activities, she is the person that would stand behind the scenes concentrating on decorating the venue, design painting that is not outstanding.

The performance at the art festival shocked the whole university, not because it is more exciting or excellent but because the programs are too far ahead of alternative modern that is also too violent and bloody. Greatly stimulate the nerve of the audience. After the end of the show, across the campus BBS posting were throughout the crusade: the Academy for Performing Arts is normal aesthetics which we humans gravely insult and so on. This is the response to the public.

When the condemning posts started to fade, everyone’s attention turns the school famous boring literary young man’s post: pandemonium in the touch of the sun, the macabre an angel, showing eyebrow light like willow brush bank. She smiled like spring flowers shine on the water… Below each post are the stills of smiling Xiao He He.

As it turns out, on the day of the show, He He has been hiding in the station at the side while helping with the show. There are times where she helped to pull the curtain. The campus arena is shabby but the school reporter was taking the photos from the side, so in many of the photos, the stage is accommodating black with a silhouette in the background. Near the station is the clear light of white Xiao He He that is reverently watching the performance. Indeed a sharp contract between heaven and hell.

Therefore, the ‘mystery woman’ Xiao He He became the topic of discussion. People started searching for her. Suddenly she becomes famous.

She is not a person that like to stand in the spotlight, it is just the university’s bored idlers that is too much.

人怕出名猪怕壮. Thus in the daily teaching building, dormitory and cafeteria, always only hanging out with girls, the quiet and well-behaved Xiao He He suddenly had a large number of suitors.

人怕出名猪怕壮 (pin ying: rén pà chū míng zhū pà zhuàng) – this is a proverbs that brings the meaning of, one fearing to arouse trouble after being famous, just like how a pig was fatten up before being slaughtered. It could also mean that one that is timid and lacks in creativity even after becoming famous.

He He was enjoying the attention but was also trying hard to avoid them. Eventually, she was attracted to the versatile boy named Cen Shi.

Both at home and in the university, He He rarely cares about the gossip around. So she was not aware of this man or his intercollegiate. If she would have known, she should have choose to hide under the covers and not get involve further.

Similarly with a TV series plot, an unknown sweet girl, Xiao He He and the campus Prince of Romance, Cen Shi. Just like a campus version of Cinderella.

Later, someone shared some insider stories with Xiao He He.

Since Xiao He He has become popular against her nature and will, a group of bored boys that are conceited and arrogant make a bet to see whose great charm will win her heart. Cen Shi also took part.

Xiao He He does not have much of a temper but she has self-esteem. She will not cry or cause trouble but just slapped him in the face. She refuse to listen to any explanation from Cen Shi.

It was nearing examination. After Cen Shi attempted to see her a few times that was refused, it eventually died down.

It was mean to only be a joke but after a while it became boring. He He is different from the others where she does not cry nor had the mood to write her diary. She uses her own way of healing through making herself busy with a quiet life to forget her first love experience. Only occasionally she would recall the wonderful memories of her and Cen Shi but at the same time could not help but felt that it was only a dream.

He He achieved a good result. Then the first summer vacation in university started.

Originally, He He is supposed to go to B City to spend time with her mother. Her mother thought on the campus so had a long holiday as well. Unfortunately, that summer, she took a group of students to study in the south. While, Zheng Xie’s mother, Aunty Qian, because of her health reasons was not able to adapt to B City summer and winter weather. So chooses to remain in the current city. Xiao He He was more than happy to accompany her and spend the summer there instead.

Because of her mother’s eagle-eyed, she is able to detect He He’s unusualness. Although she will not ask, but her mother will definitely scan her just like the most sophisticated instruments, which will make her feel like a prisoners in general. While the soft and gentle Aunty Qian will be there for her but never try to ask or speculate on her heart, giving He He the room to breathe that she needed.

Later, because of Uncle Zheng’s poor health, Aunty Qian also left to go to him. Before leaving, she reminded He He to stay in Zheng House while accompanying the nanny while waiting for Zheng Xie to return home.

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