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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 22.1

In chapter 22, we will go back to the past and read more about some events in the past leading to some interesting reads (and yes, the spoiler that we had shared 2 days ago will finally appear within the next several days). This is a long chapter so it had been broken into several parts. 

In the meantime, enjoy the read as we move back in time with them.

Chapter 22.1: Two People’s Time Machine (两个人的时光机)

If we could turn back the clock, I hope can start again.

Once, Yang Wei Qi asked Zheng Xie: “If the time could turn the clock back, at which point of his life that he wishes to return to.”

Zheng Xie remember that his answer is …. No!

It is not because he had a smooth life, but he always felt that in life whatever it is mean to be, just let it be. Wanting to reverse against destiny would be against the heaven. So whichever point it is, he did not wish to go back, even though he might have regrets.

But now Zheng Xie hope that he could return to the day many years ago. To start from the morning, and start all over again.

That is the period of time where Zheng Xie is not very happy.

His father asked him to work for a year or two before graduating from the University. After examination, only then he goes abroad.

Zheng Xie completed two years of working in a large well-known company with high strength and high pressure. More tiring than the four years of study that he spent in the university. He completed all the formalities as well as broke up with the current girlfriend. He was planning to go home to live with his mother for a few days before departing to go abroad.

As a result, he thought that his girlfriend would begin to understand. He thought that all rational women are the same but unfortunately the girl that he had relationship with is different and attempted suicide. This alarmed his mother.

And then his father encountered some physical condition and his mother went to the father’s side to take care of him. Later the mother also fell ill.

He rarely did what he did not like so stayed in the city as a dutiful son for a few days before deciding to return to his childhood growing up city to spend some time to say goodbye to his friends.

He He also stayed there. That summer, she had her scheduled arranged to the maximum. From volunteering and attending classes. So she only returned to B city to accompany her mother for a week. Zheng Xie’s mother also went to B city to take care of Zheng Xie’s dad. So only He He and the nanny at home.

Zheng Xie only returned home for two days and found that He He is not in the right stage of mind that summer.

She smiled more than usual and is acting funny. Her words are more than normal but often lies. In fact, He He is usually very lazy and likes to star dazedly into space. But over the two days, she constantly make herself very busy but don’t know what is she so busy about. Often she took over the task for the nanny.

Zheng Xie could not take out any explanation from He He’s mouth but managed to take out some very close friends name in school.

Zheng Xie did not take much effort to understand the sequence of the events but roughly know about it. Nothing much other than He He has fallen in love, and they broke off. He He was badly was hurt by the good boy but pretended as if nothing had happened.

Zheng Xie felt very funny. This kind of practical joke is often played by his friends but ended up emerged badly into the relationship. Everyone often has a laugh about it

Only when the subject of the object is replaced with He He, his compassionate feeling is greatly improved. He is very satisfied at how He He is self-healing although it looks pretty bad.

But the legendary ‘boy’ appear in front of him.

The nanny went to Zheng Xie whom was reading in the reading room and said: “There is a young man. Said that he is He He’s classmate. He is on the way to come and see her. But she did not bring her phone and is not contactable…” Nanny left He He’s cell phone with Zheng Xie.

Zheng Xie looked through the missed call records. In addition to a cell phone numbers, the other numbers are fixed line and is a public number. He immediately guess who and is suddenly interested.

So the boy was honored to be able to meet Zheng Xie.

The boy is a very bright and cool guy. He is only two or three years younger than Zheng Xie. But the junior had graduated for a year and is already working.

Zheng Xie agreed to meet the boy in the teahouse within the vicinity. With some intimidation, he will be neat and quick to get rid of.

The boy is not easy to deal with. So it really means that Zheng Xie had big pressure and bullying was suspected. Later he also occasionally reflected that during the time, he was definitely not being decent.

From the moment he saw the boy, he did not like him. Hearing his speak for the first time, even more the reason why he dislike the boy. His intuition tells him that the boy is not suitable for Xiao He He. Since she is struggling and it has been hard on her, then the appearance of his boy will bring more grievance to her, so it is his duty to make her feel better.

At noon, there will be a few university friends visiting, so he invited them to a meal. So happen He He just return home as he was heading out so he brought her along.

In front of people He He has always been cute and is very likeable. However, when approaching the end of the meal, He He suddenly excused herself to step out to to make a phone call. She never came back after a long time and then a message came back saying that she has something to do and left.

Ultimately, Zheng Xie finds the gathering boring so decided to end it early. He then went to drive around looking for He He.

Just as expected, He He saw the call from Cen Shi and decided to meet him. And to his judgement, he found He He waiting to meet Cen Shi in the place where they agreed to meet.

Zheng Xie has in fact taken He He’s romance as normal just like how if she had failed or lose the cheerleading squad team. But since he has met Cen Shi, he had identified that by no means Cen Shi is suitable for He He to be associated with. So he was determine to stop it in the end. Zheng Xie successfully foiled the meeting between Cen Shi and He He.

His method is very simple. Just like how adult deals with children, not difficult at all. Just coaxing plus a little bit of treat. After he told her the facts and reason, he very calmly said: “He He, you can choose if you are determine to see him today. Then, later take it as I do not know you.”

Zheng Xie is taking a very silly bet. In fact, he is all prepared that if He He did go and meet Cen Shi, he will not care about her anymore. At most, he only lost his face.

However, He He really never let him down since childhood. With her head down, her hand trembles as she hold onto her cell phone but sitting quietly with no intention to open the car door to escape.

Until there is a distant sail boat sound and then the phone rang simultaneously dropping a bunch of text message tone, she finally irrepressibly cried. He He cried for a few seconds and with her red-eyes looked up at Zheng Xie with tears still in her eyes. She said: “You are not my dad. Why you care who I am making friends with. You don’t need to care about me even if I am bullied to death. It is a new experience. You do not need to take care of me like I am a puppet. I hate you! Hate you! Hate you!” she shouted aloud these words, then open the car door and ran out without looking back.

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  1. Thanks for updating. .. It must be so hard for you with working demand…

    Huhuhu. I am not good at suspense. … usually i always the ending of the story and then start with 1st chapter…..

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    1. Hi wanzhaf, great to finally know someone who has the same habit as me…. reading the last chapter before deciding if it is a good novel to read and then start from the beginning. Same habit when it comes to drama too…. hehehehe….
      Work is hectic only because of the timeline. At the same time, wanted to know more about what happen between ZX and HH, so excited about doing the chapters 🙂
      Have a fantastic Friday! TGIF!


      1. I am like that too not just reading the last chapter even with drama. Watch the last episode first before begin with the first.

        Thanking you very much for your hard work. Please don’t burn yourself out with new job n translating. Thanks again 😀

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      2. Thanks Julie for the encouragement. Sleep is very important to me, so rest be assured, I am coping very well at the moment. Have a blessed day ahead!


  2. ZX must have been jealous CS took most of He He’s attention.

    so envious, I can never cope well with a busy schedule and following along an interesting story. would usually ends up losing sleep while being so engrossed in the story and suffers during the daytime

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    1. Hi Yadane, this novel is what is keeping me sane after a long and hard day at work.
      Hahaha…. the days ahead would get more and more unbearable for ZX as he tries to get HH to talk while she avoids him. And her lady boss Ciao Miao Miao will help her too…. so funny interaction as we will read all about ZX desperation…. ops…. spoiler accidentally extended 🙂


  3. Interesting that he doesn’t see that directly interfering in her love life is a bit more possessive than a standard brother / sister relationship… (also I hope that comes back to bite him in the butt a bit because it’s a bit underhanded of him to do it without her knowledge.) Thanks for the chapter!!

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