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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 21.7

And the conversation between Zheng Xie and He He continued. What exactly is in He He’s heart when she said these in her drunken stage? 

Don’t shot me for ending this with a cliffhanging as it is how the author ended this chapter. Sorry this is not the chapter that everyone is looking forward to from some of the spoiler shared yesterday. Though I did promised that it would get really exciting now.

Interesting chapter as now I really want to know what exactly happen on the night that they were talking about? And why is Zheng Xie being so harsh now with He He? Did he realized how important she is already in his heart now? After reading this chapter, I personally felt that He He in fact is already somewhat aware of her feeling towards Zheng Xie but just not willing to acknowledge that to anyone instead constantly uses the statement about how happy she is about Yang Wei Qi’s present in Zheng Xie’s life. What do you think?

Chapter 21.7: A Sudden Big Change (平地一声雷)

He He said: “I am sorry to ruin my beautiful image in your heart. I have always been like this. You just don’t know it. Please do not use such eyes looking at me as if I am a monsters. Tomorrow I will continue to be the good and obedient He He.”

Their car drove past a theater with a huge billboards showing ‘Painted Skin’. Too eye-catching. Both of them simultaneously turned and looked.

Painted Skin is a supernatural-fantasy film that is also an action-romance movie that was released in 2008. For more information on the movie, it is available here : Painted Skin

Painted Skin

Zheng Xie rubbed his temple and shook his head. He said: “He He, you are also acting this play.”

He He squeezed a smirk: “Who is not? Everyone is wearing a mask. Brother Xie Xie, are you not the same? Finished profiteering, then transformed into a philanthropist. Heartless when getting rid of previous girlfriend but when it is a lover, a kind person in the public. Also in your youth, alcoholism and drugs are also part of it……” She murmured as if she is chanting a general sentence. Then she sleepily hung her head and closed her eyes.

Zheng Xie slammed on the brakes.

He made effort to cool down his livid nerve that also gradually gathered into his heart.

He grabbed He He’s arm and said: “You repeat your words!”

The groggy and awakened with his sudden attacks: “Repeat what?”

Zheng Xie hissed out the word: “Alcoholism, drug abuse and gender confusion.”

He He woke up abruptly and stared. Instantly her mind restored to normal. She softly said: “I am talking nonsense. You do not mind it. Don’t mind them.” Then she lowered her eyes and her long eyelashes flickered.

Zheng Xie still tightly clutching her arm, grasping more tightly. He He winced in pain, forced to try to un-grip it but cannot break open.

Zheng Xie said carefully while still very angry: “He He, I remember that a long time ago, you also did not come home one night.”

He He with her head down continued: “I do not remember anymore. I often stayed overnight in my classmates home.”

Zheng Xie said: “I remember. It happen just two days before I went abroad. I remembered that that was the first time you did not come home. You said you spent the night in Su Ren Ran’s house.”

He He said with a panic: “Oh, I remember that time. I was playing computer game with Su Ren Ran that night.”

Zeng Xie said quietly: “But the summer that year, Su Ren Ran’s brother brought her to Japan, which is why he never see me off at the airport.”

He He bit her lips and said: “Ah, I remember now. That day I was with Ding Ding.”

He said: “The name of the classmate name that time is definitely not Ding Ding.”

He He got irritated: “So long ago. With my dizzy head now, how to remember. You don’t keep asking me strange question.”

Zheng Xie back down slightly his shoulder, his body seems to lose his strength. After a long while, he said slowly and firmly: “He He, it was really you that night. I always thought it was just my illusion. And after so many years, you should pretend as if nothing had happened. Today, if it is not because of your slip of tongue, I would never have guessed.”

He He is a little confused: “I do not understand what you are saying. I am dizzy. I want to go home.”

Zheng Xie caught her hand, grip it tighter making her pain. As she struggled, her other hand pulled the safety belt. But it was in vain as she could not un-grip Zheng Xie’s hand.

She suddenly began to cry like a child with big tears rolling down her face. She tearfully repeated: “I want to go home! I want to go home!”

Zheng Xie slumped and loosen his hands. He He broke away but could not unbuckle the seat belt. She then pulled the tape and managed to unbuckle.

She opened the door and ran out before Zheng Xie could react. She got onto a taxi that was parked at the side of the road and pulled away a moment later.

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16 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 21.7

  1. Now HH is running away. I think she’s afraid of being rejected by ZX now that he remembers that night. But I also think that she felt she was rejected by ZX since he did not acknowledge having slept with her and keeping their relationship the same. So, if he gifted her anything then she probably question the motive. Is it out of guilt or brotherly love?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good one Kitty. Never did think about it from that perspective. Guess we will find out more as the novel progress 😉. It is however funny reading how desperate ZX to want to discuss or seek clarification about what happen that night from HH when she tries her best to avoid him. I am eagerly waiting for the chapter where they get together as it would be interesting how the talented author turn around this whole thing now.
      Have a blessed day ahead!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Lots of interesting read coming up ahead….. Thank you Mel for all your feedback and encouragement. Hope you are enjoying the novel as much as I am enjoying it.

      Have a blessed day ahead!


  2. Aisyyyy. .. No good news… Hehehe. .. Thanks for updating. Was he into drug that time? Or he was too drank to remember. ..HH must be too upset… that she can act very sisterly to him and seeing him changing girls…
    Was this after she left home to study and meet CS ?.. lol… So many question. ..


    1. Good morning wanzhaf (it is morning where I am). Yes there are indeed many questions that unfortunately I am not able to answer as well. Guess we hope to be able to find them through the upcoming chapters. Thank you for your constant comment and encouragement. Have a fantastic day ahead!


    1. Hi yadane, nope. In this chapter, ZX just realized that something from his fuzzy mind, could be an incident that really happen. While he thought that it was just an illusion. Stay tune and we will find out more soon. Have a great day ahead!

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    2. ZX n HH can wait for each other to admit what happened that faithful night until the cow don’t come home. I still think that ZX should be the one who clarify everything with HH before he further his so called relationship with YWC otherwise, it will not be fair for either one of them. I also can see where HH coming from…afraid to admit her true feelings for ZX n rejection.

      Thanking you mhryu for faithfully translating n updating this novel. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. With pleasure anytime Julie. Thank you for your support and interesting discussion. I had truly enjoyed reading your views. Have a blessed day ahead!


    1. Hi juli, hang on there and you will find out in a few days time. The spoiler was released in the comments yesterday though. All I can say today is…… exciting chapters coming up ahead….. so exciting that I wished I did not take up the contract work and could fully concentrate on translation and reading the exciting chapters…. I want more of ZX and HH…. I want to quickly get to the part and read the progress on how they finally get together…. Hahahaha….. Have a blessed day ahead!

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    1. Hi Nami, thank you for your support and hope that you are enjoying the read so far. Yes, it is getting so much more exciting now, I just wished there are more hours in a day and one could survive only sleeping 3 hours daily. Unfortunately not the case so guess we just had to be patience. Have a great day ahead!


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