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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 21.6

In the last chapter, He He tried to get Yang Wei Qi to send her back as she knows that Zheng Xie is really mad at her. Unfortunately, that attempt failed when Zheng Xie asked Wei Qi to send Miao Miao back instead while he drove her back. Or did they head somewhere else apart from heading home? Let’s find out today….

Chapter 21.6: A Sudden Big Change (平地一声雷)

She looked around and found them on an unfamiliar road. But the street are lined with neon lights and bar gathering places.

Zheng Xie looked at her. “Tonight is not fun. So I want to continue to the next venue, okay?”

He He said: “I am tired and I want to go home.”

Zheng Xie kept quiet. But He He continues to linger and gaze at those signs. He spoke up: “Recently you are in a bad mood is it? So you go to such place to vent your frustration?”

He He answered: “I am just curious about the décor inside.”

Speaking in a non-interested mood: “If you really want to know, I can find someone to accompany you to visit these places. There is no need to visit them during the night.”

He He replied: “These are all legitimate business and they also pay taxes. Why do you make it sound like these people in terms of class and social status are lower than you?”

Zheng Xie coldly said: “I am discussing with you on the issues related to your behavior. Don’t try to change divert from the point of discussion. Already a 25 year-old adult. Do you not think that by starting to rebel now, you are already way over the age limit?”

He He said: “You also know that I am already 25. A 25 year-old adults do not need anyone to tell me what to do and what not to do. You are afraid of me making mistakes and caused you trouble? Do you not think that, if there is no wrong in life, it would be boring? Looking at yourself as an example. When you were growing up, you hated people around you commanding you but you yourself are doing this now. Why do you have the confident that everything you choose for me it all the best for me?”

They rarely have such dialogue. He He has always been very docile. When Zheng Xie say a few words, she will just smiled and occasionally and shamelessly retorted.

Zheng Xie said: “So now you think hard wanting to make mistakes for the experience fun in life. Because I believe that Shi Lin is right for you, you are very bend to reject him. While you know that Cen Shi is not suitable for you and yet you insist of wanting to be with him?”

Hearing the names of the two men, He He closed her mouth.

Zheng Xie said: “My friend, you will never consider. This is what you mean when you said this to Shi Lin? Is this your form of protest? Do you think that this is good?”

He He paled and whispered: “It is not what you think……..”

Zheng Xie looked at her side face with a complicated look: “He He, in your mind, do you always hate me? Although you never show it. Your father, Cen Shi and the discipline that I had imposed on you. Is this what you always……”

“No.” He He abruptly interrupted him.

Zheng Xie looked a little blurred. He said: “He He, if you want to bear any grudges to pursue justice for yourself, there are variety of ways. You do not need to choose this stupid way.”

He He loudly said: “I do not bear any grudges. No means no! Father is killed in line of his work. Not anyone’s fault and definitely not yours! Cen Shi is willing to be tempted by you just proves that I am not that important in his mind! You just exposed the facts to show it to me. There you go again! You always want to impose your views in my head! You think that women should not smoke, so when I smoke means I have learned the wrong thing. You think that women should not go to nightclubs so when I went to nightclubs, it is wrong! What do you think I am? The immaculate little swan that is raised in a clean glass room? If I said that I am not as pure as you think I am, would you believe it? Many years ago, I am not longer pure, are you going to lock me up and not letting me meet any men?” She was getting a little excited and her little body is trembling. Those alcohol in her blood is taking their effect. She felt dizzy as if another person is talking.

Zheng Xie tightened his hand gripping on the steering wheel. He took a few deep breath and said quietly: “He He, this time you are really drunk.”

He He said: “Are you disappointed? Do you not think that re-educating me now is already too late?”

Zheng Xie is a little tired. He said: “I admit that I am nosy. If I knew then that you and Cen Shi was already so close, I would not bothered to stop you. Since he still has interest in you and you are not excluding him, then you go ahead and do what you want.”

He He sneered: “Why must I? Apart from Cen Shi, do you think that my market is so bad?”

Zheng Xie closed his eyes and hold his breath: “He He, after drinking too much wine, you should talk less. Or else you will regret it when you sobered up.”

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23 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 21.6

  1. Thank you. Interesting conversation that they are having except that ZX does not want to continue it. No wonder their relationship goes no where. He just wants to keep treating her like a little sister.

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    1. Hi Kitty, soon it will get so interesting that you could not help wanting to read the next one quickly. It will be reverse soon 😊 stay tune!


  2. Good for her to be vocal this time, they both need it in order to sort out what’s really going on. Thank you for your dedication in translating this project. It’s lovely.

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    1. Hi Julie, Mel has given the spoiler on what would be coming up soon. So no you have not missed anything yet. Another spoiler, things will get really exciting starting from this point where we will read about some changes in ZX and the desperation that he will be pushed forward to. Enjoy the ride 😉

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      1. Thanks mhryu.

        Since HH lost her virginity to ZX then how he had no recognition of it? How old was HH when lost it since now she is 25. With the way ZX is behaving with HH it sound like jealousy to me 😛

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      2. Hang on there Julie. All I will share now, it happen many years ago and ZX actually thought it is his illusion. More in a few days time 😊


  3. Good for you HeHe!!! Tell him EXACTLY how you feel! Though he’s being pretty dismissive and not really listening. I have hopes that they will start to move forward soon though. Thanks for the translation!

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