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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 21.5

Last chapter ended with a cliffhanger right? So I decided to post a bonus chapter today to everyone’s reading pleasure.

Oh no…., Zheng Xie found He He drunk and smoking the cigarette that he hated her doing in the Russian Cabaret show. He is definitely not happy at all. And He He was hanging out with her lady boss whom had a crush on Zheng Xie in the past. What will happen to He He now….. what would Zheng Xie do to her? Read on and enjoy!

Chapter 21.5: A Sudden Big Change (平地一声雷)

The wind outside is a little colder than previous. He He winced and very supplely said: “Wei Qi 姐姐, please send me home.”

Yang Wei Qi do not know how to respond. Zheng Xie coldly said: “She is weeks younger than you. Do not call her 姐姐.”

姐姐 (pin ying: jiě jie) – older sister. Can be used to describe older sister and also can be used to address an older but same generation female.

He He seriously said: “This is an honorific title. It has nothing to do with age. Later I need to call her 嫂子 so I cannot call her 妹妹 now, right?”

嫂子 (pin ying: sǎo zi) – a greeting for an older brother wife aka sister-in-law

妹妹 (pin ying: mèi mei) – a greeting for younger sister

Cao Miao Miao puff a laugh.

Zheng Xie ignored her and lowered his tone when saying to Yang Wei Qi: “Could you please send General Manager Cao home. Drive carefully.”

Yang Wei Qi nodded and said: “Call me later.”

Zheng Xie stepped forward to carry out Xiao He He whom have been resting on Yang Wei Qi’s side. He grabbed her by the arm and dragged her forward just like a little cat.

He He followed him quietly all the way to his car. There is no resistance and no sound. After getting into the car, she quietly bow her head, acting as if she is asleep.

Zheng Xie did not speak at all. After putting on the seat belt for her, he treated her like she is the air.

The nightclub is far away from where He He live. After going through several intensive road, while Zheng Xie had gone round in circle, the car finally got onto the highway into the city. While it is quite a distance, but there is no traffic.

At this time, the highway traffic is minimal. With the corner of her eyes, He He could only glimpse the roadside railings and trees that are magically translucent as a shadow. A few meters distance reflector lamp is connected into a band of light, but he is still steadily driving. Did not feel like he is racing. He He rise to observed the speed on the dashboard without any courage.

The car took a sharp turn and suddenly decelerated. Originally there is a block on the road ahead and because of the speed that Zheng Xie was going, it was very close.

This ordeal caused to He He’s stomach to churn and she quickly covered her mouth.

Zheng Xie finally turned and look at her face, slowed down and stopped at the side of the road after driving a few more meters.

He He got out of the car and vomited. She did not eat anything that night, just a little snacks. She had lots of drinks as well as wine so all she vomited were liquid. There are some on her face as well, probably from her tears, so she wiped it.

A hand passed her a piece of tissue. She took it and wiped her face and hands.

Zheng Xie twist the lid and handed a bottle of mineral water to He He. She rinse her mouth and then took big mouthful of drink later. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and then turned to get back into the car. This time, she remembered to buckle her own seat belt.

Zheng Xie continued driving the car but remained silence. And he drove slowly.

After passing the first intersection, he drove down the highway in a very slow speed and slid down the window. He open the glove compartment and toast a packet over to Xiao He He.

She took it and saw that it is a box of chocolate that she love.

Zheng Xie never eat snacks especially sweets stuff, so the chocolate could be Yang Wei Qi.

After vomiting, her empty stomach felt very uncomfortable. So she ate the whole box of chocolates. After the supplementary energy, her courage and strength gradually returned. However her dizziness is very bad still, as it there are many small people dancing waltz in her head.

The air in the car is a little stuffy. Zheng Xie took out a box of cigarettes and put one into his mouth. He lighted it up with a lighter.

For many years, he had not smoke in front of He He. The last time she saw him smoking is when they were in high school. She looked down.

Zheng Xie put one hand on this steering wheel and the other one hand holding the cigarette in between fingers while staring ahead concentrating on the road. “Do you want one?”

He He bit her lips lightly and said: “No thank you. I only smoke a maximum of 2 stick of cigarette a day.”

Zheng Xie gave a hollow laugh. “You don’t smoke a lot but can still train your cat to be so smart. Able to bring the ashtray. Very powerful indeed. What did you do that I have never found out that you have been smoking?”

He He said: “Smoke less, smoke in the middle of the night and then brush your teeth.”

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  1. xie xie ni..:P that is all I know how to say it…hehehehe….my late mom will turned over her grave knowing her little baby can’t write nor read Chinese no more…:( but I am thankful to translator like you who do the hard work of translating Chinese novel for us people who look Asian but can’t read nor speak a word of Chinese…

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    1. Thank you Julie for your encouragement. Don’t be deceived. I actually cannot read mandarin. I only can listen and communicate. But I do understand pin Ying. Just can’t read and can never figure out the stroke means. I can’t even write my Chinese name 😉. As long as I could communicate to me it’s most important. Translating only because I want to read the novel and then decided to share online 😉 enjoy the read!


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