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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 21.4

Some interesting read from the last chapter on how He He ended up in that place. And some interesting read in this chapter as we discover more about the relationship between many different parties. Enjoy the read!

Chapter 21.4: A Sudden Big Change (平地一声雷)

Boss Chao said: “X. In fact, he is very polite with you. When you scold him personally, he does not refute. You kick his car, he take it as he did not see it. Why do you constantly want to argue with him?”

Boss Chao scolded: “That is called completely belittling a good man with extreme speaking. The only proud moment of my life in front of Zheng Xie is when you said to him back then that you must come to work in my company or else you don’t want to stay in the city. Hahaha…. That time, he looks like he an ice-cream that just came out of the freezer. The cold air…. “

He He said: “That time he is really quite angry and ignored me for days. He actually is not against me working for you. It is your fault for first challenging him every time.”

Boss Chao said: “I have told you before that I have a crush on Zheng Xie from primary to secondary school. In the ten years, I have wrote to him hundreds of love letters before finally have the courage to give it to him.”

He He said: “Er, no you never mentioned it before. I only you mentioning that in school, every time you see him, you would stare at him contemptuously. I thought you did not like him while you were growing up.”

Boss Chao said: “Well, girls feeling, attentive and playing hard to get, you have never played this trick?

He He shook her head.

Boss Chao said: “You are a really good child. Let me tell you. Later Zheng Xie lined up neatly all my letters in accordance to chronological order. Each seal were opened, probably to review again. Then he wrote letters back to me with only one sentence! “Student Cao Miao Miao, the more you practice the worst your calligraphy becomes….” Later, I started dating others. Talk about failure in love. This is all his fault for leaving me with a psychological shadow!

He He is amused. “So he has such sence of humor. Yeah! I have never seen it before.”

Boss Chao said: “Oh, it seems that you have not seen all side of Zheng Xie.”

He He “Ah!” for a moment with no more words.

Boss Cao glanced at the burlesque stage: “Boring…. It should have been more exciting. According to the rumors in the grapevine, Zheng Xie this time might be getting married to the Ms Yang Wei Qi. Is that true?”

He He said: “It should be very reliable. He is really serious this time.”

Boss Cao shook her head: “I cannot imagine Zheng Xie falling in love. He does not look like the type that would love.”

He He said with a slight smile: “In marriage, sincerity and truth is more important than love. Being serious about each other is just fine.”

Boss Cao first nodded then shook her head. “In sort. I am jealous. Jealous!” She see that He He did not speak and then asked: “How come you do not have any slightest reaction?”

He He asked: “What reaction?”

Boss Chao said: “My brother is now belonging to someone else. You do not have even any sense of loss ah? Even I felt lost.”

He He said with a smile: “I have nothing to be lost. He would always be in contact. Ah, Sister Miao Miao, your love relationship on average is six times a year and you flirt with more than a dozen of men. But the result is that your crush ten years ago is getting married, you are jealous.”

Boss Chao said: “People all have feelings after all. He He, you really have a large heart. Ai. So noisy. I go and pick up a call. You sit here obediently and do not run.”

Xiao He He watched her boss and friend step away. Adjusted her sitting posture into a more comfortable position, took out the cigarette and lit it.

This is really good cigarette. The force index is also great. He He gradually relaxed with an empty facial expression.

She is always lively and sweet. Hard working and easy-going as well, very well-liked by the young and old alike. In her office, the men and the women liked her. But when there is not one, she usually have no expression.

There are lot of smokers here. She do not want to be a secondhand smoker, so the best way is to light up her own firsthand smoke.

The wine that she had drunk is gradually is taking effect. The music is very loud here. Her head is beginning to pound.

He He saw her boss heading back towards her. She adjusted her posture and put on a casual well-behaved expression. She wanted to suggest for them to leave together.

But Boss Chao is not looking at her but looking ahead of her while murmuring: “Damn. This is really a bad day today.”

He He turned to the direction that she was looking.

She saw Zheng Xie standing straight about two meters away from her looking very cool.

He He calmly adjust her posture and gently put down her legs. She put down her wine glass and put out the cigarette butts. She bow her head and keep silence.

She saw Yang Wei Qi standing behind Zheng Xie looking calm although somewhat disturbed. She gently pulled his sleeve, seem to be afraid that Zheng Xie will rush over to strangle her.

So she did not have to worry about Zheng Xie embarrassing her here. As long as she remain quiet and well-behaved, then it would be fine.

He He only reflected and bow her head for a few seconds when she heard Zheng Xie said next to her ears in a cold but clear voice: “If you do not want to watch the show, then let’s go home.”

He He obediently and immediately stood up but did not take the hand that Zheng Xie had outstretched to her.

When she stood up, she knows then the wine slowly but very potential effect. With the sudden inclination of her body, she could almost cannot stand. She avoided Zheng Xie by falling into the direction of Yang Wei Qi. Yang Wei Qi quickly hold on to her and she leaned against the homeopathic Yang Wei Qi’s body.

Zheng Xie said dismissively: “General Manager Cao, let’s go together.”

Cao Miao Miao has deep knowledge transacting as a hero. Rather than being a shrew, she pretended to be drunk and throw herself to Zheng Xie. In her drunken stage, Zheng Xie helped her out as well as help her pay the bill.

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