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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 21.3

Last chapter was interesting isn’t it? Once minute, Zheng Xie is offering to support Yang Wei Qi, giving her the hint of him being serious about their relationship and the indication to move it into another level. While the next minute, seeing He He’s car in the parking lot, he loses focus and started to worry about her. It is quite frustrating to read how anything involving He He is affecting him emotionally and he does not realized still how badly it is affecting him and the people around him, especially the lovely Yang Wei Qi.

Did they managed to find He He in the rowdy place? Read on and find out what happen next………

Chapter 21.3: A Sudden Big Change (平地一声雷)

Their temporary location is very good. They just sat down and Zheng Xie is already able to locate the person that he is looking for.

Flickering lights flickers, Xiao He He is neither too close nor too far from him. This does not prevent him from checking out her behavior.

Xiao He He is softly leaning back on a sofa that is placed against the wall. Her legs casually moving along with the song. She looked embedded into the sofa with a lazy yet charming attitude.

Where she is sitting is an extremely secluded place. But there is a weak light reflecting her face. She performed in the stands looking a little tranced. One hand is on the tall glass while the other hand that is resting on her leg is wrapped around a cigarette.

She occasionally take a deep breathe, and with extreme skill, spit out smoke ring. Then, she looked at the smoke rings slowly dissipated, just as if she is completely appreciating her own work.

In fact, Xiao He He is not willing to come to this kind of place alone and she does not have such courage to not answer Zheng Xie’s call nor even outright shutting it off. At that time, it was too noisy around her, so she could not hear the ringing. When Zheng Xie called back again, the phone runs out of battery.

That night after work, she did not go back immediately. Instead she remain in the company to work on a piece of work that is almost done. Another two colleagues are also working overtime.

In the independent glass office, her lady boss is pacing angrily on the phone. She raised her eyebrows in an angry bristle. She made a phone call and then throw the phone against the wall.

They carefully pretend to continue to work outside of her office.

After just three minutes, the lady boss’s angry has subsided. Snugly standing at the door while laughing, she asked: “Today this old lady is treating. Who wants to accompany me?”

The two men, one person need to go home to look after children while the other person need to cook for his girlfriend. Both made a haste escape.

Xiao He He thought for a moment and before she could come up with the right reason, the boss ‘kidnapped’ her.

Originally, Chao Boss wants to drive. But as she is struggling to reverse, she reversed the car into the wall and caused a large damage to the rear of the car. The boss said: “妈的, today really is a bad day…. We will take the cab and go.”

妈的 (pin ying: Mā de) – this is a Chinese curse word that is very commonly heard. It actually sounded like ‘mother’ which indirectly cursing the other party’s mother. NOTE: Do try to avoid using this curse word 

He He said: “I will drive.”

Then they went to the famous nightclub that is said to have the charm of Russian men and women dancing.

He He’s boss is in a bad mood. The worst her mood is, the louder she laughed. The more she drinks, one cup in her left hand and the other in her right hand. In a blink of an eye, she had finished a bottle. And then she open another bottle and drag He He to accompany her by playing. The person who lose will have to drink.

She started rambling on about her past. From kindergarten to talking about her bastard sex counterparts from an hour ago. He He did not interrupt but quietly listen as an audience. As she listen, she became tired and started taking the wine and drink it just like it is a soft drink.

Her boss tip the scales and said: “He He, you are a good drinker. I have never seen it before.”

He He looked at the glass in her hand and said: “Er, this is wine? I thought it was soft drink.”

Boss Cao is a tall with short hair and a mellow voice. She had pride so no one took her as woman. She light up a cigarette and the smell of thick smoke makes He He coughed.

The boss said: “This cigarette smoke is quite chocking. Never mind, I shall not smoke then.”

He He then said: “Sister Miao Miao, this particular cigarette has a particular smell. Give me one.”

The lady boss has drunk a little too much. She went over to He He’s side and helped her to light up a cigarette while saying: “If your brother know that I brought his sister, He He to a place like this, would he end up crushing our company? Every time he saw me, his eyes shows his suspicion that I look like I am a ‘lesbian’. Would he be worried that I attempted to seduce you?”

He He is amused. “No. There is no such thing.”

“I wished now that kid Zheng Xie will appear and see how his well-behaved just like a small rabbit sister now in this virtue. I would then stand at the side to observe his stroke expression.”

“He will not come here. He hates this kind of place and programs. And even if he is here, he would not have much expression. So you will certainly not able to see it.”

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