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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 21.1

The last chapter ended with Zheng Xie who saw He He going out with Cen Shi in his car…. did that lead to any misunderstanding between them? 

Chapter 21.1: A Sudden Big Change (平地一声雷)

Thunder is often unpredictable. And weather forecast is unreliable.

One day when Yang Wei Qi and Zheng Xie were together, she spoke to him about a case that she had recently completed. The parents who opposed to their adult daughter love and locked her in their home. The daughter smashed the glass and climb out of the home and ended up getting hurt. Finally, the daughter quarreled with the parents leaving them desperate.

Zheng Xie have a slight sigh. “Since the daughter will sooner or later belong to someone else. Why takes thing so hard? And earning themselves the reputation of being wicked.”

“What is that feeling of yours?” Yang Wei Qi chucked. “He He and the other person has finally got back together?”

Zheng Xie said: “Don’t even mentioned about this matter. If this is what she wants, then let it be.”

Yang We Qi was afraid to touch any sensitive nerve of Zheng Xie and make him unhappy. So she kept silence and only laughed.

After a long while, Zheng Xie leisurely spoke up: “I think, I will never want to have a daughter next time. Boys can fend for themselves, but if it is daughter, I cannot help but will control her a little. I will be afraid of her learning bad habits, fears of her getting injured and I would be worried all the time. And then she will be bothered by me, quarrel with me, then run away from home. Then I will cut off father-daughter relationship and finally forced me into my grave.” He envisioned his sad future.

Yang Wei Qi bit her lips to hold back her laughter. She laughed for a long time after and said: “I am sorry, I am sorry. I should be comforting you but why do I just want to laugh.”

Zheng Xie clapped his lips flat together but with a grave expression. “Because you are not kind.”

Yang Wei Qi laughed.

As they were chatting, a person walked passed them and suddenly turned to look at them for a moment. Then the person beat Zheng Xie on the shoulder: “Zheng Xie?”

They also looked up. It is a young man. But he is fat and in his arms is a very pretty little girl.

Zheng Xie wonder: “When did you come back?”

The man answered: “Just got back. Still have no time to contact you. This time will be back for a while, so also brought back my wife and daughter.” He pointed to a woman whom is walking in front. And the turned to the little girl in his arm and said: “Call Uncle and Auntie.”

The little girl called them in a small voice.

Zheng Xie said to Yang Wei Qi: “This is my playmates from childhood. We were classmates for years.” He is surprised to see the little three or four year old girl. “Your children is so big. I remember that we are of same age.”

The man said: “Don’t be jealous. Who ask you not to get married early?”

After the man left, Zheng Xie explained to Yang Wei Qi: “He went to live abroad for several years. We have not been in contact for a long time.”

Yang Wei Qi said: “He looks so much older than you. Really both of you are of same age? You did not introduce his name earlier.”

Zheng Xie mentioned a name. Yang Wei Qi lost in her thought suddenly said: “I have heard of that name before. The protagonist of that thing years ago…..”

Zheng Xie said: “You also know of that thing. It turns out to be famous. I thought only people within a small range know about it. And we should have forgotten about it by now.”

Yang Wei Qi said: “Actually I really don’t understand it. But then listening to them talking about it. And just recently we discussed a case and my boss uses it as an example, after a long sigh… that the law cannot protect the weak.”

Zheng Xie downcast his eyes. Yang Wei Qi decided to not continue the conversation.

On the way back, Yang Wei Qi think about it and gently sigh: “That man look very honest. Does not look like those people who will forces people to die.”

Zheng Xie looked straight ahead and said: “You are very nosy.”

Yang Wei Qi argued: “I am discussing about human nature. You think about it. A bunch of young people getting drunk and getting into drug abuse….. and it got into a chaos…. Chaos that landed people in prison, some had fallen, some masquerade while some people can calmly began a new life…. This society is just so not fair.”

A little distracted, after a long while, he replied: “In fact, in the beginning, I was also there. It was just an ordinary party. They drank a lot of wine. I drank until I was uncomfortable, so I left first. Two days later, I went abroad. After that I heard about this. I did not expect that it would have blown into so big. I have a few friends who did not know what happen but was pulled into the case. If I did not left early that day, maybe I would have been also involve in this case.”

Yang Wei Qi did not expect that have dug up such a result. She sighed: “This is the nature of your lucky life. You managed to escape the evils.”

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