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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 20.3

While translating this chapter, I am a little frustrated. I personally felt that He He is aware the importance of Zheng Xie in her heart. She is trying her best to convince herself and everyone around her that she only thinks him as a brother.

In this chapter, I also felt that Zheng Xie truly cares for He He and treats her better than any brother would have treated his sister. It is obvious to everyone around them but themselves. This leads to my personal opinion where I think both of them are aware but are in denial… I wonder how many chapters more before they finally realized it and get together… We have finally reach the 2/3 mark to complete the main novel. There is another 10 chapters + 4 epilogues to go….. Some of the chapters are super long so, sit back and lets enjoy the read together……

Chapter 20.3: Something to hide (心中有鬼)

Zheng Xie said: “Okay, I know. Didn’t you said before that you don’t want to drive a car? Why suddenly thought of buying a car?”

He He explained: “Always trouble colleague by borrowing their car, a little embarrassed.”

Zheng Xie calmly said: “The car in the garage downstairs has been idle for so long. Why do you want to go and spend so much money?”

He He shook her head and said: “That car is too expensive and is very loud. I am not a good driver, always worried about hitting into someone else or someone else hitting into it.”

Zheng Xie said: “Your garage is now not available right? Move the car out and you use it.”
He He said: “No need. The security in the residential area is good. My car is an ordinary car, parking outside is good. And I am weak in reversing car, so very troublesome to park into the garage.”

Zheng Xie decided not to say anymore and gave his greetings while ready to go. However, he is not able to look for his shoes. He He helped him to search for it and only managed to find it in the corner of the flower pot. This kind of mischievous play, apart from the cat, Xiao Bao, there is no one else that they could think of.

Zheng Xie said: “The cat, is so like you when you were younger. I said a few words to upset you, you went to hide my things. And this causes me to not being able to find them for several days. How come you do not teach her any good points instead?”

He was going to take away those things that he came for. He He is worried about his hand and followed him, grabbing those items from him and sending him down the stairs.

When she is heading back upstairs, she touched the garage remote control in her pocket, then went to open it, wanting to take a few things to bring upstairs. The new car that she bought is the same color as the handsome hatchback car that is sitting quietly inside the garage.

Last year, after getting her driving license, Zheng Xie brought the car back. He said he is doing his friend a favor so got the car. Because He He’s garage is idle, so he put the car there.

Zheng Xie hardly use the car. Occasionally, when he comes back to stay over, he will take He He and the car out for a drive. On the pretext that it is a long way, asked He He to drive. He said that car left idle for a long time will turn moldy, so want He He to take it out often for a drive.

He He knew that Zheng Xie bought the car to give to her. But she has always been reluctant to accept expensive gifts from him, so Zheng Xie pretended that it is not. So she chooses to pretend not to know as well.

Today, Zheng Xie chooses not to say anything but He He knew that he must be very angry.

She stayed in the garage for a while. Cen Shi whom had disappeared for a few days called her. Cen Shi said that he will be heading to B city the next day and would be staying there for a few months. So He He please come out and have tea with him. Considered as sending him off.

He He felt that recently, she had treated Cen Shi very badly. Since he would be leaving, she has no reason to refuse. And frankly, that year, apart from the bad joke by Cen Shi, he had been very good to her. He had brought a lot of sunshine into her life. Even after the affair was uncovered, he had apologies sincerely enough. But it is just her not willing to accept him again.

He He has just gone upstairs to change her clothes when Cen Shi already arrived and is waiting for her downstairs. She sat in his car and the car pulled out slowly from the residential area. The two-way street in the residential area entrance is very narrow. When there are two cars parallel to each other, it is very close.

Just as it is, when they were heading out, Zheng Xie happen to be returning back. Both car have stopped next to each other. Cen Shi politely said: “Hello, Mr Zheng.”

Zheng Xie nodded slightly and said to He He: “I have forgotten something upstairs.” His voice was light and then he sped away.

Xiao He He has always been forgetful. Things will also fall. Can only say that God is against her.

He He is silent all the way. Cen Shi turned around and glanced at her several time with a teasing laugh.

He He got a little annoyed and said angrily to Cen Shi: “It is not what you think.”

Cen Shi said smilingly: “I am not thinking nonsense. This Mr Zheng is a gentleman. When playing, he will play. But once he is serious, there is absolutely no turning left or right and other mundane. Though I do not like him, but I totally respected his character. You really do not need to explain to me.”

He He just kept quiet.

Cen Shi could not endure anymore: “I just think that your look earlier is very cute. Just like a child caught by the adult doing something naughty. Do you want to give him a call right now and tell him the truth is not what he imagined it to be?”

He He restored her calmness and wondered to herself. She obviously intended to treat Cen Shi with a better and friendly attitude before he leave. Why did she lose her temper? Poor Cen Shi, he is always her venue to vent her anger.

She calmly asked: “Is there any need to explain?”

Cen Shi said: “There is absolutely not necessary. What is there to explain?”

He He bowed her head and fiddled with her fingers. Her felt there is no such coincidence that comes in pairs. Zheng Xie must have been very furious with her tonight. And she is very upset just thinking about it.

But until she departed ways with Cen Shi and got home, it was late at night. Even till heading to bed, Zheng Xie did not call to ask her. And she has not courage to call him.

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  1. Thanking you very much for translating n updating daily even though u just started a new job. 😀

    Y is HH think ZX angry with her over a mere car??!!!

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    1. Thanks Julie. Still manageable for now 😊

      Personally I think both of them tends to keep things in their heart with leads to some misunderstanding from time to time


      1. So HH try to distance herself because he already has a steady girlfriend?.. I think because of the conversation she heard between ZX and his friend about her make her afraid to admit her feeling…

        Thanks for translating

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      2. Hi wanzhaf, totally agree with you. I felt that she would have most probably heard the conversation back then hence had also kept her distance from him. Hopefully we will find out more in the later chapters.
        Have a wonderful weekend ahead.


  2. Thank you….i think they care very much about each other. Afraid to say things that might upset the harmonious balance of relationship they are having now…

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