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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 20.2

So, to avoid Cen Shi, He He decided to get herself a car so that he has no reason to drive her anywhere…. interesting way to avoid staying in contact with anyone though… so did that successfully keep Cen Shi away?

Chapter 20.2: Something to hide (心中有鬼)

A few days later, He He as usual, after dinner, is sitting on a pile of cushions on the living room floor. Leaning against the sofa, she had the TV on while placing her laptop on her laps. She is reading novel while also multitasking by chatting with her group of friends online. She occasionally looked up at the TV news while her drinks, snacks and paper towels are all placed within her reach.

He He was surprised with Zheng Xie’s call. He said: “Come over and help me to look for something.” It turns out that he was in the area so decided to drop into his apartment to pick up some items.

He He put aside her stuff and went over to help him. Zheng Xie rarely come to this apartment, so He He often go over to help him clean up and organize his stuff since they uses the place from time to time as warehouse. This time, Zheng Xie is looking for his new set of golf clubs.

He He things have always been very chaotic. But she would remember clearly where Zheng Xie’s things are kept. Stepping on the stool, she is ready to take the set from the cabinet top, but Zheng Xie said: “You step away. I will do it.”

He is tall. Standing on tiptoe, he put his hands up to take. But he was wearing a suit, so not suitable for this. Suddenly a snap was heard and his shirt cuff buttons fell off and rolled under the table. He He lying on the floor looking for it for a long time but failed to locate it.

Zheng Xie asked: “Such a heavy thing, you put it up yourself?”

Kneeling on the ground still looking for the button, He He holding her breath and said: “If not who would do it?”

“So many places, why you want to put it so high up? Some more to step on stool, it is very dangerous.”

He He said: “Stepping on stool, what danger is there? Ai, I found it.”

Getting up from the ground, she show off her findings to Zheng Xie, not forgetting to sarcastically said: “It turns out that the legendary custom shirt buttons will also drop.”

Zheng Xie said: “Do not talk so much. Help me find another shirt.” He fiddled with He He’s hair as her hair is messed up after laying on the ground.

He He said: “Those clothes had not been worn for a long time. I will go and iron it for you.”

Zheng Xie said: “Forget it. You help me to sew this back as I need to go to a party in half an hour.”

Zheng Xie followed He He across to her home. He He said: “Haiz. Should have brought a change of clothes for you to wear. Otherwise, you want to wear mine?”

Zheng Xie held out his arm and said: “Just sew it.”

He He frowned: “I am afraid that I might accidentally harm you.”

Zheng Xie said: “I am not afraid. What are you afraid of?”

He He is very good at the sewing. In less than one minute, the button is firmly sewed on.

Before she sew on the button, she got Zheng Xie to bite on a toothpick. She shared that this is something that the elderly thought her before. What specifically reason there is, she is not sure. She only believe that wise words from the elderly, listening to it is not wrong.

Zheng Xie felt that they must have been an interesting sight now, could not help but laugh while biting on the toothpick. He said: “This scene must have been allusion right?”

He He froze for a moment and said with a straight face: “Hateful”

Zheng Xie said: “I mean this is like Chow Yun Fat cool look. What is there to be hateful about? Where did your mind go?”

He He turned scarlet and she could feel the heat on her face. She just casually said ‘hateful’ based on intuition when Zheng Xie said about the ambiguous scene thinking about Qing Wen. The result is different from her expectation. Although Zheng Xie occasionally tease her, it was never frivolous.

It is a very smooth and easy task for He He. After checking that it is strong and beautifully sewn, she looked around looking for a scissors. Not being able to find any, she intended to use her teeth to cut the thread.

Zheng Xie propped up her chin with his fingers. “Do not use your teeth to cut the thread. This will spoilt your teeth.” He then stood up with her to look for a pair of scissors. He He carefully hold the needle.

Zheng Xie suddenly stepped on something soft and still moving. He immediately realized what it was. Surprised, he dodged it a little too hard, resulting in the needle impartiality into his hand drawing a deep bloodstain. Even blood started to ooze out.

The initiator of almost a murder, the little cat named Xiao Bao did not realized the trouble that she had created. Innocently squatting on the side with her eyes rolling. Because Zheng Xie had not come for a long time, she wanted to use the opportunity to improve their relationship. So it flatteringly pushed herself between his feet. Who knows, Zheng Xie is still as unfriendly as always.

He He hastily went to look for disinfect and bandage. Zheng Xie took the paper towel and pressed on the wound. “It is nothing. Only bleeding for a while.”

He He looked at the perpetrators and looking at its pure innocence look, she lift Xiao Bao on her neck and thrown her into the bedroom. Xiao Bao “Meow” sorrowfully and cried.

He He stood for a moment and see that it is all ok already. And Zheng Xie is intending to put on his coat and leave. She suddenly thought of something and said: “Two days ago, I bought a car. The car shop, Owner Lee is your friend. Because of giving you face, he took great care of me.”

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