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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 20.1

In the last chapter, He He finally make it really clear to Cen Shi about what she thinks and that there would not chance for him to come back into her life. Would Cen Shi really be able to stay away? What happen next? 

Chapter 20.1: Something to hide (心中有鬼)

Anyone that has something to hide will always think others are ghosts.

The next day, Xiao He He purposely took a leave of absence and got her friend Ding Ding to accompany her to look at purchasing a car.

Ding Ding said: “Did you not ever say that this lifetime, you only want to be passenger and not the driver? And you once gave me a lot of grief about how it is much more cost-effective to take a cab than buying a car. You even persuaded me to not buy a car. Why suddenly change your mind?”

He He said: “Age is catching up. So naturally one will have a change of heart. Do you remember that I used to only like to draw black and white? But now I eagerly put on colors.

Ding Ding said: “It’s strange. You still look like a young girl but your heart is just like an old aunty.”

“All things are balanced, ah. To retain the youthful look, one would have to bear the cost. Now you understand?”

Ding Ding chuckled: “A slope…. A slope….” She was brought up in a strict household and held for a long time and eventually could not spell out the word of “Pi” that she wanted to say that is indecent. “Whatever we had chat about before I return from abroad is all not visible? How come suddenly you become so vicissitudes? Is it really because someone with the surname Cen is back to confuse your mind?”

“So such thing. Let the past be bygone. Who wants to put that into heart and think about it? Only that recently a bunch of lost people suddenly popped up, so my thought went back to the past, even those that I have forgotten. Haiz. Let’s not talk about this. Very troublesome. Probably true that they say a 25 year old woman need some time to adapt back to normal life.”

“You don’t scare me. I will be 25 years old next month after my birthday.” Ding Ding suddenly lean in and whispered in He He’s ears: “Oh! How come I have never found you to have such sick temperament?”

He He had a shocked and almost jumped up from her seat. “Drive your car carefully. I am not weary. I am full of life and I intend to live to the age of eighty and have four generations. You don’t simply create trouble for me.”

Ding Ding is very satisfied with He He’s response. “Eighty years old with four generation? You are already 25 years old and still not married. Without early marriage and childbearing, how to meet your descendants is able to meet your extravagant wish ah?”

Both of them fooling around and finally arrived at a sizeable 4S shop. He He is not familiar with car and their makes. Since several of her colleagues are using the same type of car, she decided to go straight for the same type. Carefully choosing the color, she ignored the sales person who gave her enthusiastic recommendation. She managed to settle the purchase within 10 minutes.

Ding Ding is speechless. “If every customer has your efficiency, the store would be very happy. You don’t want to test drive?”

He He said: “There is no need. It is not a new model. I had drove my colleague’s car before.”

Ding Ding sternly said: “As the saying goes, car is like a partner. One need to find the most suitable one. How can you just be so casual about it?”

He He laughing and gently pushed Ding Ding with her hand. “Come on, what matters the most if being able to adapt to it. Learning about car is difficult. But then I think that I am most suitable with a Ferrari. You buy one for me, ah?”

Ding Ding said: “Let your brother Zheng Xie buy for you. He certainly would be willing.”

He He said: “Based on what grounds? He is not my real brother.”

“Brother Zheng Xie would be very unhappy when he hear this sentence.”

He He had no cash on her. As she was negotiating on how much down-payment is require and how to apply for subsequent procedures when the car dealer boss whom had just returned walked past her. He turned and glanced at her a few time. “Hey, you are not…… Director Zheng’s…….. you are called Xiao He He, right?”

He He nodded her head, vaguely remembering this person.

In fact, Zheng Xie rarely bring her out to meet all the messy friends that he had but she had seen one or two of them but she can’t remember any of them.

The tall guy that look simple and honest person, seems to be one of Zheng Xie’s supplier. He He could remember him because a few years ago, there is a banquet that the gentlemen brought his young daughter. So happen, He He is also free for the night, so went together with Zheng Xie. While the others are busy drinking, He He had been playing with the little girl.

The man at that time had just been widowed. After a few glass of wine, is moved by the gesture and said that her laugher is similar to his deceased wife. Under the influence of alcohol, he started asking about their brother – sister relationship for a long time. This very simple and straightforward man, He He felt that he is funny and is very touched by him. He has also left a good impression on her.

This already changed industry big brother is very happy to see He He. He had constantly kept in touch with Zheng Xie but could never see her. So he personally looked into her purchase and gave a big discount plus a lot of other free gifts. When He He follow up on the procedures and advise, he said: “You do not need to run those errands. Just leave your identity card and phone details will be good. Once they are all ready, you can come and collect. If not, they can send it to you. Or they can go and pick you up and bring you here. Down-payment money? Those money are not urgent. Just bank it into the company account when you are free.”

Ding Ding is totally stunned and speechless. “You are the VIP above the VIP treatment ah. Thanks to Zheng Xie whom is not your real brother. Otherwise, you can go sideways.”

He He said: “Huh, I am just 狐假虎威 only.”

狐假虎威 (pin ying: Hú Jiǎ Hǔ Wēi) – this is a Chinese idioms that means, to bully others by the virtue of someone’s influence.

The car shop owner is very efficient. The next morning, the car is already under her ownership and is delivered to her. There is even someone accompanying her for the next two weeks. Every day, someone automatically appear in front of her and sit in the front passenger seat accompanying her when she drive.

Cen Shi really never appear as promised.

If she had known, there would be no rush to buy her car. She really don’t like to drive.

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