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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 19.2

In the last chapter, even Yang Wei Qi started noticing and sense Zheng Xie’s care for He He is beyond the normal siblings relationship. However, it had been shot down nicely by Zheng Xie as usual. 

In this chapter, we will learn why Zheng Xie is adamant about never having the thought of marrying He He. Instead he insisted that his concern is only for He He’s best and he wants her to be happy. Is that really all? 

At the same time, He He finally open up and said that is necessary to Cen Shi. What exactly did she tell Cen Shi? Would they renew their acquaintance? 

Chapter 19.2: A little nerve disorder

Zheng Xie said with a straight face: “You should have already had enough. Why don’t we go?”

“Wait, I want to finish this soup.”

Zheng Xie support his chin with his hand and watched Yang Wei Qi finished her soup. She neither spoke nor smile. But in fact she is uncomfortable. She felt that it is too quiet.

“My parents actually grew up together. Both have a very good relationship. When the adults are not home, my mum will cook for my dad. And my dad will help my mum with her homework. They grew up going through many different failed relationship. Then people say, it would be better for both of you to get married. So they got married.”

Zheng Xie reminisced the memories of the past, not aware if he is telling to himself or for the ears of Yang Wei Qi.

He rarely mentioned his side of the family or his own personal stuff. Yang Wei Qi is slightly surprised and looked at him before saying: “My uncle and aunty are an example. Since my childhood, they like to mention the same. My uncle and aunty often said that their marriage is a good example.”

Zheng Xie said: “On this issue, I must say that they have a very good basis for everything. Family and friendship. Just lacking in love only.”

Yang Wei Qi quietly said: “In a marriage, love is always secondary. Trust, respect and tolerance should always be the top importance.”

Zheng Xie said: “You really talk like my mother. If she is still alive, she would have liked you. My mother often said that, in the over twenty years of marriage, more than half of the time, they are not by each other side. She often planned, when your father and I after this age, we will do this…. And instead, she did not even live passed the age of fifty.”

Yang Wei Qi was silenced for a moment and said softly: “I am sorry.”

Zheng Xie said: “Why say sorry. I just want to share with you, it is for this reason that the kind of assumptions that you had, I have never thought about it.”

“I understand. Thank you.”

The conversation between Cen Shi and He He in fact is far-fetched from the beautiful conversation that thought.

He He said: “Cen She, you are fully aware. I hate playing games in circles. This is because I have a simple and straight mind. I do not want to play with you. So I would like to make it clear once and for all. If you want us to try to renew out acquaintance, I am sorry. I do not turn back to the past. If you want to close the gap between us using the identity of a stranger with me, then let me tell you. In my standard, people like you can only be friends. Do not fit to be my Valentine. I am grateful that you think highly of me. But seeing how you are wasting your time, I am very uncomfortable and sorry. I am done. Now you may speak.”

Cen Shi is choked with her words and was silence for a long time. He is in deep admiration for her personality. She is no longer the kitten, quiet and well-behaved Xiao He He. Now she is a sturdy queen.

He said: “You don’t need to try to avoid me. Even as ordinary school friends, after so many years, we can also still catch up isn’t it? He He, you are really changed from the person before, although at the first glance, you do not seem to have changed much. You have been unhappy all these years?”

He He said: “Before you came, I have been very happy. Why, now you want to save my unhappy heart?”

Cen Shi said: “I want to save my own heart.”

He He gave the expression of eating something sour and said: “Cen Shi, this is the worry. This line is long out of fashion.”

Cen Shi naively asked: “So what is popular now?”

He He also felt that she had gone overboard and replied to a lot gentler tone: “Now it is popular to be a cool guy. Do not speak unnecessarily, do not suddenly appear. Just like how you were before. It is now popular again.”

Cen Shi said: “You remembered how I used to be so clearly?”

He He quickly changed the subject: “Why do you keep hanging around here? Isn’t this the best time for man to go and do business instead of hanging around woman.”

Cen Shi said: “I will be staying in the province for a while. I will only go back to the capital city after your friend returned from their honeymoon. It should take about six months.”

He He said: “Ah, no wonder you always cannot be lacking in entertainment.”

Cen Shi reluctantly said: “He He, I admit that I was not good in the past and recently I wrapped myself around you, hence making you tired. But can we not talk calmly? I just want to see you smile just like how you used to be.”

He He gave him a big smile. “Like this? It is not the case that you don’t have any brains. Why make such a big circle around. Why it is that smart people just cannot be direct.”

Cen Shi is totally confused with her and smiled while clutching his temples. “Okay, I will not bother you. But if you ever need my help one day, you must remember to come to me. I just want to compensate for the hurt that I had brought to you.”

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