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K-Drama Review : Noble, My Love (고결한 그대) – Part 3

Hi, sorry for the delay. Been a crazily period for me recently and only able to finished part 3 today. I will try to complete the final part – Part 4 soon.

Continued from K-Drama Review : Noble, My Love (고결한 그대) – Part 2 where we ended with both Kang Hoon and Yoon Seo signing up a contract relationship with PA Kang as witness. 

The contract is signed and sealed with a handshake between both parties involved. PA Kang reminded both that this is a smiling occasion which was greeted with a half-hearted and sneer between Kang Hoon and Yoon Seo.

Now that their contract relationship is place, both of them started ‘dating’ with Kang Hoon leaving the office and stopping to ask his assistant what does dating couples normally do at night.

Yoon Seo was locking up with Jin Kyung showing up to ensure that she attend the dance class that she had signed up for. Kang Hoon happen to show up as well. So all three ended up in the tango bar where Kang Hoon was introduced as the boyfriend of Yoon Seo to the surprised Sang Hyun. Graciously extending his hand out for a handshake, Kang Hoon totally ignored him until a poke from Yoon Seo.

Kang Hoon stake his claim on Yoon Seo by pulling her into an intimate embrace before leaving her for her dance class and walked away.

Outside his home, he imagine both Sang Hyun and Yoon Seo focusing on each other while dancing bringing jealousy into his heart. He called her but failed to reach her. He took a few breath to clam himself and tried again. Finally she answered the phone but was panting out of breath. Jealousy rake in and he snap about calling her tomorrow just to listen to her heavy breathing or should he just stop by tonight? This definitely land him with a dial tone when she hangs up.

Suddenly a voice calling him out took him by surprised. Pretending to sleep did not work. So he is in an all-night cafe with an annoying Choi Ra Mi (starring Lee Bit Na) for a chat. Kang Hoon desperately called Yoon Seo to come and rescue him much to her displeasure. Of course she ended up getting there where she was introduced as Kang Hoon’s girlfriend much to the annoyance of Ra Mi. Some bickering between Ra Mi and Yoon Seo which brings a smile to Kang Hoon until Sang Hyung walking in to drop Yoon Seo’s mobile that she had accidentally left behind.

The funny bickering continue with Ra Mi being rude to Yoon Seo’s annoyance. It finally stop when Kang Hoon pulled Yoon Seo for a kiss to prove that they are really dating. Little brat, Ra Mi left but not before entering her number into Yoon Seo’s mobile.

Nobel my love

Kang Hoon drop the sleepy Yoon Seo back while masking his feeling when she woke up.

The next day, Ra Mi shows up in Yoon Seo’s hospital. Yoon Seo called Kang Hoon whom was in a meeting but he gave her the upper hand to do what she wants with Ra Mi.

In the hospital, Ra Mi was finally storms out of the hospital when she lost the battle with Yoon Seo. This earns a grin on Yoon Seo on her victory. Yoon Seo called Kang Hoon to share the good news and he smiled which was noticed by PA Kang. He realized it and told Yoon Seo that he is in a meeting and need to hang up.

That night they went for their first date which is a movie date. But it is a drive in movie. Yoon Seo took a few couple ‘wefie’ as their first date remembrance. She wants to document their ‘relationship’ to prove how well she co-operated with Kang Hoon.

Their dating continued day after day which ended both with both of them getting nosebleed from the overexertion. So Yoon Seo asked for a day off from dating which got Kang Hoon really irritated.

The day off is in fact a girls night together with Jin Kyung. One of the light started flickering and Jin Kyung text Kang Hoon from Yoon Seo’s mobile about her finding another boyfriend. Kang Hoon rushed into the building a short while later only to be asked to change the light bulb that he could not. Instead Yoon Seo climbed up the ladder to do it and after it was done, accidentally slip and Kang Hoon caught her which ended both of them with kissing each other on the lips.

NML 11 01.gif

That did not end well when Kang Hoon upset Yoon Seo again about the whole kiss thing. The next day, Kang Hoon received a “Temporary Closed” sign on the hospital door. Text message to her is totally ignored. And this goes on where Kang Hoon calls and calls but getting no response. PA Kang to the rescue when he pass an invitation card to Kang Hoon about an event that he need to attend and suggestion to bring along a date would be a good idea.

Kang Hoon shows up at the hospital again and threaten Yoon Seo out. He brought her for a make-over before heading to the event.


At the event, who else but the irritating Moon Yoo Ra whom sneered at Yoon Seo when she was left alone as Kang Hoon was busy entertaining with his business acquaintance at the event. Hero to the rescue once again when Kang Hoon shows up next to Yoon Seo. Yoo Ra immediately switched to coquette and renewed her acquaintance with Kang Hoon where he admits that he does not remember. He sweetly introduced Yoon Seo as his girlfriend. Yoo Ra tell Yoon Seo to mingle and commiserate to Kang Hoon about having a useless woman in such an event. But Kang Hoon slide his arm around Yoon Seo and shared how he rather keep her to himself but she keeps him worrying by constantly disappearing. Way to go Kang Hoon! Show Moon Yoo Ra….

A short while later, Ra Mi shows up and snarks at Yoon Seo. Yoon Seo finally snaps and retorted back only to have Kang Hoon showing up and hearing the whole tirade. She sighed and asked if her job for the night is done and then turn around to leave.

Kang Hoon tells her to stop. Yoon Seo confirmed that once the agree period is over, it is over between them. He kept quiet. She walks away. Kang Hoon grabs her arms and spins her around for a kiss right in front of everyone and cameras.


Telling Yoon Seo that it is a mistake which he regretted later.

The next day, the kiss became a big news which caused PA Kang a meltdown. In his office Kang Hoon was watching the clip online much to his dismay. He asked for PA Kang help to ensure that Yoon Seo is not harmed in anyway.

At the dance class, Yoon Seo was still muddle brained from everything and accidentally twisted her ankle. Sang Hyun massage her ankle until Kang Hoon’s deep voice command him to let go. Sang Hyun explains that he is just working on the injury and Kang Hoon squats down to look eye to eye with Sang Hyun while asking if he does not understand hangul.

Both of them had an argument in the car where Yoon Seo had a go at him about his behavior and that she could take care of herself. Although he said through clenched teeth about her injury and letting other guys touching her legs, her mind was only on his admission about the kiss mistake the day before. Sweet Kang Hoon let her finished her tirade and only shared his heart about the kiss that wasn’t as mistake. Unfortunately, she does not believe it.

Kang Hoon swoops Yoon Seo into his arms and walked away while stating that he will take care of his own girlfriend. He brought her to her hospital and gently wrapping the bandage around her ankle. She reminisce and misses her old hospital much to the dismay of Kang Hoon and he gave the bandage that he was wrapping a hard tug. What a jealous guy and yet not willing to be open about his feelings…… Shocked at his outburst, she stared at him. He only looked down and said that the contract is not over.

Yoon Seo looking for a place to move which earns unhappiness from Kang Hoon when he found out. He managed to buy the place that she confirmed and when confronted, he readily admit it. He asked her to move in with him!


To be continued………. Stay tune!



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