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K-Drama Review : Page Turner (페이지 터너)

I finally got around watching the 3-episode mini drama, Page Turner (페이지 터너) aired on KBS recently. A highly recommended youth drama, this drama is all about youth and their love for the piano.  What I like the most about this mini drama, Page Turner (페이지 터너) is how the drama revolve around classical music, talented youth whom supported and encourage each other while bringing back the confidence that has disappeared while one discover a new reason after losing something. This is very difference from the normal korean drama where there always seems to involve love story. There may be a little hint here in the drama but it was not the main focus.

Page Turner (페이지 터너) is a story of 3 youth, Yoon Yoo-Seul (starring Kim So-Hyun), Cha-Sik (starring Ji Soo) and Seo Jin Mok (starring Shin Jae-Ha) and how they encourage and helped each other through their tough period of time.

Yoo-Seul is a genius pianist that is unfriendly and haughty who always wins first place against her rival, Jin Mok. She is as unhappy as she could be despite winning various music competition as she is driven by her mother, hence she felt like she is forced. She hated Jin Mok and piano but never had the courage to voice her frustration and unhappiness.

One day, she had an accident which leads to her becoming blind. At the hospital, while attempting suicide, she met Cha-Sik whom rescued her. And this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Yoo-Seul and Cha-Sik although Yoo-Seul was very difficult in the beginning. Cha-Sik with his determination and perseverance, managed to break the ice and wall that Yoo-Seul build around herself leading to gaining her trust.

Page turner


Jin Mok, is another talented pianist whom unfortunately always coming in second behind Yoo-Seul. He is jealous of her natural skills and in his frustration one day, was praying when Yoo-Seul met with the accident. Feeling guilty, he soften his heart and wanted to genuinely helped her in adjusting to her new daily live that was pushed away by Yoo-Seul.

With the help of Cha-Sik, Jin Mok whom have lost confidence in this talent, regained his confidence. At the lowest point, Cha-Sik got Jin Mok to replaced him in playing a difficult part that is also the highlight of the piece that both Cha-Sik and Yoo-Seul was mean to play for the 2 Piano competition that they were participating. This gain recognition from Yoo-Seul whom have never commented nor given credit to anyone in the past before. The recognition brings tears to Jin Mok.


Cha-Sik, an injure athlete leading to him retiring permanently from the sport who found his second dream in playing the piano. He met Yoo-Seul in the same hospital just after his attempted suicide (he changed his mind) after finding out about his injury that forces him to retire from the sport. He suspected what Yoo-Seul wanted to do when she requested for him to guide her to the rooftop. Instead he guided her to the car-park and when she tried to jump, he actually caught her just a floor below, much to Yoo-Seul frustration while it was to Jin Mok’s surprised.

Cha-Sik found a new interest and offered himself to be Yoo-Seul’s guide in order to gain entry to their school. Initially, Yoo-Seul was very reluctant to co-operate with him although she personally selected him as her guide vs Jin Mok whom also offered himself. Through perseverance and patience, Cha-Sik gain Yoo-Seul’s trust, brings out happiness to her life where she started to laugh (much to the surprise of Yoo-Seul’s mother, starring Ye Ji Won) and slowly leading her back to the piano that she had given up on.


My favorite moments of the drama are the following:

  1. When Yoo-Seul and Cha-Sik had an argument while practicing the piano which leads to Cha-Sik walking away in frustration (he was very frustrated because he wanted Yoo-Seul to return to the piano badly and the bet is that if she win the 2 Piano competition, she is not to give up playing the piano again). While Yoo-Seul was frustrated and was walking alone in the park, she almost fell but Cha-Sik pulled her back in time. He cheered her up with his funny voice apologizing to her (he inhaled helium balloons) and then later singing for her.
  2. It was snowing when Yoo-Seul was waiting for Cha-Sik with a book on her head. Jin Mok came up to her and they had a chat when Cha-Sik whom had arrived without their knowledge, overheard Yoo-Seul defending him when Jin Mok commented about Cha-Sik potentially would embarrassed Yoo-Seoul through their performance during the competition. The sad  look on Jin Mok face when both Cha-Sik and Yoo-Seul walked off for their practice.
  3. Cha-Sik sweetly helping Yoo-Seul to put on her lip gloss before the competition and the words of encouragement they provide for each other. The smile on Yoo-Seul look so
  4. On the day of the competition, Jin Mok from the encouragement of Cha-Sik to replace Cha-Sik in the competition as Yoo-Seoul partner (although it almost broke his heart for giving up his dream to play on stage together with Yoo-Seoul). This leads to the perfect ending of this drama where Jin Mok and Yoo-Seoul won the competition that brings real happiness and smile to Yoo-Seoul and Jin Mok regain his confidence in his talent. On the other side, Cha-Sik performed a stunning performance while playing on the public piano much to the amazement of all the everyone around him. Ji Soo on piano


A beautiful ending, I had truly enjoyed the beautiful performance of Beethoven – Symphony No. 9 in D Minor Op. 125 arranged by Liszt. The amazing performance brought smile of happiness to both Jin Mok and Yoo-Seoul (although she thought it was Cha-Sik whom performed together with her, totally unaware that it has been changed at the last hour).


For those whom are interested in reading a detailed recap of each episode of this meaningful drama, you may read them on The link as below:

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