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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 16.2

In the last post, the little surprised about Su Ren Ran getting married and not surprisingly He He is one of the bridesmaid whom is beautifully dressed as everyone commented. Although Zheng Xie noticed it and also noticed that He He is not her usual self as well (he noted that her smile was forced), he did not think too much to it. As usual, his concern for her is beyond any sibling love where he understands her so well to the extend he actually instructed his secretary to look after her ensuring that she did not drink to much. 

The news about Zheng Xie seeing Yang Wei Qi is already in the market…. and interesting enough, Zheng Xie is not denying it instead we got to see a glimpse on his thought on the ‘relationship’. So would their ‘relationship’ progress further? Read on……. 

Chapter 16.2: Understanding that is too deep

The newly-wed couple came over for a toast with only one set of bridal party. And it is not He He’s group. The bridesmaid gave him a sweet smile, seems like an old friend but he could not remember where he had met her. Zheng Xie subconsciously turned to look for He He. He found her standing a few meters away with Cen Shi. Both of them are standing at arm’s length between them. He He had a slight smile that does not reached her eyes. Cen Shi was looking at her, with not much expression on her face.

At noon, the wedding gradually come to an end. Zheng Xie pulled out his cell phone to see a missed call. He called Yang Wei Qi back.

I heard that you are attending the wedding on the island, Yang Wei Qi said. “I seem have not been on the boat for six or seven years.”

Zheng Xie said: “If you really want to go out to the sea, I have a yacht.”

“Surf boats? I will get seasick.”

“10 meters long type. Will not get seasick. Today the weather is also good to go out into the sea. You want to come? An hour later, meet me on Dock No. 3.”

There will be another dinner at the seaside hotel for the wedding couple. He He left with the newly-wed couple while Zheng Xie went to meet Yang Wei Qi.

They have not seen each other for a week. But they occasionally keep in touch, so they do not really missed each other. Zheng Xie felt a little anticipation in meeting Yang Wei Qi, even though it is because he needed to do something to divert his attention.

Zheng Xie did not had too much to drink. So when the boat is out of the coastline, the driver left the control room for Zheng Xie to drive. Zheng Xie taught Yang Wei Qi patiently how to sail.

She learned very quickly. Within 20 minutes, she is able to do it on her own but with Zheng Xie accompanying her on the side. When Zheng Xie step away, she cried in astonishment and reached out to pull on Zheng Xie’s clothes. Totally disregards her image as a lady. Zheng Xie laughed.

At night, the moon rose slowly from the east missing the big sky with clear stars in the sky.

Yang Wei Qi lying on the lounge chairs on the dock looking at the sky: “so many stars, so bright. I remember only seen this as a child.”

“You don’t travel a lot, right?”

“Yes, if I have time, I rather sleep in at home. I used to always think that travel is a dedicated thing. Might was well stay at home, watching the scenery photos, as there will be a sense of immersive.”

Zheng Xie laughed and found that he could not respond to this. Yang Wei Qi said: “Really, I remember a scientist said that a lot of people look at things that happen to other people. When it happen to them, as it will produce the feeling of sadness, joy, pain and anxiety. Perhaps it is a mild comparison, but the feeling is the same.”

Zheng Xie said: “I have heard to the contrary instead. As long as things happen to them as it happened to someone else, make their own spectators, they will not be angry or sad but not what as the scientist say.” He remembered He He said it when she was younger so he was astounded. Thinking about He He, his heart somewhat felt guilty.

After a while, Yang Wei Qi broke the silence. “Sometimes the heart is tired, want to get a house at the beach, forest or a cabin in a field. On one living around the area, everyday fishing, picking fruits or vegetables. See the sunrise in the morning, and the sunset in the evening. Watch the starts at night for the whole lifetime.” She did not see Zheng Xie respond, automatically added: “Is it hypocritical?”
“You can stand without running water and electric lights? No network, no television and mobile signals?”

“Cannot stand, so I just think about it.”

“When I stay at the beach, forest or cabin in the field, each time I could only stay for just a day or two.”

“Cannot see you would enjoy. I thought you were the kind of person who had the greatest pleasure in work.”

“Did not feel like that is enjoyment. Took a two days rest for the better work spirit. Work to earn more money while more money is to be able to enjoy better conditions. But also to enjoy a better work….. it is simply a vicious cycle. I do not know what to do in the end. The result is a kind of rest but also felt like work. There is no fun to it.”

Yang Wei Qi giggled again and continued to look up the sky. Zheng Xie in the meantime, lean against the fence, sitting in the dark with his head down. He do not know what to think.

“Zheng Xie, you are not in a good mood today?”


“When you’re in a bad mood, you will look down at your fingers.”

“Is that right? And you found out this? In fact, I rarely have moments where my mood is very good.”

“But you look exceptionally bad mood today.” Yang Wei Qi look at the time. “Why don’t we go back? You have accompany me for a few hours already. Go to bed early.”

Zheng Xie sighed softly: “In fact, nothing much. Just met an old friend today. And thought of some unpleasant memories…”

“The wedding?” Yang Wei Qi see that Zheng Xie did not deny and tried asking: “Your old flame?”

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    1. Hi Kitty, yes, I am assuming that ZX is in a bad mood because CS is back. Not sure if it is because he is jealous or is it because he is worried that HH will get hurt again at the sight of CS. Unfortunately, there were no indication of ZX feeling here by the author.


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