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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 16.1

Chapter 16 is an extremely long chapter. So it has been broken down into many parts. Sit back and enjoy the read!

A little surprised news in this chapter….. someone is getting married…. who? Read on……

Chapter 16.1: Understanding that is too deep

Understanding but can also be full of surprises

Zheng Xie look at the invitation card on the table. He felt that the world is changing very fast.

The groom is from the city shipping industry, and he had met a few time. What is more surprising is the name of the bride. It is actually Su Ren Ran.

He still remembers that long ago, Xiao He He has also strongly recommend her friend to him. And Cousin Qiang Wei also had solemnly added this lady’s name on his blind date consideration list.

The round moon had not even turn two full cycles, a lot of things have changed.

The wedding is created in a new style where it is to be held on an uninhabited green island. Each guest will be send to the island on the yacht. Very different from the usual wedding car, this wedding will be using rows of yacht. Only a few thousand square meters island that will be surrounded by a dozen of luxury yacht moored, it would totally amazing.

To Zheng Xie’s understanding, wedding is a place provided for everyone to join in and have fun while catching up with each other. He is often confused on who the wedding couple would be.

On the same tables are acquaintances including Su Ren Ran’s brother, Su Mao Wei. But the brother’s face today is without a smile. When entertaining others, he will smile but when returning to the table, the smile totally disappear.

“Damn, the look on your face does not look like you are marrying off your sister. Looks more like you are selling your sister.”

Su Mao Wei had a little too much to drink. He glumly look at the person who has spoken: “As a person who does not have a sister, you do not understand the brother’s pain. A dearly loved sister, suddenly is going to belong to someone else. Damn, no difference from being stolen.” He cast a little resentful eyes towards the direction of the groom.

“Who say I don’t have sister? I have lots of sisters. I have a few really good sisters……” The man whom have also drank a little too much replied in a playfully.

Su Mao Wei’s face stiffen. Sitting a few seats away Zheng Xie smiled at him and comforted him by saying: “Initially would be hard but after a while you will get used to it.”

“I almost forgot that this person also has a ‘sister’. Mao Wei, you should learn how his psychological development.” Some people started joining in the fun.

Ah Xie, your He He has changed a lot. Today, I could not even recognized her.” Someone helped to change the subject.

Zheng Xie turned to look at He He, one of the bridesmaid standing next to the bride. Today is is very elegantly dressed up in a lovely Greek-style white dress with her hair roll up, slim, composed and gentle. Indeed looking very different.

“Which one is He He? The one of the left? Oh my…. I remember that when I saw her last month, she still look like a little girl, a little doll hiding behind Zheng Xie.”

“Ah Xie likes to dressed He He up looking like a doll. He is a LOLI control.”

Zheng Xie did not bothered with them and turned to the new direction. The bridal party are divided into two groups of people. Xiao He He stood behind the couple with the dress and make-up that is different from her usual. Even her facial expression is a little strange. Although her smile looked very dignified, Zheng Xie felt that He He’s smile is a little forced.

Moreover, Zheng Xie looked at her going around in the group of people. He He is representing the bride in drinking the bridal wine which attracted a round of applause. She have to drink double of the wine serving. Originally the wine cup is only 1/3 filled but the bottle of wine was snatched and He He’s cup was deliberately filled to the brim. He He holding the cup and half turn before the best man beside her took the cup from her hand and bottomed it out. He He slightly bowed to him but did not laugh.

Zheng Xie’s secretary Wei Zhi Xian is also at the scene, helping out here and there. Most people around there also recognized her, so after the table, fight back into the crowd to toast her a drink.

Wei Zhi Xian had a corsage with the word “Friends” written on. Only a few very close friends will wear that. Someone teased her: “Ms Wei so beautiful, how come did not become a bridesmaid?”

Wei Zhi Xian laughed: “I have done it three times. As per the old people saying, more than three time as bridesmaid, will not be able to get married….” She bow to pay respect to the crowd before leaving. She also bid Zheng Xie farewell separately.

Zheng Xie whispered: “The best man looks a little familiar. Is he someone we deal our business with?”

Wei Zhi Xian immediately know which one he was referring to, because they are very familiar with each other. She whispered in response: “The groom’s friend. We do not have business dealings with him. Perhaps you have met on other occasions. I think his surname is Cen….. Cen Shi. Right. That is the name.”

Zheng Xie looked for a moment, he paused his voice and said: “I know. You go and get busy. And do not let He He drink too much. She rarely touched alcohol. So she do not have any sense of proportion.”

“I’ll be careful.”

He turned back to see the two buddies around the table looking at him with a faint smile and then coughed: “Becoming bridesmaid and best man for more than three times will lead to difficulty to get marry, this is the first I have heard about it. I have done three times as best man, so do not look for me when you all get married.”

“Go, even if the national sex ratio is imbalance to the extend we need to allow gay marriage, will not affect ‘Prince’ Zheng in finding a wife, what hypocritical strength are you showing?”

“It is hard to say. This person has the taste and level of expectation of almost the impossible. Most people do not meet his criteria in his eyes.”

It is usually hard to gather together just like today. A little eccentric Zheng Xie whom usually does not attend many parties, so they took the rare opportunity to seize the chance to create some damage.

“I heard you recently are very close with the daughter of Yang Zhong Xing. Is that true? I have seen the lady a few times. She is difference from your usual kind of women. You drag people into the water to accompany you to play games, really not kind at all.”

“That is, do not pick such a challenging one to play. Yang family is big. If you ruin the relationship, it will not look good.”

“How do you know I’m not serious?” Zheng Xie said casually and received a reply “靠” in return.

靠 – Pronounced as kào is a vulgar word that means “fxxk”

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  1. Wait, that Cen Shi is HH’s ex right? The one she met and cried afterwards, saved ZX from his date 😅 Your ” sis ” smile is forced, go ZX and save your doll 😍

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    1. Samie… Don’t get excited yet. More of Cen Shi coming up soon …. 😰 he hasn’t given up on He He yet…. Stay patience for now 😉 thank you for the encouragement and support. Enjoy the read 😘


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