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K-Drama Review : Noble, My Love (고결한 그대) – Part 1

One of my all-time favorite web-drama to date is actually Noble, My Love (고결한 그대). Introduced to me back in 2015 when it was broadcast, this 20 episode web-drama is actually a very short drama with only an average or 15 minutes each episode.

Noble, My Love (고결한 그대) is a story of Lee Kang Hoon (starring Sung Hoon), a wealthy heir who is cool and good looking but with almost no care for others meeting Cha Yoon Seo (starring Kim Jae Kyung), a cheerful and lovely veterinarian that run her own animal hospital.

During Kang Hoon and Yoon Seo first meeting happen when a lovely dog that was being used in the advertisement for Kang Hoon’s company’s product (Kang Hoon is the young but very talented CEO of the company called SOL) ran away. Yoon Seo saw the poor dog on the street outside of the convenience store that she was coming out from. Yoon Seo reprimanded Kang Hoon (when he caught up with the dog) about mistreating the dog and went on about how the poor dog is thirsty and hot especially in the studio filled with lights and lack of fresh air. That certainly lead to their mutual dislike to each other.

Nobel my love 10

As fate takes it own course, Kang Hoon was hurt when he escaped from the hands of his kidnappers. And of course, our lovely vet, Yoon Seo had to found him in the rain. She brought him back to her place and managed to save Kang Hoon that night while treating his wound although she does not have license to practice on human but only animal.

nobel my love 7

Kang Hoon got up first in the morning (after a night of falling asleep next to Yoon Seo while holding her hand after she treated him) and left with his name card and contact for Yoon Seo. Unfortunately, Yoon Seo did not see that and accidentally bump the card into the bin instead.

Kang Hoon personal doctor pronounced that his wound were ‘A Job Well Done’ which leads to Kang Hoon remembering (later after he had completed his busy day routine) Yoon Seo and wonder why she had not contacted him. He remembers her gentle manner and sweet kindness. So he performs a little goggle on his savior. And he continues to think about her the following day when there were no contact from her yet.

In the meantime, of course our sweet vet Yoon Seo was cursing him with names for disappearing. She nicely describe Kang Hoon to an adjumma who asked her what kind of man she is looking for? And Yoon Seo wonder how the man is healing (a true medical person to the heart indeed).

Over at his side, PA Kang (starring Park Shin Woon) hands to Kang Hoon information on the animal hospital and our lovely vet. He recommend that Kang Hoon gives her a generous compensation while making it a good Public Relation out of it. That obviously was rejected by Kang Hoon. Instead he chooses to wait for her to contact him.

Kang Hoon wait and wait and wait some more. He ran out of patience and decided to go and see her instead. So he went to her practice and observed her in his parked car. He saw the door of her hospital open with an angry adjumma stepping out because Dr Cha refuse to groom her dog. Dr Cha explained that her business is for emergency and medical services only. Our main guy rolls down his window to take a closer look.

To his amusement, our Dr Cha heads out shortly after to put up a big sign that says ‘No Grooming!’ that leads to a smile on his face while he observed her complaining out loud. PA Kang found it amusing that his boss is smiling. Poor PA Kang quietly disappear back into the back of the vehicle again when Kang Hoon glared at him.

Kang Hoon looked back and saw Yoon Seo spins and upturns her face to the sun. Stunned for a while, he quickly grabs his phone and snap a picture of the smiling Yoon Seo with her eyes closed (such a sweet moment).

Returning to the location later and found Yoon Seo not there, he grumbles on the sidewalk wondering where she is when she sails pass him on her bike. He calls out her name and she screeches to a halt. She spins around and both of them get a good look at each other.

Yoon Seo finally recognized him and asked about his injury. They entered the hospital together  before Kang Hoon quickly taking a step back and command Yoon Seo to take care of ‘that thing’. He was of course talking about Mae Rae (Yoon Seo’s pet cat) who was staring in awe.

Not taking in his charm, Yoon Seo calls his heartless. He kindly explain that he does not like flying hair while she explained that she does not give a damn about his chaetophobia. He lifted his eyebrows and step into her personal space.

They sit down to chat about the past events. Asking her why she never contacted him, she is surprised as she never saw his business card. She then hands him an invoice written on a post-it note. He look at it in horror. She explains that human health insurance cannot be used so it is a reasonable price for the services rendered.

Offended, Kang Hoon refuses to pay because he thinks that his life is worth much more. Curious if she had any ulterior motive, he leans closer to her. This leads her her taking offence notion and throw the post-it note on the floor. Mae Rae took the opportunity and slide across the floor leading to Kang Hoon requesting for him to be moved away. She stands up to comply but ended up slipping on a ball and tumbled into his arms.

Surprised, both spring apart. Yoon Seo yells at Kang Hoon asking him to pay for the treatment and leave. But he crowded back into her personal space and extend her an offer that is too good to be refused.

Kang Hoon brought Yoon Seo to a fabulous location in the trendy side of Seoul. It is a brand new state-of-art animal hospital. Finding out that Yoon Seo thinks that it is a perfect and terrific place, he commends her to move her business into this neighborhood which she declines. It is too high end for her but to him, it is the payment for her whom had saved his life. She replies that she appreciates it but she is not taking it up.

Bewildered and confused on her behaviors, he takes out his frustration in the handball court which flashback to the conversation with Yoon Seo. Proud of her accomplishment, she does not take anything that is just handed to her. Annoyed, he said: ‘Take what you’re offered or else you will regret it!’ Instead, she laughed him off about it and rejected it again.

Back in her hospital, Yoon Seo is shocked when her landlord stop by to say that the entire building have been purchased and is scheduled for demolition. She collapses in despair after the landlord left.

A call from Kang Hoon and both of them argue, Yoon Seo in frustration while Kang Hoon with his evil amusement. He warns her to move out before the building is destroyed in a week’s time.

Yoon Seo googled Kang Hoon and discover his real identity. She text him various text messages from calling him a jerk to threatening to expose his bullying tactics then lastly whining. He was totally not moved instead commends her to surrender.

Poor Yoon Seo started visiting local real estate agents but could not get anything with the returned deposit money. Trying to get bank loan failed as well.

In the meantime, Kang Hoon had her trailed and giggled at her expressions after each failure. Impressed with her perseverance, he orders his PA Kang to activate Plan B.

Kang Hoon win with Yoon Seo storming into his office when the ‘demolition crew’ turns up. Totally angered, she strikes him few times with her bag and collapses into a puddle of tears. Totally lost, he stares at her wet face and says in low tone, “So, come to me, then.”


Noble my love 11

To be continued……


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5 thoughts on “K-Drama Review : Noble, My Love (고결한 그대) – Part 1

    1. Hi Juli. It is a great web-drama if you have not watched it. I have actually repeatedly re-watch the drama over and over till I lost count how many time I had watch it. Very light entertainment. I will work on the part 2 of the review soon. So stay tune!


      1. Oh, you watched it! I love this web-drama too….. Their starting is soooooo funny and when he forced her to move to the hospital that he got ready for her, it is amusing. He had a little of a panic look when she started crying in his office….

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