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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 13.4

The final part of Chapter 13. Shi Lin took the opportunity to bring He He out for ice-cream where they encountered Zheng Xie and Wei Qi also having ice-cream at the same place. While Zheng Xie realized that Wei Qi reminds him of He He, on the other hand, He He thinks that Wei Qi suits Zheng Xie very well. Shi Lin took the opportunity to also try to find out He He’s ideal kind of man… would he be the kind of man that He He would be attracted to?

Chapter 13.4 : Turn left and Turn Right

This evening, after meeting with his crew, he found He He in their research labs working overtime, so naturally went over to her. By the time they finished, it was only seven o’clock. When he sent He He back, he asked: “You should not have eaten. Where do you want to go to eat?”

“I’ve eaten.” Shi Lin disbelief what she said and then added: “Eat a bowl of instant noodles, it is still early.”

Shi Lin smiled: “Are you deliberately make me feel guilty?”

He He replied with a smile: “Otherwise, you treat me to ice-cream. All the debts from before are all written off.”

“Such a good and considerate girl. I owe you several meals. Only treating you to something so cheap?”

“I am not a considerate person. I want to take you to the best place to rip you off.”

The ice-cream shop is expensive and has a strange style. Strange grid floor, plaid wallpaper, decorative three-dimensional lattice everywhere, walking into it feels like a maze, dizzy…..

He He asked him: “Do you eat ice-cream?”

“I do not eat. Where got man who eats ice-cream?”

“What a pity. Then I cannot order the banana split.”

“Why? Just order it.”

“How can? I cannot finish it all alone.”

“Eat as much as you can.”

“Knowing that it would be waste but also deliberately waste. This is a shameful behavior.” He He said with a frown.

“You have just said that coming here is already a waste. So it does not make much of a difference.”

“Not the same ah. The store selling expensive is the character of the store but I could not finished and waste it is the question of my character.”

Shi Lin looked amusedly at her serious look and ordered the banana split for her: “Whatever you cannot finish, leave it for me to eat.”

He He has a cute look when she is eating, like a small animal with a satisfied look. Shi Lin quietly drinking water, turning from time to time to look elsewhere so that he does not appear too rude. Turning in another corner of this dazzling lattice cage sits, Zheng Xie with Yang Wei Qi.

Meantime, on the other side.

Zheng Xie leans back against the chair. His hands gracefully study the crystal glass bowl full of water while knocking about it with a fork to observe it sounds. After a while, put his dingers across the glass and observed his own fingerprints through the magnifying glass.

Yang Wei Qi look on at the funny scene in front of her. Obviously he is playing like a child but with his dignified posture and quiet look, Zheng Xie’s childish gesture looks gives the solemn sense of scientific experiments.

She accidentally blurred out her thoughts: “I rarely see men having a good time playing while concentrating on the cup.”

Zheng Xie gently raised his lips: “I have rarely seen a woman in the night eating such a big bowl of ice-cream so happily.” In fact, he had only known one other woman who does. Woman? His mind flashed back to the word again.

“Actually I am not always so degenerate.” Yang Wei Qi dig into the huge bowl of banana split in front of her and forcefully dig a tablespoon into her mouth before saying: “Today is the case where I am extremely depressed about something so I need this to cool down.”

“The last time you said that because you had a happy thing, so eat ice-cream to celebrate.”

“You really don’t understand women.” Yang Wei Qi had something in her mouth so was a little vague when speaking. She half-blocked her mouth with a napkin and swallowed: “Happy and depressed all need to vent, typically is the same such as money as well as self-flagellation.” She looked at Zheng Xie and said: “You really do not want to eat? It taste really good. Brings back the memories of childhood. I have not touch that part.”

“Ever since I had gastritis after eating ice-cream in my childhood, I never touched it again.”

“Your illness may not necessarily be from it but could just be coincidence.” Yang Wei Qi added with admiration: “Your ability to resist temptation is too strong.”

Shi Lin waited until they were about to leave before heading over to Zheng Xie to greet them. Both Zheng Xie and Yang Wei Qi also happen to get ready to leave.

Because it is some of their first time meeting, so there is polite introduction. He He is introduced and Zheng Xie said: “This is Xiao He He.” He He who kept her head down and looked up towards Yang Wei Qi with a shy smile. Zheng Xie stop for a while before adding, “my sister.”

Yang Wei Qi eyes flashed with a little surprised, seem like searching in her memories. Then she smiled and gently hold a grip on He He’s hand: “Nice to meet you, He He. Your name is special.” She turned to face Zheng Xie and looked at the two, “In fact, both of you really look a little bit alike.” The rest of them whom are present laughed.

Shi Lin sent He He home as planned. Before leaving, Zheng Xie seems to have something to say to He He but refrained. He He looked back at him, he paused and said the sentence: “Do not stay up too late. Go to bed early. Your black ring around your eyes has darken.”

While driving, Shi Lin thought back about the sentence and laughed: “Its one thing. That guy, what has nothing to do with his appearance, but did not expect that he can play parents role so well.”

He He lowered her head and smiled: “He had a habit of posing as my parents in front of me.” She looks out of the window glass that reflects like a mirror, looking at her face and said: “I really look alike him?”

Shi Lin turned and glanced at her: “The most alike is your ears. Both your earlobe shape are almost identical.”

He He puff and laughed.

Shi Lin added: “Don’t you believe? Many couples that have lived for a lifetime, the appearance will be more and more alike. You and Zheng Xie probably have been together for a long time, stand together, gives the feeling for a real brother and sister, very coordinate.”

“Oh.” He He do not know what to say, think for a long time and say: “The young lady today has very good temperament. Very kind. Gives the real noble lady feeling just like in the movie. Don’t you think?”

“Did not pay too much attention.” Shi Lin just discover another advantage of He He, She is full of goodwill and appreciation, not like the others, often rejected. “I just did not think that Zheng Xie will actually be willing to accompany women to this place. He never liked to obey others, others only obey to him.”

“He likes the cup here.” He He answered without many thoughts to it.

Shi Lin suddenly wanted to aske Zheng Xie questions about women but he soon realized Zheng Xie’s three months girlfriend experience which does not fit him. So he immediately dismissed the idea.

Three months. He thought for a moment, from his memory, Zheng Xie’s girlfriends since secondary school as well as when he was overseas in the foreign countries, none has indeed lasted over three months. Zheng Xie has a strong principles. As a student, he had once inexplicable joked: “Fresh period of three months.” Later this has become the indisputable truth and tough guide in Zheng Xie’s later life. He is truly admirable.

He probably does not care, shook his head and shared his thought: “I think this Miss Yang will be an exception.”

“Do you think Zheng Xie is serious this time?”

“Ah. Intuition. This Ms Yang, is just the kind that Zheng Xie would appreciate regardless of physical appearance or personality.” He He said with the tone of an expert solemnly.

Shi Lin want to faint. He is aware of one thing, He He with very few words would often lost interest in a topic of conversation. But with the exception of Zheng Xie. Like now, she is more focused on the future of Zheng Xie than Zheng Xie himself.

“Do you know your favorite type?” Shi Lin asked casually in a tone as relaxed as possible.
“Me?” He He froze for a moment, did not expect the subject to differ to this direction. “As long as it is not like Zheng Xie.” She replied casually.


“Otherwise, I will never have power in my life.”

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