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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 13.2

And so…. our handsome Zheng Xie has decided to date seriously this time and he choose Yang Wei Qi, the girl whom he met the last time after meeting Shi Lin. Now, let’s read the progress of their relationship.

Chapter 13.2 : Turn left and Turn Right

Yang Wei Qi have a good family background, a good education, good looks, good figure, a good mind and a good heart, totally impeccable. She was very easy-going, not fragile, insightful, not nonsense. Not blindly attached to him, unlike her generally eloquent and opinionated career, most of the time with Zheng Xie, she remains quiet.

She don’t wear heavy make-up, don’t dye her hair, no colourful nails and do not use strong perfume. Even when secretly dating, her clothes are very light coloured. Except she often drove the bright red car.

Yang Wei Qi said, she drives it to work daily as combatants. Bright colors can enhance morale. She always wear brightly for work. The first time they met, she did not managed to change after work.

In short, this woman would not make people feel impatient.

Zheng Xie asked her to dinner first. Strangers meeting again, they managed to get along well.

Later, she invited Zheng Xie back for dinner, of course, Zheng Xie paid for the dinner. So she invited Zheng Xie to have ice-cream.

The interval between the second and third date is only a matter of few days.

At the time, there was hesitation in the mind of Zheng Xie. It seems to be wrong somewhere but he could not find the reason. Perhaps Yang Wei Qi indeed is different from his previously associated women. She gave him a feel of familiarity and reassurance. Therefore, he is very respectful and treat her well while dating.

And she is different from the previous women, meeting both side for a few hours, will call or send text messages, going all the way to “kill”, the proactive stance is too obvious. Yang Wei Qi does not pester him. If she calls him when he is busy, she will ask him to call her back when he is free, and she will never call him again.

This woman, does not care and very modest. Whichever it is, it is better than proactively throwing herself at him.

Zheng Xie is not able to tolerate women who are takes their own initiative. He always felt that intelligent women who likes a man, will only think of a way to arouse the attention of the man, letting him come and make the move on her, rather than losing themselves on the man.

Zheng Xie can be a male chauvinist and large paternalism but when it comes to the relationship between men and women, he is very conservative.

There is a dinner party in the evening. As usual he will get Wei Zhi Xian to accompany him to attend the dinner together. But Secretary Wei is down with a bad flu and stuffy nose. So he sent her home early.

He had not seen Xiao He He for a few days. This girl has been very hard working recently, when contacting her, her respond is: “I am working overtime.”

“This evening dinner is not bad. The place I am taking you has a super Thai Chef on-site producing delightful delicacy.”

Then He He say Shi Lin is back this time with a promotion project for pupils. Their company are partnering up for this project with pressing time.

Hearing Shi Lin name, Zheng Xie no longer insist, then he thinks of Yang Wei Qi.

Yang Wei Qi is also working overtime, so no time to dress up. Zheng Xie accompany her to buy them.

“I usually dress accordingly to the recommendation in the magazine or wear black. So the probability of error is very small. But my boss always say that I’m not creative.” Yang Wei Qi stood in front of the rows of hangers with her eyes growing dim, honestly confessing that she do not understand fashion, although she is always in designer clothes.

Zheng Xie pulled out two dresses: “These two pieces suits your personality. Which one you like?”

“Pale yellow. What do you think?”

Zheng Xie hesitated: “I think it is okay but you should try the sky blue one….”

Yang Wei Qi took the dress and put it in front of her, then said with a small smile: “I will take the sky-blue one. Just this one. No need to waste time.”

She did not fight with Zheng Xie over the payment but insisted not to let him buy any jewelry. She only wore her original necklace and watch. And she did not have pierced ears so she do not wear earrings.

Her pendant shape is very common, a small abacus with the abacus beads are moveable. But Zheng Xie knew the price of the pendant. That every fine sapphire beads are genuine. To ensure of the color coordination, they use one piece of good materials to make it into many small beads. Really very a throwaway.

Yang Wei Qi see him looking at her pendant and smile: “It is very naive?”

“No, very good.” The eyes remain at the chest is very rude, so Zheng Xie turned his eyes away.

Zheng Xie recognized the pendant, only because the handmade pendant is from the city master hand. He made a total of three, green, red and blue and these are masterpieces. Because of the nature of the modeling and the ridiculous price, it is only exhibited after the master’s death.

He He once loved the pendant and vowed it to be the goal of her life. Zheng Xie later offered to buy it for her. He He rejected it, saying that he destroyed her life ambition.

Zheng Xie did not force her to accept it, only said that when she had enough money. Don’t know when from which corner of the world, he found the pendant so he bought it in advance. Just waiting for the time to sell it to He He at double of the price.

He He always complaint that Zheng Xie is a profiteers. But she has always had poor memory, so long time after, she forgot about the whole thing. In fact, if it is not because Yang Wei Qi is also wearing the same thing, Zheng Xie has also forgotten about it.

Yang Wei Qi said: “I know that there is a total of three, but I only got two of them. I tried to find out about the other buyer. I hope that she wants to part with it but the seller refuse to disclose the customer information. It is also better this way. Just do not know who has the same habit like me, but can be friends. I paid higher price just to get these two sets, and was laughed at by my friends for several years.”

Zheng Xie bowed and smiled, remaining silence.

He finally understood why yang Wei Qi gives him the sense of familiarity.

Many of her hobbies and likes are similar to He He, including those dishes that they ordered when they went of dates. On their second date, she wore a patchwork skirt. When she stands in front of a pile of clothes, she is so dazzled that she do not know which one to choose. Perhaps in the detailed information that Cousin Qiang Wei shared also indicated that: “she was interested in painting in her childhood, and in xxxx year, she had won the 2nd prize in the City’s Children’s painting Invitational Cup.” His impression of the competition is very deep because He He won the 1st place in the competition. Also her biggest win.

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  1. I wonder, which color of abacus pendant did ZX got for HH… Red or green 😍 indeed, its not just platonic brotherly job *swoon*

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    1. I vote for Red is the color that ZX got for HH. I wonder if we would ever get to know if ZX finally give the pendant to HH in the story. Thank you Samie for the encouragement. Hope you are enjoying the read as much as I am enjoying the novel.


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