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T-Drama Review : Boysitter (俏摩女搶頭婚)

I finally got around catching up with some of my listed to watch Taiwanese Drama. Started watching Boysitter (俏摩女搶頭婚) about a week ago and finally completed this 15-episode 2014 Taiwanese romantic-comedy series.  Starring Annie Chen and River Huang as the main couple / lead with Melvin Sia and Nita Lei as the other 2nd lead. The supporting cast, Yang Qing and Gao Shan Feng are a cute couple whom are very good friends of the main lead.

Boysitter (俏摩女搶頭婚) is a story of Yuan Fei (Annie Chen) who left her boyfriend Hao Jian Ren (River Huang) six years ago when he stood her up on their wedding day. Six years later, Yuan Fei returned from France and both of them met again as both of them are working in the same company.

Yuan Fei is now a career driven single mother whom later became Hao Jian Ren’s senior at work. Yuan Fei later got entangled in a love triangle when Wen Hao Ran (Melvin Sia) came into her life.

What I enjoyed about this series:

  1. Cuteness overload – Di Bao, the son of Yuan Fei and Hao Jian Ren. Wen Hao Ran loved this little cutie pie so much that he worked so hard to prove to Yuan Fei that he could be a good father to Di BaoBoysitter Di Bao
  2. Fang Mei Lin (starring Yang Qing), whom is the best friend of Yuan Fei. Through her numerous although annoying but cute tactics, she got Hao Jian Ren to ‘accidentally’ meet Di Bao and make him look after the ‘annoying’ boy on their first meeting together. Mei Lin throughout the whole series had Yuan Fei’s best interest in her mind, showing the closeness of their friendshipBoysitter2
  3. Ding Xiao En (starring Nita Lei) was very annoying at the start of the series when she throw herself at Hao Jian Ren as she secretly loved him over all these years although she know that Jian Ren never forgotten Yuan Fei and still loved her a lot. She started out trying to help Jian Ren by harming Yuan Fei in many ways. Thankfully she finally come to her sense, and decided to let Jian Ren go when she realized how much Jian Ren loved Yuan Fei. I like the ending where she pushed Jian Ren to fight for his own love and happiness on the wedding day of Yuan Fei and Wen Hao Ran
  4. Wen Hao Ran (starring Melvin Sia) was a very demanding with super high expectation General Manager / Director of his own company. He had a super powerful assistance, Kuo Rui Huang (starring Hsieh Li-Chin) which to some level can be quite annoying. His interaction with Yuan Fei irritated me initially but later when he slowly open up and show the genuine and care for Yuan Fei, I actually felt bad that he did not ended up with Yuan Fei in the end. Especially the last episode where he blew up and admitted his true heart and weakness to Yuan Fei.
  5. Wen Hao Ran’s interaction with Di Bao is sooooooo sweet! He truly love the boy and one could sense how badly he wanted to be Di Bao’s ‘Papa’Boysitter5
  6. Zhang Wen Hua (starring Gao Shan Feng) is such a funny character. His love and the way he try to pleased both his wife and his ever demanding mother for a grandchild is very entertaining. My heart felt for him too when he had to divorce the wife that he loved so dearly out of frustration. I loved the telephone ringing that he set in his wife phone after one of their argument. Not forgetting to mention the close friendship he had with Hao Jian Ren
  7. Hao Jian Ren (starring River Huang)…. Oh my…. I really hate his hairstyle here…. why does he have to keep the long and messy hair. I am sure he would look much cooler with a short hair. However, I applause his love and protectiveness over Yuan Fei. And when he discover the existence of Di Bao, how he tried to take it in and never blame Yuan Fei. The moment when he had to say Goodbye to Di Bao at the request of Hao Ran, it is simply heartbreaking. Not forgetting to mention the cute interaction with Di Bao before he discover who Di Bao actually is. It is so funny to see how both father and son has the same habit and eating styleBoysitter7
  8. Yuan Fei (starring Annie Chen).. I love her strong character and how she tried to cope by herself. When she finally realized that she could not cope alone, she finally open her heart and ask Hao Ran to marry her. I was hoping that she choose Hao Ran in the end which unfortunately not the case. I personally felt that Hao Ran gave in a lot for her and he would suit her more than the what appeared to be immature Jian Ren. The touching moment is when Yuan Fei discover Di Bao missing and how Hao Ran truly cared for her. There were just too many sweet moments between her and Hao Ran especially the moment when Di Bao was sick and Hao Ran stayed over. Sigh… I truly wished that she had chosen Hao Ran instead….
  9. I love the character Zheng Wen Qing (starring Jun Dong). He cares for Yuan Fei so much and how protective he is of her. Not many screen moments for him though as I wished it was more. Boysitter8
  10. The short period of time where Ding Xiao En and Hao Jian Ren was dating. Jian Ren did indeed tried his level best to forget Yuan Fei and tried to love Xiao En. It would have been nice if both of them did end up together as they do look sweet togetherboysitter-11

Overall, I have enjoyed watching Boysitter (俏摩女搶頭婚). It is fun, funny (most of the time) with a little of bittersweet moments. Although there were some nasty backstabbing moments especially when Xiao En tried to harm Yuan Fei while she tried to protect Hao Jian Ren, those were not too heavy for us viewers to take.

And of course not forgetting the wonderful list of OST. My favourite of course if Addiction (癮) by Genie Chuo (卓文萱). You can listen to the song here : Addiction (癮)






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