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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 12.4

Oh no…. Zheng Xie cousin sisters are back to arrange blind date for him again! Would he be able to get out of this one? Would Xiao He He be there to ‘rescue’ him again? Enjoy the read………

Chapter 12.4 : Knowing about the past

Cousin Xiao Wei’s nickname is Qiang Qiang, one of the children from the maiden side of Zheng Xie’s mother family. Since Doraemon showed the “strong” side with the music that is the prevalence of “Wei”, she began forcing everyone to rename her as “Qiang Wei.”

In the early years of University, Qiang Wei is the Drama Club President, therefore she acquired a superb exaggerated and theatrical expression. She seems surprised at the moment and stood up: “A Xie. What a coincidence. Let me introduced to you… this is your Cousin Bing’s junior apprentice and good friend, Chen Zi You.”

Turning to the lady whom have already stood up and said: “Xiao You, this is my cousin, Zheng Xie.” Zi You smiled: “I’ve heard a lot about you, finally get to see the real person.”

Then she continued to introduce: “This is He He, the little sister in our family.” She deliberately stressed on the “our family” rather than personal.

He He smiled timidly towards the beauty.

“We were talking a few minutes ago, and only found out that Zheng Xie is back today. Since he is also nearby, they have to come to see me and Cousin Bing Bing. What a coincidence.”

“Yes ah.” All the ladies elegantly smiled. After all, all ladies smile are similar.

Smiling most elegantly is Cousin Qiang Wei. Only 30 minutes ago, on the phone with Zheng Xie, she said: “Today if you dare not to turn up, you will be a dead man.” Not to mentioned that she already knew three days ago about Zheng Xie returning home. Moreover, his Cousin Bing Bing has now joined the ranks of matchmaker.

In fact, Chen Zi You was also abducted by the two sisters to come. Conventionally, she excused herself to the bathroom and did not come back for a long time. To stir along the atmosphere, they dragged He He along with them to the toilet as well.

So the two ladies had to make efforts to change the matchmaking attempt into a seemingly normal group of friends and relatives meet up. They strive to find interesting topics to talk about while looking forward to receive unexpected results.

The control of the scene is also very good. Just like ladies and gentlemen catching up over afternoon tea, only time is changed to night. The dialogue were scrupulous, question and answer, polite and calm.

Liang Bing Bing and Chen Zi You are quiet and light, soft voiced women. As for Xiao He He, she recognize the situation, only obediently bowed her head and sipped her tea while eating cake, avoiding from getting burned. Zheng Xie is surrounded by four women is also regarded as strolling leisurely. Cousin Qiang Wei is the one that worked the hardest until she ran out of new topic. But the others refused rounder for her so she cleared her throat and said softly: “He He has grown taller from the last time I saw her.”

He He would have to grow tenderly. She could deliberately lied about her age, would definitely be considered as a minor especially in the situation tonight.

Zheng Xie laugh: “He He has tanned a little during this summer and lost some weight. So she looks a little taller. Cousin Qiang Wei, you have make visual mistakes.” While saying that, he reached out and brush her hair behind her ears.

He looked up to enjoy Cousin Qiang Wei gradually stiff expression. Using chopsticks, he picked up the small dessert served and placed it on He He’s plate. “You missed the little snacks here for a long time. This time eat more.” Then he got the waiter to serve them more dishes, while remembering to show his welcoming hospitality to the guest: “Ms Chen, would you like more?”

“Thank you. I am on a diet, hence do not eat dessert in the evening.” Chen Zi You said softly.

The most innocent one is Xiao He He. Originally the pastry in Yingbin are very yummy and scarily expensive. In the past, when He He come to eat, she always felt like she is directly eating RMB.

But actually she is already full as well as had drank a lot of tea. Because she knew that she had been framed to become a “light bulb” (3rd party), the temperature has increased a lot. She is also secretly aware of the number of eyes actually on her now, even though she is showing them her head. But that also, she felt that her scalp has been roasted. In time like this, how could she taste these delicious pastry, she just want to quickly escape.

Zheng Xie refused to let her go and continuously filled her plate with dessert. She is totally speechless but could only use her eyes to indicate to him to spare her. Zheng Xie said: “Do you want juice?” He then took a paper towel to wipe the cake residue from her mouth.

“The relationship between Mr Zheng and sister is really good.” With a graceful smile Ms Chen said. The calm Cousin Bing Bing began to laugh really hard.

This well-planned matchmaking date has reached it finishing line. On the road home, Qiang Wei and Liang Bing Bing could not help but sigh.

Qiang Wei grind her teeth: “This Zheng Xie is a dead boy, always let me down. Frustrating me to death.”


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    1. Hahaha yes I loved the part where he role play with her and acting sooooooo sweet and loving 😉 maybe he is not role playing but it’s how he felt that he should treat He He.


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