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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 12.2

A long post today. In this post today, we read a little more about their childhood days and how Xiao He He became part of the Zheng Household. We also read a little about how protective Zheng Xie is when it comes to Xiao He He. 

Chapter 12.2 : Knowing about the past

Saturday morning, Zheng Xie and Xiao He He sat on the plane. He He face and eyes were swollen, presumably drank too much water before going to bed.

“Your eyes, if not swollen, it is black ring. It is harder to see you lately.”

“I am already 25 years old. It is said that this is the beginning of the declining of the age of flowers. Physical fitness has also begun to decline.” He He said while yawning.

“This little girl, can also say declining of flowers. When did you bloom?” Zheng Xie said to her. “Have you been staying up late?”

“I did not. Yesterday, I finally completed the work, so went to bed early. Ah, not that early as well, it is after 7pm. As a result, the face is swollen.”

“Work and rest is not the law.”

Over the years, Zheng Xie and He He had already formed the “left ear in, right ear out” strategy hence never quarrel. When Zheng Xie restored the silence, He He smiled and pulled his sleeve: “I recently made a little extra money, I treat you to a big meal. Where do you want to go?”

Zheng Xie asked: “How much did you earn?”

“Seven thousand. It is a lot, right?” He He said while showing off.

“So much? Then we go and eat the set meal at Jing Lu.”

“Jing Lu? Sounds like a nunnery. It is not all vegetarian? You will think of me being too cheap.”

“Its ok. One person only three thousand, so you will only have one thousand left.” Zheng Xie said casually.

“When did you change your name to 世仁啦 ah?” He He lowered her voice and cried.

世仁啦 – I am not able to find the meaning of these 3 words but am able to find out from Chinese-English dictionary online (Chinese-English Dictionary) that the meaning of 世仁 can be represented as clashes that comes from economic globalization

“You work so hard for the last two weeks in overtime but only to earn seven thousand and yet is so proud and stuck up. These money is enough for you to buy health supplement to regain your health?”

“Seven thousand is still money. A lot of people suffer to for a year only to be able to make such amount. Snob! Profiteers! Upstart! Do not know the sufferings of people!” He He’s enthusiastic has been mercilessly hit and is very angry. She ignored Zheng Xie for the rest of the way.

“I am drawing the line.”

Zheng Xie did not notify his family on his flight details. However, he saw the car waiting the moment they got out of the airport. He did not ask and pulled He He into the car.

Both of them travel light. He He only with an obliquely small bag while Zheng Xie does not even have any luggage. Out from the airport, they look very different from the other travelers.

After getting into the car only they found out that Comrade Lao Zheng had gone to the village today and is only back in the evening. He He called her mother but only managed to reach her assistance whom told her that Profession Lin is in the laboratory till the evening.

Both of them looked at each other in silence. They heard Driver Lee said: “Secretary Zheng said, tonight dinner together with He He.”

“I want to accompany my mother.”

“Secretary Zheng also asked Professor Lin. Professor Lin said that if she is free she will come. If she is not free, He He definitely will go. Eating dinner alone is boring.”

Driver Lee have been working with Zheng Xie’s home for many years. He has taken He He to and from school. Of course this is just on the way as he drives Zheng Xie to school and back. So it is considered that he has seen He He growing up.

The capital city is actually Zheng Xie’s real home, where his parents grew up, get married. And then they transferred few times due to his father’s work. Zheng Xie stayed in the province largest port city the longest period, about 12 or 13 years. After that Comrade Lao Zheng is promoted again, hence they moved back here.

Speaking of that, it is really a coincidence. Zheng Xie is already in Senior High 3rd year then while He He is in the junior school. Just before the promotion of Comrade Zheng, He He’s mother who belongs to the Institute, had to transfer to a university in the provincial capital because of policy reasons.

He He’s mum wants to bring He He together with her. While He He in every possible way is against it. She is a child whom is afraid of changes. At each upgrade to the next year where her teacher and friends will be replaced, the kind of unpredictable future will scare her. She will not even be able to sleep well. Not to mention that this time around, it is a huge change.

Later, Zheng Xie’s mother is the one who rescued her. Aunty Qian softly said to her mother, the child just started school and managed to adapt to the new environment. And then change again, afraid that she is not able to adapt. Why don’t wait till end of the semester, after all, she is here and she will help to look after He He.

He He’s mother had been a busy mother from her younger days. When she is very young, had entrusted her to nanny. In her junior middle school, He He was placed in boarding school. Her impression of her mother is a beautiful yet stern person, He He is more afraid of her mother than her class teacher. While Aunty Qian is more affectionate like a mother to her. Even when she is in boarding school, always visiting her in school with delicious food, more often than her own mother.

So her mother left her alone in the huge city. He He did not felt any self-pity but was secretly happy for a long time.

But the happiness was not mean to be for too long. Not long after that, she learned the news of Uncle Zheng whom would be transferred to the provincial capital. This means that Aunty Qian will also accompanied him and maybe as Zheng Xie.

As a result, only Aunty Qian whom went alone. Zheng Xie said: “I do not want to change the school. I will need a long period of time to adjust, and this will impact my performance.”

Zheng Xie has always been the first in class for years. So they naturally respect his wishes. And the poor Aunty Qian whom is weak and often ill, have to travel between the two cities every month. On the weekend, Zheng Xie and Xiao He He will sit at each end of the table with nanny serving them dishes. During the waiting time, Zheng Xie will be reading newspaper while Xiao He He will be reading girls comics.

Very often, Zheng Xie without warning will throw the newspaper to He He and said: “Let’s change.”

He He dare not defy but will quietly went up to Zheng Xie to pass him the cute comic and then hold the newspaper and read. Although she understand every word, but for a long period of time, cannot read understand a single word.

Zheng Xie being in control without his parents’ days did not last long before Liu Qian Rou and her husband returned home. Her reason is that living in the coastal city for so many years, her sickly body have been completely not able to meet the climate of inland cities. So it is still the ocean climate better for her.

Not long after that, Zheng Xie passed the college entrance examination and went to college to study. Zheng Xie’s mother told He He’s mother that she is lonely with nothing to do. Since she is too busy and no time to take care of He He, it is better to let her stay in the city to accompany her.

Those few years are the period of time where He He’s mother is at her busiest time. It was a major research project that she needs to rush against time to complete. And the same period of time, it is He He’s rebellious adolescence time, so she redily agreed.

Later, Mother Zheng managed to convince He He’s mother that He He no longer need to live in campus but live with Mother Zheng instead.

Thus, after several years, Aunty Qian and He He become closer, more like mother and daughter. So when she introduce He He to others, often said: “This is my daughter, He He.”

He He sometimes stand in front of the mirror and look at herself. Could not see what that will please Aunty Qian, so often referred to herself with a gentle and warm smile.

She vaguely heard from the gossiping mouth of the nannies, because of the two tangled past, the Zheng family is compensating her. However He He is aware that Aunty Qian treats the world greatly even the poor. So she is vaguely aware that Uncle Zheng is soft hearted towards Aunty Qian so he is not bothered.

The two nannies disappeared completed from the Zheng household shortly after that. He He is not a child to likes be a busybody, hence never asked about it. When Zheng Xie is back, Aunty Qian with a dissatisfaction expression but with a gentle admonished tone told Zheng Xie to be tolerant and caring of others and to accommodate the shortcoming of others. It is then He He learned that it was actually Zheng Xie’s arrangement to replace those two nannies.

Thousands of miles away in his study, even the trouble within the family is known. Xiao He He thinks that Zheng Xie has magical wand.

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    1. And yet he still can’t see the importance of He He in his heart 😉 I am anticipating the chapter where both will realized their true feelings 😀


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