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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 11.2

Chapter 11 is an extremely long chapter so instead of breaking it into the usual 2 parts, I have broken it into 3 parts instead.

In this chapter, we read about Zheng Xie heroic act in rescuing a woman in red…….. 

Chapter 11.2 : Psychologically low tide

Here is really a messy and complicated place, nothing to shout about. Normally, everyone also trying to avoid unnecessary trouble. If anything happen, then for sure got owner that will come and control it. If one can survive in such top and huge place, he is not a coward. Therefore, after fighting so hard for so long, is only a spectacular audience.

Zseng Xie hang up the line and got ready to continue fighting with Shi Lin to determine the winner. Then there is a sound: “Lift your hand off. If you hit her, I will call the police.” The sound is very decisive, so all around, suddenly everything calm down.

“Who the hell are you? I am teaching my wife and it’s not of your business. Get lost or else I will teach you as well!”

“If you got no place to vent your strength you can go to the pier to carry cargo. Or even go to into the battlefield. There is no war in our country, as the international mercenary that said: “Just bullying a woman, what kind of man is that?”

Someone secretly laughed. The man seem to rush over to want to beat the brave woman. And the woman dig her phone to dial a number.

The security manager rushed to persuade and pull them back. After a while, it all died down.

Zheng Xie turn his head around to have a look. The woman was wearing a red dress, tall and fair with shoulder-length black hair. Although invisible appearance, but she had a slim body and sweet voice, basically can be regarded as a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, in the entertainment venue, dressing like this is good enough. If want to stand up for someone else, really not a wise choice.

He always thought Xiao He He is very “silly and naïve” kind of model, but now he realized that there are more innocent and silly people out there.

It is very late when Shi Lin and Zheng Xie bid their farewell in the parking lot.

Zheng Xie parked his car very near the hotel. When he opened the car, he saw a touch of red in the shadow standing in the parking lot looking around for something through the mirror of the car.

He started for a bit and then saw another two black shadow appearing behind her.

He thought for a second, sighed and turn the steering wheel back.

Zheng Xie saw two fancy dressed young men forcing the woman to retreat.

He suddenly felt troubled. He watched the situation for a while, open the door and quietly approached them. He shouted: “Wei!”

The two men was surprised. The red dress woman reaction is very quick. Taking advantage of the two men turning their head, immediately ran to the opposite direction.

Immediately, one of the man caught up, while the other one directed a punch towards Zheng Xie. He deftly avoided it and managed to hit back the man.

He turned towards the woman’s direction. The parking space is not large. The woman instead of running away, is standing calm but separating herself in a distance.

Zheng Xie jump over a few cards towards the woman and pulled her: “We go”. He turned back towards the two big men and said: “Do not chase. I have called the police.”

The two men swore and reflectively rushed towards him. Zheng Xie gently pushed the woman aside, took a step back from the one guy whom was heading towards him. He pulled his arm, using the other hand, backhand chop on his neck and kicked his legs. The guy hit the other guy. The pain must be not light as he did not get up. While the other guy rushed towards Zheng Xie. Tricked by Zheng Xie, he fall upon his arm, crank his elbow on the stomach and for a long time, he could not get up. He twisted the man’s arm and watched the other person, while telling the woman to move further away while slowly said: “If Zheng Qi Xiong know his men only bully weak woman, he would be humiliated.”

“You…….you…….you know our brother?” The man under his control starts to sweat in panic and even changing the way he talk.

“Not very close. We just play with marbles and mud wrestling. At that time you should not had even learned to walk.” Zheng Xie said lightly.

Both of them snap, dying to go. Before leaving, they said with a slight smile: “Brother, we are only joking with the lady. Just wanted to frighten her. There is no malicious intention behind it.”

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