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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 11.1

Zheng Xie is feeling a little lost when He He becomes too busy for him… has he now found out about his true feelings for her? Or he is still in denial………..

Chapter 11.1 : Psychologically low tide

This psychological low tide and puberty feeling is really tough. Feels like menopause.

Xiao He He suddenly become very busy. Zheng Xie even had to make appointment to see her.

He had tried to call several times where she never answer her phone. Even when she did, she sounded really busy and would quickly hung up the phone. There is this one time when he had made a dinner appointment with her and last minute, she had to cancel it.

Luckily it is He He. If it is another woman, as long as they dare to do such thing, Zheng Xie would just purged them from his memory.

Later, Zheng Xie found a better way. He just get Secretary Wei to contact her and then convey the result. Better than he hitting the snag.

He suspect that He He and Shi Lin has really started dating. But because “Man do not bitch” mindset, he could only endure.

In the past, when He He is daring, she will always be too busy for him. So whenever He He is in love, which would be his most boring period. He will be so bored, he will also find someone he deem suitable to date. And when He He relationship is over, he will rush to comfort her, so that she would not be too sad. This resulted in his not being able to find time to date his girlfriend, so gradually, his relationship will end.

Whenever He He is serious about any guy, one of the advantages as well as her most attractive attribution would be where she always put her whole heart into it. Unless she hit the wall, she would not look back. Really set in her own mind.

It is Zheng Xie’s weakness. His father constantly reprimanded him for living without any passion. From younger days, he had never put his heart into anything he do. Everything he does is lacking in interest and passion.

This is really not his fault. From birth, he has everything. Good family background, good skin, smart and good childhood friends. He does not need to work hard for anything. He can play the whole day and still able to come in first in examinations. When participating in games, will casually ended up with a few medals. Being it studying foreign language or musical instruments, with lesser effort, he will still be able to obtain a better result against the others.

Once in the past, He He was nibbling potato chips, while turning over the girly comic that she was reading, vaguely said: “Your life is just like eating bread and drinking water…. Not many surprises.”

That time, he was sitting in front of Xiao He He’s computer playing a game that she had been playing for over month but not able to get to the next level. He managed to break it after playing for less than 2 hours. It was his first time playing the games and he is not even familiar with the rules.

So he often thinks, if he is as stupid as Xiao He He, then maybe he will be much happier.

For example, for junior high school graduation, He He is very worried about her eight hundred meters test as she could never ran the passing line. Anyone that saw her, will find her running here and there. Later, under the command of his mother, Zheng Xie became her coach. And due to his strong and creative training, after five days, He He actually passed. And on the actual day of examination, she actually passed it.

Such sacrifices and then satisfaction, Zheng Xie do not have such privilege to enjoy the feeling. He could only carve for the feelings while through He He, enjoyed the feeling of achievement slightly.

After a few days, he still did not see Xiao He He. He met Shi Lin after dinner in a hotel, so they decided to get-together and head to another venue.

Shi Lin is not interested in entertainment which Zheng Xie is also static. So both of them ended up in the hotel’s underground casino playing pool.

It is very quiet in the deluxe single billiard room. They solemnly played two innings. Shi Lin is a billiard master but was reluctantly and half-heartedly playing, Zheng Xie actually won a game. He was surprised.

“My mission in the country is almost over. I will be returning to the United States next month.” Shi Lin said while drinking water.

“So soon? Then what’s your plan with He He?”

“To be honest, this time I actually shot myself in the foot. In order to have an excuse to see her, I try to be smart and got her a part-time job. As a result, she got so busy to the extent that she did not even have time to eat, let along to see her.”

“Over the years, your learning has gone the other way. Chasing woman can also cause you to see her lesser instead of seeing her often.” Zheng Xie said while easily hitting the ball into the net. “But she did not have time to eat with you, there is also no space for others to eat with her, even I am not able to call her out. So do not be discouraged. Don’t give up.”

“My style is definitely different from yours and is immeasurably.” Shi Lin smiled: “It was said before, Master Zheng has always coveted the men that his sister date. He will destroy one after another. This is the rumors itself.”

“Which villain damaged my reputation? I’m just checking and nothing more. He He has always been a silly and naïve girl, what would happen if she met a wolf?”

Shi Lin laughed loudly: “Ah Xie …. Ah Xie…. I’ve never realized that your body actually has the fatherly shining glory. So shiny that I could hardly open my eyes.”

“F**k you. If you really have the idea, from now on, you should start currying favor with me.”

Shi Lin was actually laughing till he was tearing. He suddenly said: “Silly and naïve? I don’t think He He is a little girl as I see her as a quite assertive but seemed bored. She is quiet and sit there watching quietly. She can suddenly become lively and then suddenly become very quiet. Sometimes seems childish, but at times felt that she is matured for her age. Very different from the normal young woman.”

“Shi Lin, are you sure that the Xiao He He that you know is the same as the He He that I know?”

“Is there a twin in your sister’s family that I don’t know?”

The cell phone signal is bad underground. Zheng Xie went out to answer his phone while still thinking about what Shi Lin said, laughing. So this is what they mean by the eyes of the beholder. Through Shi Lin’s mouth, the Xiao He He is completely enigmatic, just like the legendary mysterious girl.

Over the other line, it is very noisy and the sound of screaming and shouting. And then the sound of a woman crying.


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