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K-Drama Review : Splash Splash Love (퐁당퐁당 LOVE) – Part 2

Splash Splash Love (퐁당퐁당 LOVE) – Part 1

Episode 2 started right where we left off, both King Lee Do and Dan-Bi confessing everything to each other. And King Lee Do pulling her into his embrace.

Dan-Bi looked over at the puddle of water …. and chooses to hug Lee Do back. And the rain shower stops, closing the opportunity for her to return home to her own world. King Lee Do pulled her in a hurry wanting to put her on a boat to Ming but Dan-Bi refuses. She told him that she had run away to this place and refuses to run anymore.


The swordsman (I wonder why they don’t just reveal his name by this time since he seems to have quite a significant role here…) whisk Dan-Bi away to safety.

Queen So Hun found out about King Lee Do running to save Dan-Bi, so she sneak into his room where she found the tangerine that he saved, which confirmed that King Lee Do loves Dan-Bi.

On the other side, when they stop for a break, the swordsman creeps up behind Dan-Bi with his sword drawn! Phew! He is actually warning her not to drink the water because there are moss. She got up and slip when he catches her, giving him the opportunity to confirm that Dan-Bi is a girl. He offers to keep it a secret but she needs to double her room rent.

Instead, Dan-Bi tells the swordsman that he is a good person although he simply replied that he is just deciding which side to take. He suddenly drawn his sword and stabs what we deem to be Dan-Bi…. What! Luckily, he was taking a strike against an assassin whom were just behind Dan-Bi. When he saw more coming, he pushes Dan-Bi on the horse while she sweetly gave him her tiny cutter knife just before she is sent on her way without the swordsman.

In the meantime, back in the Palace, King Lee Do was told by his adviser on the order to kill Dan-Bi and rushed off on his horse to try to stop it. This is seen by the Queen whom also goes running.

Funny moment as we learned that Dan-Bi cant ride a horse and she turns it into “Gangnam Style” doing the Psy’s horse dance. Reaching a fork on the road, she took out her phone and use the compass to direct her toward the direction that the swordsman advised her to head to.

The poor Queen is limping in the woods. She met the swordsman and slapped him asking if he knew all time… (but what is that suppose to mean?) Instead of answering, he tend to her bleeding feet and carries her over his shoulder despite her protest.

Dan-Bi finally reached the shore and soon King Lee Do arrives to meet her. Without a word, he gets off his horse and walked towards her, planting a kiss right on her lips. (how is this possible if he has not revealed that he knows about Dan-Bi being a girl as she is still suppose to be a guy?)

The Queen is locked out from the Palace and ended up in the swordsman’s place. She recognized a pair of bird flute that they made together when they were children. She found him tending to his wound and helps him.

Sitting on the beach, Dan-Bi and King Lee Do had some sweet moments. Dan-Bi finally told King Lee Do that Mirae is not a foreign country but the future. She show him stargazing app on her phone but when the battery dies, he said that the one in the sky is better, pointing up towards the sky.

While Dan-Bi is amazed with the visible starts in Joseon, King Lee Do shared with her that the longer we stare at the sky, the more visible they will become. It is similar with the person’s heart that grows bigger as time goes by.

Reaching over and using his fingers, he scrawl the letters on her palm… L.O.V.E the letters that his adviser copied from her sweatshirt and warned him of the danger of those words. Dan-Bi then shows him the letters in the pieces of chocolate and explains their meaning to him. He then shared his goal of wanting to create a language that everyone will be able to read and write.

Dan-Bi suddenly realized that the King Lee Do in front of her is the future King Sejong the Great. She fished out the 10,000 won bill and holds it up against his face and says in awe that he will indeed create the language someday. She mutters to herself… “Daebak. Should I get the autograph?” and then commented that he is way better looking in person.

Another sweet moment when he tried the pieces of chocolate and was in awed. He ate all four pieces of the chocolate.

Over the other side, the Queen and the swordsman gaze up at the starts as well. Queen offered to ask her father to give him a position as musician which gets him all fired up and he hacked his gayageum to pieces.

Queen’s stomach suddenly growls, so the swordsman fries her a chicken in a vat of oil. The queen gasps at the taste and asked him for the name. He replied chineunim aka “Chicken God.”

King Lee Do is enjoying every pieces of the chocolate while amused at Dan-Bi never-ending backpack of snacks. Wondering where the chocolate came from when she suddenly remember her mum putting it in on the morning of exams.

She suddenly misses mum so badly and she started crying. King Lee Do orders her not to cry but it did not worked. So he shares the last of the chocolate with her in a kiss and tell her not to cry. (Okay, so this is their 2nd kiss and he is still suppose to think that she is a guy… what is going on!)

Morning comes and while wanting to wash her face, she finds the moss in the little pond. This brings the idea of clearing the water of moss which helps with her water clock equation. King Lee Do is able to clear her of her criminal charges now.

Another sweet moment when Dan-Bi hiding in the corner looking at the officers leaving after discussion, when King Lee Do suddenly appearing by her side and put his fingers through her fingers. He brought her away for more multiplication song and games. He won an instead of hitting her forehead, he actually kissed her.

Dan-Bi become friends with the Queen after a midnight snack. Queen decided to accept Dan-Bi as King’s love. Although her father opposed to it, she prepares Dan-Bi to be a concubine.

The cute look on Dan-Bi face when she asked the meaning of “Flower Night” followed by the scene where she ran away while muttering that she is no Jang Hee Bin.

King Lee Do is told of her running away and went looking for her in the secret passageways. Dragging her into his chamber, she pleaded that she pretended to be a man to survive and that she is only nineteen.

He teases her and got her screaming in panic while bringing out her box-cutter knife. He pulls her into a gentle hug and told her that he knew that she is a woman all along but played along as it is the only way to get closer to her without raising any alarm with the others.

He continued to tease her, resulting in her re-opening her box-cutter knife warily. He assured her that she is safe there in his chamber and he will not rush things between them and compliment that she looks pretty just before he leaves.

They ended up spending the night together although he tease her from time to time before telling her not to go the next time it rains as he wants her to be by his side. Taken aback with the request, she kept quiet which got him running over to her side and hopping into the bed with her, sleeping on her arm.

Dan-Bi worked on the inventions with the swordsman while they chat about her life and she shared how she is afraid of altering the history in some ways.

While King Lee Do is practicing proposing to Dan-Bi with a hairpin that he plans to give her, Dan-Bi is brought to meet Queen Dowager. To her shocked, her mother’s doppelganger is Queen Dowager. She broke down in tears from missing her mother.

Dan-Bi went to meet King Lee Do that night in her school uniform. Although not happy to see her dressed up in her uniform (he tells her that she turn back ugly), he shows her the new celestial globe he made when but got concerned when he noticed her swollen eyes. He takes her hand and walks down the corridor lines with hangul letters that he had created.

In the inner room lined with words and sound, he sits her down and present his big proposal. Sadly, she admitted sorrowfully that she wants to go home when it rains. Very sad indeed when both of them confronted each other with their individual thoughts and feeling. He pleaded her to stay for him while she could only bow her head in tears and say that she is sorry.


King Lee Do storms out while she watched him walked away while thinking that he is the first person she ever liked but a person like a dream. She opens up the scroll that he gave her (the name that he personally bestowed upon her) when suddenly someone attacks her and stab her on her back!

In the meantime, Queen is horrified to hear of the plan to get rid of Dan-Bi and ran to tell King Lee Do while assassins light the room on fire with Dan-Bi inside. With her last remaining strength, she reached for the hair pin.

King Lee Do runs back only to see the palace engulfed in flames. He ran through the secret passageway and found her on the ground. He cried and apologies to her for wanting to keep her so dangerously by his side. He carries her out.

They found the culprit behind the fire whom admits that he is opposing to the invention of a language for commoners as it will make him obsolete. King Lee Do moved everyone when he say that he wants to be a king who knows how to fear his people and there is no need for anyone to fear the future.

Dan-Bi prepares to leave but not before giving a few pages from her history books to King Lee Do and tell him to realize his dream. She added that they will all be grateful and proud telling him not to be sad.

King Lee Do finally believes that she is from the future and told her : “My dream is you. But I can’t stand you being unhappy in Joseon. The more I think of it, the more I think, there is no answer.”

He told her that he will send her as far as he could go seeing that the clouds are rolling in. He took her for one last horseback ride to the ocean where they run freely along the shore in the pouring rain while holding hands and laughing. They sit for a while in each other’s arm while he shields her from the rain.

He picks her up while looking into each other eyes with so much love knowing that this is the last time they will see each other. They kissed one last time.


With tears in both of their eyes, she breaks out her best smile while giving him a little nod to tell him its time to let go. With a tears rolling down his cheeks, he smiles back before dropping her splashing into the ocean. We then see him standing alone on the beach with a voice-over: “Someday I’ll find you, no matter how much time passes.”

On the otherside, Dan-Bi found herself back from the moment she left, just before the examination. She made it in time to the examination.

Dan-Bi ended up failing the college entrance exam and now works part-time at a convenience store while still wearing her hairpin while preparing for next year’s exam. Her friend, So-Heon drew a webtoon about her story with Sejong. She further shared that according to history, King Sejong had lots of women and 20 children. Dan-Bi is happy to hear that he lived well but scowls at the news of the women. She turn to look at the television that So-Heon is pointing to see the singer whom is a doppelganger of the swordsman.

The lovely drama ended with Dan-Bi meeting a man with the spitting image of Lee Don standing in front of her when she got off the bus on a rainy day with an umbrella. He said to her that they ran into each other a long time ago which shocked her. But in a flashback, we could see that he mean the day of her college entrance exam when he noticed her on the bus and she left her umbrella behind in her rush to get off the bus after he helped her to pick up the books that she dropped. He swings around to shield her from the splashing water when a car zoomed past, and both of them smiled at each other.

A beautiful story indeed. I may not know who the main leads are but I must compliment that the lead actress is indeed a good actress. And the chemistry between both leads are fantastic.



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