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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 7.1

Hahaha….. Xiao He He is in trouble… what exactly did she do to Zheng Xie and his lady partner?

Chapter 7.1 : The force is mutual

The whole man and the whole being, a pair of action and reaction.

Zheng Xie is so tired to the extend he is not able to keep his eyes open.

The company’s business with the United States collaboration has encountered some problems. Because of the urgency and challenges faces, the night before, Zheng Xie together with several executives of the company stayed up late to work. It was already 3 am when they finally completed and Zheng Xie let them go back to rest for half a day. In the meanwhile, he remained in the company alone trying to get a few hours of sleep before continuing to cope with the visit from the leaders of the Japanese descendants, Eight Power Allied forces in the afternoon. Really tired him out.

Finally things ended and he was going home to sleep when thousands of miles away, his beloved cousin issued a temporary task. Cousin said that she is sending a beauty to him and asked him to quickly go and get ready for the blind-date. The woman is not a local and is here for a vacation. She will be leaving tomorrow. Once his cousin sister found out about this, hastily arranged to match-make them.

Zheng Xie is the only son from both side of his parents’ family, so naturally he has become the families’ precious. They noticed that he is already 30 years old but never had any formal girlfriend for more than 3 months, could only complain that the Earth gender ratio is not balance, 1:2. So they got everyone to identify potential desirable woman for Zheng Xie to have a look, hoping that he would be able to find one that he took fancy on.

Zheng Xie could neither find the excuse to delay the opportunity to meet nor the courage to resist his cousin. He eventually called the lady’s phone to make an appointment to meet, otherwise he is afraid that his cousin would do more drastic measures.

The lady in front of him is a little boring. The whole night, she was talking and presenting herself like an elite and highly etiquette person. Very standard expression although lacking in the aura. Silly talks while asking some naïve questions, nothing interesting from beginning till now, making him even drowsier.

Occasionally there is a little fun! One minute the woman talked about how much she love “Charity” with the sacred wish to go to Ethiopia immediately to help the poor people, the next minute, look at the table of migrant workers sitting nearby, with a frown said: “God, how can you let them come here?”

“The hotel welcomes any paying guests.” Zheng Xie lowered his eyes, not exposing his emotions.

“This hotel is too vague.” The lady whom originally is a good match with him said with a dumb voice said.

Zheng Xie turned and look at the unhappy face of the noble guests at the table. He is dressed considerably clean and tidy, just the face is a little “dark” and voice a little loud. The lady sitting opposite him looks like she is about to conclude their conversation.

He then very sincerely said: “It is all my fault. I thought that you may want to taste some of the different kind of specialties like this place, forgetting that this is not the high elite membership club.”

“I really have no other meaning. I really like it here.”

Zheng Xie was stunned for a while from the words and tone of her voice.

He had to find time to talk to his cousin. The woman that she delivered is getting more and more soulless and heartless.

Zheng Xie took the opportunity while bending down to pick up the napkin for the lady to yawn twice. He got up to find the woman’s originally stiff face is now suddenly projecting a bright sunshine towards him.

With the lack of sleep, his inactive reaction is inevitable. He is surprised and puzzled with the situation. Suddenly in front of him flashed a familiar shadow while directly said to him: “A Xie, who is she to you? Say it clearly!”

Had he not been trained from young, he would have been stunned and sprayed all the water out.

Although he had met a lot of female friends, but he did not think that anyone think themselves eligible to rushed out and question him.

Then with a closer look, it is actually Xiao He He with grotesque makeup and an unusual voice. No wonder he could not immediately react.

This is a situation that is well beyond and Zheng Xie does not know how to respond. He simply sit on the sideline quietly while maintaining status quo.

Xiao He He looked into the hollow look in his eyes. She did not get the expected response and soon becomes a little discouraged.

Sure enough, the scene was stiff for a few seconds. She secretly received a positive sight, pretending with a shaking hands and wide open eyes, saw the shocked in Zheng Xie’s eyes gradually regain its original size. She intended to quietly withdraw.

Who would think that the lady is steadier than He He. Her expression changed a few time while looking at Zheng Xie. She saw that he had no intention to protect nor answer, with confidence and cold face said: “Who are you to come and disturb others. You do not understand the meaning of polite?”

Zheng Xie realized that the lady with her cold face, is more attractive than before.

Xiao He He is shocked. It is clearly that this idiot did not even want to jump out of trouble. She quickly reacted and immediately throw the problem to him. She turned around and asked said towards him: “Zheng Xie, you say who I am?”

If it is not taking into account their image, Zheng Xie would like to pulled up He He and throw her outside. He looked around carefully. Fortunately they were talking in a low voice, and the nearest table is very loud, able to cover their dialogue.

He forbearance and tolerated. With a lowered voice, he politely said: “What are you doing with your unreasonable demands? Quick go home!”

He He pouted her mouth. Looks like he is not going to continue it but is reluctant to end it so dingy. She nicked to his side, spreading her hand and with a spoiled meaning: “Give me cab money to go home.”

Zheng Xie opened his wallet and hand her a stack of cash: “Be careful while on the road. Arrived at home, give me a call.”

Xiao He He obediently get ready to leave. The lady across of him looked at Xiao He He with a sharp and disdain eyes while trying to restrain herself. Zheng Xie is wondering if he should, out of politeness explain it clearly to her. He He, don’t know what is wrong today, suddenly gave him a charming smile: “Ah Xie, I will change your bed sheets and quilts today. What time will you be home?”

He didn’t get a chance to twitch his expression while wanting to vomit blood, his lady companion stood up. With a very resentment anger, she stared at both of them and took her handbag to leave. Zheng Xie also stood up, “She is…..” Before he could even explain that she is his sister, the lady quickly walked away. She took the opportunity to deliberately hit He He and stepped on her foot. Zheng Xie wanted to stop the lady but quickly head towards He He and grab her steady into his arms.

The woman walked a few steps forward and turned back, perhaps still expect Zheng Xie to chase her. She saw Xiao He He hold Zheng Xie’s waist tightly while put up a V-sign with a proud expression. Trembling with anger, while pointing at both of them, she did not say a word but instead firmly stamped her foot, twisting and ran away.

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