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K-Drama Review : Splash Splash Love (퐁당퐁당 LOVE) – Part 1

Thanks to recommendation from mhryu, I am totally stuck in Web Dramas now. I just completed a korean web-drama that was also recommended to me recently, Splash Splash Love (퐁당퐁당 LOVE).

Splash Splash Love (퐁당퐁당 LOVE) is a 10 episode web-drama that also known as a short drama (with only 2 episode, slightly over 2 hours watch) released back in December by MBC.

Splash Splash Love (퐁당퐁당 LOVE) is almost similar with the popular K-Drama, Rooftop Prince (옥탑방 왕세자) that was made popular in 2012. The only difference is, in Rooftop Prince (옥탑방 왕세자), Crown Prince Lee Kak together with his 3 sidekicks were transported 300 years into the future while in Splash Splash Love (퐁당퐁당 LOVE), it is a story of Dan-Bi, a senior high school student whom was transported back to the Joseon Period on a rainy day. A fun and light while amusing fantasy about time-traveler which adds to the endearing and beautiful love story.

The story started with Dan-Bi who sleep through her math class but was then called to the chalkboard to solve  a dreaded equation that she finds hard to solve. To add to her stress, the teacher had to remind her that the college entrance exam (SAT) is coming soon.

Feeling the stressed already, Dan-Bi lazed around on the couch and without looking up, she correctly guessed the name of the singer performing on Masked Singer. This lead to her mother’s complain about her and reminding her the importance of her SAT examination.

Feeling stressed and lost, on the actual day of examination, she felt her feet getting heavier as she approach the school. She turns around and runs away in her panic. She ended up sitting in the playground under the rain. She looked up the sky and whispered, “Let me disappear, please just once.”

Suddenly the beating of drum in the distance what lead Dan-Bi looking at the strange puddle of rain nearby. She ended up jumping into the puddle of rain and got transported back into the Joseon Period, right in front of a stunned boy whom was standing near the slide play area.

While on the other side, King Lee Do sigh on the nonsense that his officers are working on to bring an end to the 3 years of drought faced. The funniest part is when, in his shocked look, he asked Dan-bi is she is a goblin or human, the misunderstanding starts with Dan-Bi replying that she is a “Go-Sam” which in her mind means that she is a high school senior while to King Lee Do, it is interpreted as eunuch (castrated man).

Real entertainment, I started laughing from the start of the show. Almost every scene is fun-filled and funny.

Dan-Bi soon realized that this is not a drama set and declares in her booming voice that there will indeed rain falling soon. While the King is skeptical but bows his head praying together with the rest of his court, giving Dan-Bi the opportunity to “disappear.”

It is simply hilarious when Dan-Bi grabs a scholar’s robe and drew mustache to be able to blend in while she finds a route to escape. To her horror, she ended up in the court with the others. In the court, one of his right hand (the Queen’s father whom is an ambitious man that wants to be King) blame King Lee Do for the drought is because he refuse to consummate his marriage with the Queen Soheon and bear a heir.

While King Lee Do is convinced that math and science are the keys to bettering his kingdom, he is very upset that his team of mathematicians are not able to solve Pythagoras’ theorem. In the meantime, Dan-Bi who tried to escape, was caught by a swordsman.

She met King Lee Do and that is where she realized that this IS the Joseon era and the rain brought her here. This means that the rain will bring her home, only to find out that it has not rain for 3 years.

Real funny moment when Dan-Bi tried to explain that she came from the future and her cell phone raindrop screensaver is not real rain but an apps that tell you the weather forecast.


In the whole confusing communication between them, the swordsman suggested to cut off Dan-Bi’s arm which King Lee Do agreed and reached out for the sword. In the panic, Dan-Bi shouted that she good at everything including match which piques King Lee Do’s interest.

The Pythagorean theorem is presented to Dan-Bi. To her shock it is written in Hanja (traditional Korean writing before Hangul) which she can’t read. She however, recognized the formula and managed to solve it. King Lee Do is very amazed while she casually say that in the future, everyone who is in high school can resolve this.

So as it is, Dan-Bi is cleared of all criminal charges instead is rewarded with big piece of gold. And she unofficially becomes King Lee Do’s tutor about everything she knows. The remaining episodes reveals their funny interactions and goofing around. Both of them becomes fast friends while all these moments doesn’t go unnoticed by the Queen. Dan-Bi during this period of time, also managed to get King Lee Do to have fun and do some of the things that he never had the chance to do. Things like running after his own soccer balls.

Dan-Bi challenged King Lee Do to live a life and then stuck her tongue out at him before running away. He starts to speed-walk after her but ended up running after her. He caught up and catches her when they both fell down. He acknowledged the good feeling of running. It is so funny when he jokingly slaps her in her chest and both suddenly freeze. He accused her of fooling the King when she stammers only to realized that he felt the tangerine that he gave her earlier.

Back in his palace, he notice his excited look in his own reflection and realized that it is the like feeling just like what Dan-Bi has said before. The thought startled him.

The ever greedy Queen’s father decided to rug the King’s dinner so that the Queen can seduce him. Instead, the dinner was given to Dan-Bi by the King. In the meantime, Queen walked into his chamber and starts to undress only to be stopped by King Lee Do while telling her that she doesn’t have to do this. Crying that she is lonely where he retorted back saying that there is no one who isn’t enduring loneliness in the palace.

In the other room, the drug stated to take effects resulting in Dan-Bi wandering in daze and ending falling into King Lee Do’s arm. She woke up and was surprised to find herself hugging on King’s waist.


While walking home, King Lee Do suggested that they become friends and agrees happily before tossing him the tangerine where she had drawn a little face on.

As it goes, Dan-Bi found out about the conspiracy to kill her so worked hard to make water clock to measure time without sun. As if on cue, as the sun comes up, Dan-Bi solves the equation and raindrop falls from the sky.

King Lee Do saw the rain and was alarmed. He ran as fast as he could only to arrive to an empty yard. He found the sketches and calculation but Dan-Bi was nowhere to be found.

King Lee Do found her at the back and through tears Dan-Bi explained what she was trying to do and admitted that she failed as she is actually terrible at math.

The episode ended with King Lee Do telling her that it is ok. He reaches out for her hand and presses it up against his beating heart before pulling her into his embrace.


What I set out to do is a review of this drama ending up recapping the episode. So I decided to break this into 2 posts. Hope everyone had enjoy reading this and is looking forward to watching the drama. I will share the link to the drama on the next post. 



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