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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 6.2

What happen after the dinner with Cen Shi? Read on and find out……….

Chapter 6.2 : Don’t care is a good punishment

When she was 15 years old, Zheng Xie’s girlfriend back then slapped her in her face and said: “Xiao He He, you don’t think you are a swan, you are just lucky that you could step on the body of your father and rely on your mother’s reputation. Your happiness are in exchange of Zheng Xie’s pain. If you are on your own, you are nothing.”

Such vicious words, she was not even sad. But many days later, she vaguely became aware of “Mother’s reputation” meaning. She was very angry but her mother lightly said: “Mouth belongs to others, we can’t stop them. We can take control of ourselves and choose not to care about them.”

Without knowing who was also present that day and relayed the incident to Zheng Xie, he broke off with the woman a few days later despite her crying for a long time. Later, occasionally when their path cross, she would stared at Xiao He He with poisonous eyes.

He He does not have enemy. She is able to temporary remain calm and tolerate while taking a step backward. She thinks that there is a need to be tolerance and withdrawal in order not to provoke bigger trouble. So her enemy are mostly because of Zheng Xie.

Xiao He He do not care that she is just a small shadow and accessories as it does not mean that she is not capable of doing it herself. For her entrance examination when she accidentally ended up with a very good score, finally persistently choose a university far away from home. Here, she can be herself. Like or dislike, she is Xiao He He, who she actually is.

Then she met Cen Shi. She thought she had finally made it in the small world of love becoming a true heroine. She did not expect that it simple a farce only. Her image and status ended up worse than the past 18 years, adding more embarrassment.

He He stayed for a long time in the bathroom. Cen Shi did not harass her so she thought that he would have left. She saw her puffy eyes and drop a few drops of eyes drops taken from her bag. She hardly goes outside for work and the company does not have strict requirement on make-up. But there are times when she need to go out and see clients, so she put a bag of cosmetics in her bag. She applied heavy foundation and lipstick, thick eyeliner and even draw a large circle. This way, when she goes out, no one will look her way.

He He bypasses the maze-like corridors into the main hall to leave. She saw a familiar figure. The look of the back is very common, usually she will detour when she see it. But at the moment she is feeling very vulnerable, so when she saw him, there is a kind of foreign feeling of excitement of seeing her love ones.

He He feels a little nauseous when these words and pictures flashes through her mind, felt a little chilled.

Zheng Xie is sitting with a beautiful lady at a table for 2 person. From He He’s point of view, the lady look very beautiful with a beauty that was born upright, nobly clothed, with a fine look. Cutting into the steak, she had a charming and graceful smile. Her delicate lips spoke, smile and talked although she could not hear, represent a feeling of nobel.
This woman style and moves are impeccable. If she goes for the election of Miss Asia, even if each judge removed the highest points and goes to the lowest point, the rest of the contestant will still lose.

Zheng Xie will always get the best of these kind of beauty. Her colleagues always complain that even if they walked about 8 hours in the streets will still not able to find even half of a medium beauty.

Xiao He He sit a few meters away from them in the leisure corner reading a magazine while secretly observing them. The peeping and evil feeling slightly offset before she lost. In a better mood, she is curious about the women that coexistent in Zheng Xie’s life.

She found that Zheng Xie is sitting straight and is very gentleman, can also see that he is very gentle and polite at the moment. But she knew that Zheng Xie is very impatient because from time to time, he will secretly hand down and knocked the chair while looking upwards.

Zheng Xie small gesture are well hidden and is barely noticeable, however it cannot hide from her. He was clearly impatience through the performance while the woman wanted to come across general etiquette for a perfect performance. He has reached his patience limit but it is something that he had to endure.

Xiao He he chucked in her heart and is in a very good mood. Unexpectedly the beautiful lady turned around and realized that she had been secretly watched. She glared straight and gave He He a supercilious cold eyes that is glowing with poison. This reminded her of Zheng Xie’s previous girlfriend.

He He rapidly observed Zheng Xie. Oh, no wonder, Zheng Xie was bending down to pick up something for the lady. Zheng Xie got straight up and the beautiful lady naturally restored her elegant look.

Xiao He He mood swing is very big this evening. The direct consequence is that she suddenly wanted play a big heart. She decided, after knowing each other for a lifetime, this time, there is no need for Zheng Xie to ask her, she will actively does her duty for him and clear the unqualified women out of the scene.

Xiao He He uses the magazine to block her face and pulled out a small mirror to observe her makeup. Not bad and stared wildly. So the eyes will have a little graceful tears.

Then she quickly walked to them at the table, one hand pointing unsteadily across Zheng Xie’s beauty with a look and tone towards Zheng Xie: “A Xie, who is she to you? Say it clearly!”

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