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C-Web Drama Review : Le Jun Kai (乐俊凯)

I recently watched a highly recommended C-Web Drama (Web Drama does seems to be in the trend lately especially in the K-Drama world), titled Le Jun Kai (乐俊凯), also known as Unconditional Love. This web drama was highly recommended to me by mhryu whom went raving about it just because her one of her favorite actor, Peter Ho is the main lead in this drama.

Le Jun Kai (乐俊凯) is a 9 episode web drama that is an adaption from the novel written by Fei Wo Si Cun (匪我思存), a popular writer whom are known for her beautiful writing for tragic novels which unfortunately in most cases are with sad ending. Le Jun Kai (乐俊凯) is one of the short stories in her Dance Me to the End of Love. Each episode is only about 15 minutes long which makes the entire series only about 2 hours and 15 minutes. A good short watch for someone like me who prefer short dramas.

Le Jun Kai - Family

Le Jun Kai (乐俊凯) is a story about revenge where Le Jun Kai (Peter Ho) who marry Li Ye (Janine Chang), the daughter of who he deems to be his enemy’s daughter. He proceed to mistreat her and making her life difficult and filled with misery. This is to revenge for the death of his first wife, Xiao Cai together with his unborn child. But there is a small problem. Jun Kai fell in love with Li Ye. He denies his heart and kept his heart cold. He then divorced her as he was afraid of his emotions getting out of control. 6 years later, he found out that she gave birth to his son, raising him on her own. What will Jun Kai do? Will he continue to deny his love for Li Ye and live his life filled with hatred?

Le Jun Kai is a rich business man whose 1st wife, Xiao Cai was kidnapped and killed together with their unborn child. Filled with revenge, Jun Kai suspects that Li Ye’s father, a business rival is behind the whole kidnapping and murder. Jun Kai seduced Li Ye, a young and naive woman who eventually married him even though she knew that her father was poisoned by Jun Kai.

After their marriage, everything took for a turn where Jun Kai starts to abuse her mentally and emotionally. There are times where he also almost physically abused her (in scene where he had his hands around her neck). Despite all these, Li Ye took it all without any retaliation. There are also times where he went overboard and bring women back where Li Yei just calmly told him not to bring back if possible and then calmly walked to the other room (I assume must be her favorite room where she hides and kept all the abuse in her heart). Jun Kai was so cruel to the extend he forced her to get an abortion when Li Ye told him that she is pregnant.

Then as cruel as he can get, he wished her “Happy Birthday” on her birthday while they were having breakfast and then followed by asking her to sign the divorce papers. Li Ye agreed to the divorce and quietly left the house while Jun Kai just stood upstairs looking at her back as she leaves (did I see a little tiny bit of sadness in Jun Kai expression when she is leaving?) 

The main plot of the drama takes more than 6 years later after their divorce. Li Ye had been living a hard yet quiet life with her son, Tian Tian. Li Ye works in a saloon to make a living for her and Tian Tian whom is often sick as well.

In the meantime, there is this Director Lei whom is the man who took over Li Ye father’s company whom also claimed to once suppose to be the man to marry her that wants to collaborate with Jun Kai’s company. It was a failed negotiation as Jun Kai arrogantly turns him down. Director Lei plans to kidnap Li Ye to pressure Jun Kai to get what he wants.

Despite his “hatred” for the Li Ye, he had in fact asked his assistance, Wen Cao to search for her. After the meeting with Director Lei, he once again ask Wen Cao to look for Li Ye. He did and found her together with Tian Tian which immediately got Jun Kai suspecting that she had the child that is also his. Despite Li Ye’s protest, he wants his son back as he reasoned that Li Ye “took something that belongs to him”. He even briefly “kidnapped” Tian Tian for a day where he took the boy out to play and bought him yummy food. In the meantime, Li Ye went frantic when she arrived home and found Tian Tian missing.

When Jun Kai finally brought Tian Tian home, although Li Ye is relieved that Tian Tian is safe, out of frustration, she hit the poor boy. Jun Kai got really angry and almost strangled her. The sweet and protective little Tian Tian bite Jun Kai’s hand which got him releasing his hand on Li Ye and left. The sweetness continue with Tian Tian bringing out meat wrapped in tissue that he has brought home for Li Ye.

Le Jun Kai 2

Li Ye after much convincing from Xiao An (sister of Jun Kai) whom reminded her that Tian Tian will be well taken off in the Le household. After much thought, with a heavy and sad heart, Li Ye left Tian Tian with Jun Kai. Jun Kai with the hatred still in his heart, yelled Tian Tian when he cried missing his mother. This leads to argument between the siblings where Xiao An reminded Jun Kai that he did not hate Li Ye but in fact he loves her but is denying it. That is why after so many years, Jun Kai could never enter the room where Li Ye used to spend her days when she was still staying in the house. She further mentioned that she knew that he watched the video of her in a mock play practicing every night.

Le Jun Kai

All these statements hit Jun Kai straight to his heart. When sleeping one night, he discover Tian Tian missing from his room and found him in “Li Ye’s room”. Standing outside the room, he threaten Tian Tian insisting that he come out of the room. Jun Kai finally crumbled to  his true heart when Tian Tian say “he missed his mother. the room has her smell.”

Before Jun Kai could even admit his heart to Li Ye, Tian Tian was kidnapped by Director Lei using that as a trump card to pressure Jun Kai to sign over his company to Director Lei. Li Ye finally found out the truth where Jun Kai insisted to bring Tian Tian home in order to protect him from Director Lei while got Wen Chao to secretly follow her to protect her.

Li Ye together with Xiao An and Wen Cao rushed to the warehouse. Li Ye unfortunately got herself caught by Director Lei’s goon. Using her now, Director Lei beats Jun Kai and confessed that he was the one who murdered Jun Kai’s first wife, Xiao Cai and their unborn child. He also tell Jun Kai that despite Li Ye knowing that Jun Kai poisoned her father, she still marry him. Jun Kai kills Director Lei’s goons while Li Ye kills Director Lei. Jun Kai apologies to Li Ye asking for her forgiveness. He also tells her that he can’t handle Tian Tian alone and they should live together so that they could do it together. Before he drop dead, he told Li Ye that he loves her leaving Li Ye alone crying / screaming in the warehouse.

A sad ending to the short drama. A good chemistry between the 2 leads, this drama was very well shot. Unfortunately, the plot was too short hence, everything seems to be in a fast forward mode. If this was to be made into a regular drama of 10 to 12 episodes, it would have been a great drama.

After speaking to mhryu about my feedback on Le Jun Kai (乐俊凯) she has decided to go and search for the novel version. Let’s hope that she is able to find it and maybe for those whom are interested, the novel might just get her interested enough to translate it for us. After all, she would most probably be reading the novel while visualizing her favorite Peter Ho acting out the scene.

Ending this post with a picture of Peter Ho especially for mhryu.

Le Jun Kai - Peter Ho



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4 thoughts on “C-Web Drama Review : Le Jun Kai (乐俊凯)

  1. I watched this drama a while back and enjoyed it – despite the rather dark themes and sad ending. My only complaint was that I found the plot hard to follow at times – especially given the short episodes, sometimes I wasn’t sure what happened and when in the timeline things occurred. I’d love the read the novel too! But I’ll have to wait until it gets translated 😀

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  2. Oh…. Peter Ho…. 😍😍😍😍 Great web-drama that was highly recommended to me before I recommend it to Tinkerbellsan. The plot can be a little difficult to understand given that each episode is so short. Now just hope that the novel will be a great read too 😉

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