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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 3.2

In this chapter, we read about Xiao He He meeting someone whom she used to care deeply in the the past. 

Chapter 3.2: Before the Peach Blossom

“He He, is that you?” The man that got down from the car, although cannot be compared with Zheng Xie in appearance and temperament, but can also be regarded as an authentic guy.

“Cen Shi, long time no see.” In one day, meet 2 old acquaintance, He He is now surprisingly calm.

Cen Shi very infectiously laughed: “He He, you have not changed a single bit.” Looking at Shi Lin, “This is…..”

“A friend.” He He humbly answered.

Shi Lin and Cen Shi shake their hands and exchange their name cards. Then handed He He his name card and said: “He He, I am here for a week of vacation. Remember to call me.”


“Well, you better give me your number. I’ll call you.”

In front of Shi Lin, He He can only meekly takes out her cell phone and call the number on the name card. Cen Shi’s phone rang and he took out the phone. He glanced at the phone screen, with a satisfied look, say goodbye and left.

In the car, He He kept quiet as they head to their destination. Shi Lin seeing her keeping quiet, did not bother her further. He quietly bid her goodbye, left his contact information and watched as He He head upstairs.

The following day, Xiao He He got woke up late. Randomly ate and then lay down on her bed watching the Olympics.

Probably because of the excessiveness of the air conditioning during the banquet yesterday, her menstrual cycle came earlier. The pain was so bad that she felt that she was dying as even holding hot water bags are not effective and she was sweating. The temperature outside is at a high 35 degrees and she had her air conditioning on. The cold is making her uncomfortable and hence she wrapped herself in her quilt.

There were 2 missed calls. She returned call to one of the missed call, which is from Shi Lin.

“I would like to walk around but I am not familiar with the surrounding. Would you like to accompany me?”

“I am sorry, Brother Shi. I slept too late yesterday and now is feeling a little uncomfortable. It is very hot today. If I go out I will get heat stroke. It would be better for me to stay at home and watch our country, China wins medal.”

“Yes, you have a good rest. I shall not disturb you.”

After a while, the phone suddenly rang again. After picking up, realized that she should not have picked up this call.

“He He, it’s me.” Cen Shi said.

“I know.”

“How have you been doing all these years?”

“Of course!”

“I missed you very much.”

“Cen Shi, how is Su Ge?”

“The 2nd year after we went abroad, we broke up.”

“I am sorry to hear that.”

“He He, are you free for the next 2 days? Let’s go for meal together.”

“I have plans for the entire weekend.”

“I see. Another day?”

“Let’s see.”

Xiao He He gently puts down the phone. On the television, the Chinese athletes really stands out, very atmospheric and very calm. She felt that she should drink for herself. After all, over the years, she had really made good progress in facing Cen Shi’s superb acting. She could stay so calm, completely play along with him without any fear.

Live on the television, the first five-star red flag (China Flag) has been raised in the Olympic venue with the audience singing the national anthem while the eyes of the champion were glittering with tears. Xiao He He finally found the outlet to vent her emotion. She sat on the bed with her head buried in her knees, shamelessly bursting into tears.

Xiao He He cried a storm unexpectedly. She sob really hard, blow her nose and is about to get up to pour herself a cup of hot water to warm the stomach when her phone rang again. It seems that even God does not allow her to be peaceful.

This time, the ringing sound is of a kitten meowing. This is Zheng Xie special caller tone set. This is because Zheng Xie hates cats, so He He deliberately set a unique caller tone for him.

Zheng Xie asked her to join them for open air barbecue dinner tonight. He He began to believe that Zheng Xie lately really have free time on hand. He has been looking for her 2 consecutive days in a row. It seems that his many girlfriends has turned their back on him.

“Not going. Of course, not going.” Zheng Xie is very sensitive. Only 2 words from He He, and he immediately asked: “What is wrong with your nose?”

“I caught a cold sleeping in the cold air-conditioned room yesterday.”

“You were crying earlier.”

Haiz, she could never hide it from him. “Our national flag rose, I just got very excited. You know, I have always been like this.”

Zheng Xie laughed at the other end: “Little child He He, I am sending you a small red flower.”

“Since there is nothing else, I am hanging up the phone. Why are you so busy these days?”

Zheng Xie did not complain about Xiao He He’s coldness and chat with her for a while before finally ready to hang up the phone. As he was saying goodbye, he asked her: “I am visiting Uncle Xiao tomorrow. Do you want to go with me?”

Taken aback, He He asked: “Isn’t it is usually during the Lunar New Year?”

“You happen to be on business trip then. Are you going?”


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  1. I’ve got got a feeling Cen Shi was someone she cared about in the past. And his ex-girlfriend or wife is her friend. Eagerly awaiting for the next chapters to reveal He He’s backstory.

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