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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 3.1

Shi Lin… who is he exactly? Read on…..

Chapter 3.1: Before the Peach Blossom

Xiao He He felt that, if the timing of the “Peach Blossom” is not right, might as well do not come.

Xiao He He has not impression of Shi Lin. They have after all, met many years ago in additional to the fact that he is Zheng Xie’s friend.

Just like He He’s mother who often reminded her that she and Zheng Xie has always been people from two different world. He He mistakenly entered his world and is already a dislocation. She must not forget who she actually is and not live in the illusory magic of Cinderella to the real world that she belongs to.

Therefore, she is never close with any of Zheng Xie’s friends. To her, they have a common name, “Zheng Xie’s friends,” that’s all.

But this Shi Lin is different from those Zheng Xie’s friends. He is humbler and considerate. He exudes a rustic clean bookish feel, quite different from Zheng Xie, that even if a low profile also conceal aggressive extravagance. As for those Zheng Xie’s “friends”, they always feel stronger and out of reach, therefore are not worth mentioning.
They exchange a few more pleasantries and then Shi Lin depart with Zheng Xie. He He looked at their back for a while. She don’t know what to do or thoughts or continue to look for something to eat. He He is already full and could no longer eat anymore apart from fruits. She carefully add various sliced fruits onto her plate into a shape and lastly add a cherry for decoration. Unexpectedly, the very slippery cherry slipped and bounced off out of her sight. He He feels embarrassed and looked around. She hear no screams and no one noticed her. She took another one and this time, that cherry actually hit someone else. Shi Lin walks towards her smiling.

Xiao He He tried to find a hole to hide. Shi Lin insert firmly the red cherry fruit into her plate. “Look, this is relatively simple. This is a peacock? How to shape this?”

He He smiled at him.

“Just now, I saw you going around guessing correctly. I was wondering which girl so lively and intelligent while thinking that she looks somewhat familiar. As it turns out to be, really an acquaintances. How come you are no longer playing?”

“I’m a little hungry. And I’ve got a lot of prizes holding in front of the front desk.” Xiao He He gradually adapt to the situation and smiled faintly to Shi Lin.

Shi Lin stared at her for a while and then said: “That’s right. Your smile now looks just like how you were at the time. Just not if it is not because of Zheng Xie, I really cannot imagine.”

He He bowed her head and slowly stopped smiling while looking down at the fruits.

A timely playful music started and the host started shouting. First clapping song then unexpectedly the rabbit dance. And this repeat over and over again in order to get the ladies and gentlemen to put down everything and join in the fun.

With the noisy surrounding, Shi Lin did not notice her strange look: “Let’s go and dance. It has been more than half of a lifetime since I last played this game.” In a flash, she has been pulled by Shi Lin onto the dance floor.

Everyone form into a big circle, a male and a female, because over only five colors, like a color ring. On weekdays, it is estimates that there are no naive moment, a bunch of overjoyed people, dancing and laughing. Very lively and extraordinary, as if returning to kindergarten and childhood.

The air conditioning in the hall is very sufficient. Xiao he He small formal attire neckline is very low with a very short skirt. Just as they got to under the central air-conditioning air outlet, He He will be thrown into a trace of coolness. Her hands became wet and sticky while enclosing into Shi Lin dry palm, resulting in a strange feeling.

Shi Lin turned to look at her: “Are you feeling okay?”

“I am fine. Why?”

“Your hands are cold.”

“I’m just not used to the blowing cold air.”

The whole dance team turn half round, Shin Lin suddenly smiled and waved his hand. He He turned around and saw Zheng Xie holding a wine glass standing by against the wall with a faint smile while watching them dance while from time to time, casually look and chat with the woman dressed in a light blue dress in front of him. With He He looking at him, he suddenly using his other free hand, put up a rabbit shaped ear with a crooked fingers while smiling with an innocence look. He He looked at him and turned away, no longer looking at him.

Xiao He He grew up with no sense of music as she is tone deaf with extremely poor sense of music. In her first grade, because there were not enough participants, she was pulled out to do a rabbit dance. He He always say, others practice 3 times, she will secretly practice 3 more times before she finally can follow the rhythm. On the actual performance day, because she was too nervous and could not find her rhythm, she was half a beat slower than the other kids. That was one of her most embarrassing moments. Zheng Xie was there and he actually remembered. He used the opportunity to remind her of her embarrassing moments again, really a nasty guy indeed!

He He has a stubborn streak in her. The more difficult it is for her, the more she will vigorously worked on overcoming it. With such profound and painful memories in her life, she decided to make up for her own shortcoming. She secretly worked hard and by the time she was in college, she actually successfully became the school band’s main drummer.

Reminiscing the past, He He’s anxiety gradually calmed down. Soon it is time to leave as the banquet event is almost over.

Shin Lin said: “You look a lot better now. I thought you were really sick before.”

“It’s really all right. Brother Shi, thank you.”

Zheng Xie stepped away from the other young men. “Shi Lin, we keep in touch. He He, let’s go…”

Someone called from the other side. “Ah Xie, don’t slip away so quickly. We brothers have not get together for a long time.”

“I want to send my sister home.”

“Sister come with us and have fun together.”

With a soft volume where only 3 of them can hear, He He whispered: “I can go back alone. It is very close by. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Zheng Xie glanced at her and then turned and look at Shi Lin. With a faint smile on his face, he said: “Then I will trouble you, Ah Lin.”

Shi Lin accompanied He He to collect her big bag of prizes. Because she was bored before, she played a lot of quizzes hence won a lot of big and small prizes. As it is still early, the sky has a rare heaps of clouds and the temperature is not high.

He He called Su Ren Ran and informed her that there are many gifts to be given to the children. Su Ren Ran during her free time, like to volunteer in the orphanage. Ren Ran told He He that she has brought a group of children to the beachside to play.

Coincidently, their car at the moment were heading the beach. With that, they soon found Ren Ran and the kids.

Ren Ran together with 7 or 8 children are playing on the fine while sand. Innocent and naïve, these children saw her and recognized her and shouted out: Aunty He He. Each of them received the gift from her with a smile.

These children have a little bit of birth defects so hence was abandoned at birth resulting in them being difficult to be adapted. Obviously each one of them looks as lovely as a little angel. Without any closer look, one will not be able to see the difference between them and the other normal children.

Xiao He He want to ask Shi Lin to go ahead without her as she wanted to spend time with Ren Ran and the children. She remembered that she is not properly dressed for the occasion, hence stood on the beach and stayed for a while before leaving together with Shi Lin.

The carpark is a distance away, so there are some prestige and expensive car passing before them.

In accordance to the laws of the small words, in the parking lot, there are always unexpected surprises, such as collision of romance, such as meeting suddenly a good looking guy especially now where she is so dressed up. Unfortunately, these surprises are limited for single woman only, and not for anyone with an escort.

Reality is always a reality, one will not have time to even dream about it. Haiz, He He cannot help but sigh to herself.

A white car suddenly zoomed pass closely against He He. Luckily Shi Lin pulled He He aside, and she is almost fell into his arms. The car stopped and the driver opened the car door, don’t know to find fault or to apologize.

He He did not expect any seductive scene to appears. Although on the book, these type of car driver are always elegant, but in reality it is usually a poor old guy.

Although she already mentally prepared, waiting for the driver to get down, she was still very surprised.

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